Beccabae ~ Chubby Couch Potato

You don't think I got this fat without some serious effort put in, right? And by serious effort.. I mean spending many lazy days on the couch, pigging out, watching my favorite shows.

I usually like to do this while being as comfy as possible...which means sweats and a teeny tank (or usually, just a shirt and undies). Everything I put on nowadays seem to be skin tight, however. Are sweatpants supposed to be this restricting? Eh, I suppose anything would be if it had to go over this belly and these thighs. As I'm getting super comfy on the couch, I of course need some snacks to go along with my lounging. Popcorn, pop, and some chips and cheese? Yes, please!

Yep, it sure is hard work being this huge. :P


Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,