BigCutie Veelynn – Bath Bombshell

So, I think you may have noticed how much I love doing bath/shower sets. Back during last November when I was in Portland with BigCutie Sasha and BigCutie Beccabae, I bought a sparkly pink and purple bath bomb at Lush called "Space Girl" I was sooooo excited to try it, but low and behold I didn't have a tub. I figured I would eventually get to use it in the right situation and time. Well, a YEAR later, I got to book a hotel room with a bathtub and I just had to pounce on the opportunity, and when it comes to these types of sets, I am completely nude. Can't complain too much about that right? haha. I hope you guys enjoy this Space Girl Bath Bomb as much as I did <3 Be sure to stick around for Part 2 for the sexy video part of my bath, yay!

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