Big Cutie Margot is a (Not So) Fit Fatty! *video update*

Hi there!! A few people have asked me to do sets with exercise equipment, but I don’t have access to a gym. Until now! My roommate is working on her “beach body” and recently invested in an exercise bike. When she went home to visit family for the weekend, I knew now was my chance to film myself on the bike. THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL. This bike is in no way Margot friendly! It was hard enough for my short fat legs to reach the pedals… and then actually pedaling made it worse! I was uncomfortable and sweaty the whole time. I think I’ll stick with being fat! :P

Come watch me struggle at, and be sure to visit our Big Cuties blog at!

PS. Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t notice the big crack I put in it… oops! #weaponsofmASSdestruction