~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Domain Change and A Pleasure To Measure Update!

Hello all my loves! ^_^ So, many of you have probably already noticed that my website domain has now changed to http://theplumpprincess.com/.  I've added a "the" (because, you know, I am THE Plump Princess, after all). Sorry for the inconvenience this caused to any of you, I apologize profoundly for the disruption. Memberships should now be transferred over to the new domain!

To kick-off the new domain, new memberships for this month will be offered at a lower cost, and I also have a lovely (not-so) little update for you guys that I just know you are going to absolutely *love*. It's been a little while since I measured myself, hasn't it? I think it's about time that I measure my ever-growing and changing big, soft, fat, gorgeous body of mine...so, shall we? ;)

66 pic photoset * 8 min HD measuring video * body measurements * body play * body shaking and grabbing * fat talk * weight gain talk

Updates only at http://theplumpprincess.com/!

Courtney <3