*Big Cutie Bonnie-How Much Fatter Am I? Let’s Compare!*

I absolutely loved re-creating this set and could not believe, when I looked back at my first ever set, how tiny I was in comparison to now!
I remember when I took my first set I used to think I was sooooo fat haha! However, I now look at these comparisons and see that I was far too small!
I just can't help but think that in four years time I will look back at my most recent sets and think WOW- I am far too skinny in these pictures too!
I hope you have all enjoyed my incredible gaining journey as I have!
I am continuously loving it and find that I am now so addicted to being a fat greedy pig that I cannot ever imagine being any other way! ;)

P.S- Can anyone see how close my belly is to my knees now when I sit down?!



Bonnie x0x0