SSBBW Candy Godiva’s Bacon Wrapped Pizza – FoodPorn

SSBBW Candy Godiva's Bacon Wrapped Pizza - FoodPorn

In this clip, SSBBW Candy Godiva has an opportunity to try the bacon wrapped pizza from a well known pizza chain that was probably never featured before now in any of the clips of the past. The limited time release of this bacon wrapped beauty was enough of an incentive to finally try the "pizza pizza" place, probably not for the last time either. This deep dish pizza was excellent, and it is one of Candy's favorite types of pizza of all time, along with stuffed crust. This pizza's crust wasn't stuffed, but it was wrapped, and there was enough bacon around the sides to help this pizza live up to it's name, and give Candy plenty of reason to eat the crust along with the rest of each piece as well. There were no bread sticks, but there was "crazy sauce" and Candy was able to dip various parts and stages of pizza into the sauce if it was getting a little dry. Candy comments that she feels the pizzas are small when she first looks at them, 2 squares in a big rectangle box. Once she gets started eating that pizza she doesn't think it's so small when she is getting really filled up by all the bread. Candy enjoys the softness of the crust, and she says there is a lot of cheese, but one thing that stands out is the taste of that bacon, even before you get to the crust that it's wrapped in. Candy really liked this pizza so it's a good thing she had a chance to try it when it was around! Into the very first piece Candy is commenting on how happy the taste is making her, all that bacon along with the cheese and traditional pizza elements come together so well, it's no surprise that this chain came up with this great pizza idea. There is another trendy crust thing going on with another franchise and Candy is considering it, but for now, it's a trip to see how much Candy is enjoying every single bite of this pepperoni and bacon creation. The first piece is gone in no time flat, but Candy does run out of steam before she can completely devour the whole thing. She is really tempted, because the pizza alone is so delicious, the sauce gives it a little bit of a kick, and the bacon is cooked just right. If this pizza gets released again in the future there may be yet another bacon wrapped pizza clip. By the time Candy is half way through everything she is going to eat, she has to release the pressure of a few burps that had been building up, and then she says that the eating will continue but the video will stop catching it for a moment, because to eat all that pizza would require way over 20 minutes and that is just too long. There is plenty of chewing and moaning in approval of all the tastes coming together so nicely. Candy tries to see how much she can really eat of this not so small pizza when she says "it hurts" because she is getting so very full. The pizza is so chewy that her jaws start to get a bit sore from all the chewing, and at some point Candy quits eating and starts to rub that big belly to help ease the feeling of being completely full. Even when she doesn't think she can go any further, Candy starts another piece to try harder to finish off this really good, but hard to finish food item. After Candy has eaten all the pizza she possibly can, the table is moved out of the way and Candy jiggles and shakes that big belly to help everything settle down. At some point, Candy gets the idea to lift her big arms up and shakes them for just a moment, before bringing them back down and saying goodbye at the end of another fatty snack clip.

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