Violet James’ Fat Admirer & Feeder Compilation

Violet James' Fat Admirer & Feeder Compilation

Sale price! Four of my most popular clips featuring myself and a belly rubbing/funnel feeding/squashing partner!

Feedee POV
Hot POV clip! I talk to my feeder as we enjoy the gains my belly has made. Listen to my heavy breathing as I get so turned on... I love when you help me jiggle and rub my enormous, growing belly. I know you love making it bigger almost as much as I do...

Violet's Funnel Feeding Fantasy - Feeder's POV
I've had this funnel feeding fantasy and I want you to fulfill it with my new toy - my pink funnel! I want you to be my feeder and pour fattening half and half down my funnel as I watch in excited anticipation for it to reach my lips! It's so exciting to be completely helpless as the fat comes pouring straight into my growing body. I love surrendering to my feeder, drinking it all down and asking for more. Fat Talk, POV, Funnel Feeding, Jiggle, Belly Rub, Gaining Weight, Feeder/Feedee, Fat...

Jiggle & Squash
Uh-oh, over 500 pounds sitting on one guy!? He completely disappears under my enormous body! His hands don't come close to reaching around my plump figure. Watch him fondle my fat and jiggle my belly as I completely eclipse him with my massive, round body.

Belly Love
There's nothing better than a little belly love. Watch as I jiggle and play with my huge growing belly, with a little help from a jiggle partner!