Beccabae ~ Physically Fat & Stuffed Becca Belly!

So many sets to share with you all! ;)

Physically Fat (Part 1) - all know by now that exercise and I are kind of sworn enemies. I don't like it, it doesn't like get the picture. I do however know that you all like seeing fat bodies in motion and find it sexy just how worn out us fatties get by being out of breath. So, this set idea was born.  There isn't much exercising going on (as I'm saving that for part 2), but there is a bunch of stretching and general fatness to be seen.

Stuffed Becca Belly - I decided this year to have a little bit of a pre Thanksgiving dinner all to myself. Some of my favorite foods that I like to indulge in this time of the year are ham, mashed potatoes, and olives. I got myself a generous helping of each and went to town on em'.