BigCutie MsFatBooty in Huge for the Holidays

Hey Guys!

“Up on the housetop, shake shake shake!” Get it? Because if I was Old Saint Nick, I sure wouldn’t click! You definitely wouldn’t want me on your roof! Or maybe you would? Anyway, St. Fat Booty is here with snacks for all the boys and girls, naughty or nice! But let’s be honest, most of the snacks ended up in the bowl-full-of-jelly known as my belly! What? It’s not fair that Santa gets all the milk in cookies. I’d love to be his not-so-little helper, gobbling up all the goodies people leave him! But I’d much rather receive gifts than give them. Not surprising, considering how fat and greedy I am. I better find some muumuus and stretchy pants under my tree, because my wardrobe is on its last legs!

Wiggles and jiggles,