BigCutie Aurora Stuffed with Santas Snacks

Hey Guys!
It’s the best time of the year, isn’t it? Presents, family, close friends, and best of all food! (:  I’m so happy I get a break from school so I can be super lazy and snuggle up on my couch all day eating yummy treats and drinking cocoa :D There’s no better feeling than knowing that I have all kinds of food just waiting for me in the morning when I get ready for bed on Christmas Eve. This year however I was a little naughty….  You know those cookies that were left out just for Santa?? Well I just couldn’t help myself, I get such a craving for sweets at night…. Do you think since I’ve been such a bad girl I’ll wake up to coal in my stocking?? Or perhaps I’ll be rewarded with even more treats, I hope so (:

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XOXO Aurora