"Voluptous Vore" BigCutie Ellie

I am so hungry today and nothing and no one is safe.  While walking by I spot a little man and he looks so tasty I think that he should be my snack.
I am a HUGE curvy giant over him and I scoop him up in my hand.  I am soooo tall and fat compared to his tiny little self and he is very excited.  I told him I was going to gobble him up and he got even more excited! So I swallowed him whole.
I hope he enjoys being in my ginormous tummy! He is a tasty treat for sure.  I hope you enjoy my "Voluptuous Vore" set, It is fun being a hungry giantess some times!! This is for all of my vore loving fans.  Send me your requests and I will try to make them happen!
Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,
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