Beccabae ~ Outgrown Daisy Dukes (w/compares!)

I've been meaning to do a homage to this older cowgirl set since it seemed to be quite popular. What I didn't realize is that since I waited this long..I wouldn't even be able to get the shorts that I wore on again.

Nope! As much as I struggled and pulled, these bad boys would not go over my huge thighs. That's not the only thing that's grown since back in the day - check out how much more my tummy hangs now. To be honest.. I think I may have just grown all over. No complaints here! ;)


Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,

..PASSION BBW.. C4S – Fatty Vacation Situations & Embarrassing Moments

Fatty Vacation Situations & Embarrassing Moments!

From my experience at the airport/on the plane, my struggles walking the hills of San Francisco, being stared at/called out on my lazyness, all the new fattening foods I tried, waddling through the forest, walking up a bazillion stairs and more.  You get it all with this vacation recap! Plus I look like a huge adorable ball of fat in this one!

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Aubergine Dream

I love my big, rotund belly and it’s so much fun to squish and pinch all of my plum-draped dimples and soft cushiony flesh. Want to see just how heavy my big hanging belly is? Let me give you  taste of what it’s like to struggle to lift and jiggle so much creamy flesh.

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Big Cutie Marilyn- Sexy Short Shorts ;)

I found these shorts in a plus size second hand shop and I knew I had to get my fat cheeks squeezed into them. I love the way they squeeze around my belly and up onto my butt... that poor zipper and button are about to bust. I'm sure with a few more donuts and cupcakes I'll get there. Until then, I'm going to enjoy them. I hope you do too! ;)

Cupcakes and Kisses,

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Big Cutie Marilyn-Cutie in the Car ;)

They just opened up a new Wendy's in my neighborhood and of course I went out of my mind. I love love love love spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's. I could easily eat them every single day. Whenever I go out to eat, of course I have to drive my car. So afterwards when I try and get back in the the drivers seat, I have to squeeze my fat belly in. My belly already touches the wheel but after eat, especially after Wendy's, my belly presses really hard up against the wheel. It's my favorite part after dinner. I hope you love it!

Cupcakes and Kisses,

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Tubby Table Snacks

I’ve just arrived to my Las Vegas rental house and I’m so excited about all the snacks I’ve brought for the trip! I lay out all the food and climb up on the table to surround myself in all the yumminess. I’ve got some of my very favorites; Oreo cookies, gummy bears, yogurt covered pretzels and more. Join me as I dig into my snacks and show you how big my belly has gotten, and how deep my belly button is because of it!

Viva Las Vegas Snacks!

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Big Cutie Lily – Sweet Thang!

I love lollies!

If you want to make me smile just give me a lollipop. I can be really sweet if you give me some candy, hehe.

My hips look so plump lately! As you can see my butt barely fits on the barstool and my belly has gotten fat enough to hide a lollipop underneath it! I love all this extra softness!!!

I’m feeling extra sweet and sexy in this set and would love for you to join me ;)

Lollipops and kisses!


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BigCutie CaitiDee’s PJ Party!

I'm feelin all sorts of girl-next-door cute in this PJ set with my curled hair in a high pony tail. I'm looking a little *too* innocent, though, if you ask me. Any volunteers to strip me down and mess that hair up some? ;)

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Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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BigCutie Veelynn – Bath Bombshell

So, I think you may have noticed how much I love doing bath/shower sets. Back during last November when I was in Portland with BigCutie Sasha and BigCutie Beccabae, I bought a sparkly pink and purple bath bomb at Lush called "Space Girl" I was sooooo excited to try it, but low and behold I didn't have a tub. I figured I would eventually get to use it in the right situation and time. Well, a YEAR later, I got to book a hotel room with a bathtub and I just had to pounce on the opportunity, and when it comes to these types of sets, I am completely nude. Can't complain too much about that right? haha. I hope you guys enjoy this Space Girl Bath Bomb as much as I did <3 Be sure to stick around for Part 2 for the sexy video part of my bath, yay!

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BigCutie Jae | Sleepless Beauty

I can't sleep but you get to benefit!

I get in my most favorite pajamas, that hardly fit anymore...

I need some belly rubs and booty jiggles to fall asleep...

but I know someone who will be wide awake after that.  

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<3 Jae


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BigCutie Brianna- Chubby Cheetah

Don't I just look adorable?  :)
Young, SUPER Fat, big belly(big everything!), tight dress  and almost
200 pounds gained since I started Big Cuties. I'm thriving wonderfully at this moment in my life!

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Kimmy Crush Lacey Racey Super Update or
Sometimes I look like the sweetheart next door and you couldn't imagine me being anything but innocent and the loveable. Don't let the lace fool you! In this set see my softer side and my naughty side meet in the middle!  Join me for this huge 80 picture set at: or
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Join Christal in Bed 
It looks like Christal could have used some company in this set as she lays back on the bed and gives you a very nice view of her sexy double belly  and her fat thighs open just enough to give you a tease. She's waiting for you!!!!  Join her at

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Asshley’s Big Booty in a sexy black Nightie! or 
There is something sinfully sexy about a big assed ssbbw showing off her beautiful pear shape in a sheer black and lace nightie. Asshely's voluptuous figure  and huge thighs look so inviting  as she poses on the sofa.
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SSBBW Coke Chug Challenge 2! Comparison Set!

I don't think anyone is questioning how fat I've gotten over the years, but in case you needed more evidence, these comparison photos should silence any doubt. I mean,  look at my size compared to the 2 liter bottle alone in those compared photos! My belly has almost doubled! Plus there are lots of fun chugging and soda bloat photos in this set, too. See even more amazing compares here:

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Fast Food In the Nude!- BigCutie Brianna

Fast food, has been the top contributor to my weight gain.   ;)
Join me stuffing my face for ole' times sake in this Super Hot set eating America's #1 fatty food McDonald's.  haha
We made sure to get some amazing angles of me stuffing my face away, and there's some POV feeding angles
thrown in there for those of you who are turned on by feeding me(as I am)  ;)

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Night Swim

There aren’t many things sexier than a night time dip in a hot tub. The warm water against my cool skin is so intense! I love the way my fat rolls glisten when I’m dripping wet. My whole body becomes so slippery, warm, and perfect for squeezing. Jump in!

<3 BoBerry
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Big Cutie Summer – Travelin’ Tubby (Nurse Jolie Series pt4)

Big Cutie Summer - Travelin' Tubby (Nurse Jolie Series pt4)

I tried to be all prepared for a winter storm which is approaching the area. I really tried. I set up a grocery delivery. I stayed awake all the way through till the morning since it was the only time they had available. Then it arrived and the thing I was looking forward to most was out of stock. Holy frowny face :( :(:( It was donuts. Two boxes of these super yummy cinammon crumb cake style donuts.

It's a good thing I got cookies, because otherwise I would be trapped in a storm with no tasty snacks. If you haven't seen and appreciated my love for snacking, you totally need to head over to where I've got so many lovely memories of snacking for you on camera!


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MizzPuss in Cake, Cake, Cake!

It's not even my birthday, but I want to lick the icing off!
I want that CAKE, CAKE, CAKE!

So, a sexy super fat girl + a big slab of cake = the perfect combination for a fun night in.
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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Maximum Capacity!*

I love nothing more than squeezing my fat self into my tiny old clothes (as I'm sure many of you know!) So I was ecstatic when I randomly found a pair of my old black tights and jeggings from years ago!
When I last wore these I would have been around 10-12 stone (140-168 lbs) and as I have more than doubled that, I couldn't wait to struggle into them!
Of course as you can imagine my thick thighs were bursting out against the seams, so much so, that there were many rips and tears! Although, I must admit, I was extremely happy about that!
It felt so erotically hot to feel the tight material straining against my fat arse and chunky thighs! I could feel it against me getting tighter and tighter before feeling my fat rolls escaping the seams!
I hope you love all my huffing and puffing as I struggle into A size 10 and with my size 26/28 legs that is NOT easy!
However, it is and was seriously HOT! ;)

Bonnie x0x0x

Beccabae ~ Comic Book Cutie

It might be hard to believe that food isn't my only love, but hey.. I do have some other passions/interests. :p Comic books/graphic novels happen to be one of those things! Beautiful art, fun adventures, badass heroines.. all things that excite me greatly.

For this set I decided to share my love for this particular outlet. I love how my belly hangs out of my SU shirt and how adorable my fat legs look in these knee highs (which are admittedly supposed to be thigh highs :p). If you're into cute, huge nerds - I got ya covered!


Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,

BigCutie Ellie ~ Full Time Fatty

This super huge fatty is all about the fat girl life all the time.  I love to eat and I love having fun! I love being my super confident and proud fat girl self. What better place is there to be a happy fatty than my favorite city, Las Vegas!  There are so many wonderful things in Vegas and I share with you all of my favorite places and all of the YUMMY things I love to eat.

My belly is nice and full here.  I love to stuff myself at all the buffets until I am so full that my ginormous belly needs a good long rub! This amazing room gave me a huge desire to show it off for you! I hope you enjoy!!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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Big Cutie Margot’s belly in Blue Lace!

Hi guys! I recently got this little blue nightie and love how much it accentuates my belly. I think it is supposed to fit like a slip, but I can barely keep it down over my butt! And of course … I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love how tight it is on my belly especially, making it feel round, full and heavy in my lap. I can’t keep my hands off myself … can you blame me?! :P

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BIG announcement!!!

Get our videos while you can because we will be closing our store later this year due to changing circumstances.

There are no plans to film any more videos but we still have many we haven't uploaded yet, we will upload these one by one in the coming weeks when they're converted and ready.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your appreciation and support. I'm glad we were able to share this small part of our intimate life and become one of the most recognised Brutal SSBBW Goddesses of squashing. I'm glad fans of the extreme stuff enjoy what I'm about  ;D

Nixx the Artist’! Update 491!!

Nixx, the artist!  You don't always get to see this side of me but I've had a couple requests for it.  Along with being a tattoo artist, I also create and sell paintings.  Here I am with some of my recent paintings, which are for sale if anyone is interested.  Feel free to email me.  Cum Join My Site Today!!! xoxoxo

Shrink Punish &amp; Conquer Uploaded To

Shrink Punish & Conquer

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Giantess shrink fetish custom video from a regular client.
Jamie is getting dropped off at my place to learn another lesson. He arrives and I give him a drink of water. Or is it? He starts to feel funny & shrinks down to about 1 inch in size. He can't run & hide. No place to hide. I tell him what his punishment is & I suck him up into my giantess asshole for a lesson he will never forget!

Download this giantess shrink fetish exclusive video to your godmother Of ass video collection. Collect all of my videos!

Includes: giantess, shrink, miniature man, giantess pov, femdom pov, domination, shrinking fetish, sensual teasing, dirty talk, pov, solo female, big butt, whooty, pawg, big booty, ass spreading close ups, asshole puckering, asshole fetish, ass clapping,  thong fetish, big butt cheeks, eye glasses, BBW, fat, fat apron, cellulite, ass fetish, ass shaking, curvy, fetish, jiggling,  big legs, thigh fetish, wide hips, white booty, big bare butt cheeks, extreme closeups,  amateur, belly fetish,booty shaking, booty popping, booty clapping, chubby, cock tease, curvy, extreme closeups, eye glasses, goddess,  milf,  underwear, panties, panty fetish, lipstick, makeup, licking, muscle control, pear shape, ssbbw, softcore, strip tease, amateur, powerful woman, strong woman, super villain, bbw goddess & much much more!

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Balloon Pop 
Balloons are fun to pop and it's fun to watch Christal get up and down off the bench when she's popping balloons under her big, super wide ass. Watch this close up video of  the balloons popping under all that weight.  It's not all fun and games though, see how red her ass and thighs are from the sting of the balloons. It looks like she needs someone to rub her boo boo's.
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Kimmy Crush Naked Lotioning &amp; Panty Struggle or
In this update you'll see me lotioning my mounds and mounds of fat rolls. Watch as I lift my heavy belly and place it on my lap to make sure it's lotioned well. After I've made sure I'm soft and smooth I show you just how hard it is to struggle into tight fitting panties.  After much pulling and bouncing I finally get the panties up over my huge belly and fat ass.
See this update at: or
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Measuring Asshley or 
Huge update including a picture set and 2 VIDEOS this week! Have you ever wanted to know just how big Asshleys hips are?  Check out the video of this perfectly pear shaped ssbbw measuring. For your enjoyment there is also a video of Asshley eating candy. When you add the picture set of her in a white hot sexy corset you can't go wrong! 
 See this sexy set and many many others at: or
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BigCutie CaitiDee ~ Fat Girl Problems: Babysitting!

I've got another episode in my Fat Girl Problems series! This time I tell you all about my babysitting adventures, and stuffing my face after the parents leave and the kids go to sleep… They always had the best snacks and candy and frozen pizza! I've always been the same greedy fatty!

Find this update and lots more at! 

Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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BigCutie Aurora’s Answers

Hey guys!

Since I always get questions on social media about my weight and fat related topics in general, I thought it would be fun to do a question and answer video!  In this video I answer your questions on weight gain, immobility, feedism, and much, much more! If you guys have any more questions you would like me to answer in another video or privately, feel free to email me at (:

Be sure to check out my site at and the BigCuties blog at (:

XOXO Aurora

Big Cutie Lily- ~Sunshine Softness~

Hi everyone!

It was a gorgeous sunny day so I decided to take a little stroll at the park in my tight blue dress. I needed a little work out as well. Heh. I could tell my wide hips were stretching out the fabric on the sides of my dress. My body was looking thicker than ever and my belly dribbled as I made my way across the park.

After a taking a closer look at the photos, I noticed I was as wide as the tree itself! I was a little surprised. Although I really shouldn’t be since I did eat a huge dinner afterwards to make up for all those burnt calories ;)

The video shows me jiggle as I walk around the park. Hope you enjoy it!




..PASSION BBW.. C4S – 20 Nugget Challenge

Mmmm nuggets from McDonalds are the BEST! Even though I am a fat girl, I still can’t quite stuff my belly as much as someone else my same size. So eating these 20 nuggets was definitely a challenge for me, but one I happily attempted! Watch me stuff my face, dance around in my chair because it tastes so delicious and expose my full and growing belly. All that is missing is another pair of hands massaging that belly, wouldn’t you agree?

Grab the clip at