New House, New Tiny Doorways! -BigCutie Brianna

Come check me out as I demonstrate for you, the struggle to get into the bathroom in my new home. 2 homes now, with tiny doorways.
 I swear I didn't plan this haha, but at least we can all benefit from it right?
You get awesome stuck/struggling updates like this!
I mean it is pretty hot that I can't quite "fit" through the doorway. I have to struggle to walk straight in, or I go in sideways.

Ever had to walk through a door ways sideways because you were too fat?...
Nothing makes you realize how fat you truly are, than going through a door sideways or
 your hips getting stuck when you try to go in "the normal way."  ;D ;)
You skinny people take everything for granted ;)

Many hugs, and tight squeezes,

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