Kimmy Crush – Mezmerizing Ass Shake or
In this weeks update you get 60 pictures and a video of me shaking bouncing my big ass on the bed. If you stare at the dots you become mezmarized by the movement! Come on over and let me keep you hypnotized with this and many more sexy, ass shaking, titty bouncing, belly jiggling, thigh quaking sets at or
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Christal in red panties and black boots   ssbbw Christal joins us this week in sexy set that shows off her beautiful fat thighs. Just a peak of thigh between sexy red panties and knee high boots will leave you wondering if there is a secret dominatrix just waiting to burst forward and put some naughty little wimp in his place as she squashes him like a little bug.  Want more?   Check out 10 years worth of ssbbw squashing, facesitting, smothering, stuffing and more at

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High Heel Strut or 
Every 4 years we get a extra day!  Can you think of a better way of spending it than watching a new video of me strutting around in a bra and panties and my high heels?  With all this shake you will definitely feel something moving!
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Slick Oiled Panty Ass Uploaded To

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White booty shorts, red satin panties, camera slightly below booty looking upward. Entire video back view (booty only). Slide your hand up your crack making a deep wedgie with lots of oil to make your shorts transparent. No bouncing, just booty flexing one cheek and sometimes both cheeks. With your hand between your cheeks, turn slightly and flex one cheek. ( you did it in another video and I loved it).

If you love watching me oil my huge monster booty up & give myself hand & panty wedgies, then this is the video for you! Download right now to add this exclusive one of a kind video to your GodMother Of Ass video collection.
Includes: panty wedgies, hand wedgies, oil fetish, oiled ass, thick thighs, booty shorts, red satin panties, dirty talk, pov, solo female, big butt, whooty, pawg, big booty, BBW, cellulite, curvy, fetish, jiggling,  big legs, thigh fetish, wide hips, white booty,  amateur, fetish, legs, chubby, cock tease, curvy, eye glasses, goddess, milf, pear shape, ssbbw, softcore & much much more!

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Squeezable “Ass”-ets

I slipped into some sexy, stretched and taut strappy garters and nylons. Watch me strain and struggle to slip them on and fasten them dimpling across my buttery skin. Don’t miss the best part as I show off and attempt  to squeeze my large Ass-ets into a tiny rounded chair!

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Big Cutie Clementine *JUICY Cutie*

I just couldn't resist doing a set with some lil' clementine cuties while they are in season!!!! They're so sweet and delicious.. and maybe a little messy :P My favorite part is when the yummy juice drips down my big belly making me all sticky! You won't want to miss the video for this one :D

Come join me!

~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Donuts For Breakfast (Double Video Update!)

As Princess, I desired a plate of donuts for my breakfast,
Knowing full well it was wicked and naughty of me,
To want to indulge my insatiable greed and hunger,
With something so delightful and sinfully fattening.
I shouldn't have another bite, I shouldn't finish this entire plate...
Well, maybe one more bite,
Then another,
And another,
And...well, would you look at me...
Look how big, soft, heavy, and wickedly fat I am,
Just how a Princess should be.

New double video update: "Donuts For Breakfast For Princess" (9 mins, MP4, WMV) and "The Great Donut Aftermath" (6 mins, MP4, WMV) only at <3!

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Courtney <3

Big Cutie Margot is a Bulging Beauty!

Helloooooo! OMG! I got this little dress from my wishlist and just in the nick of time! I think if I had gotten it another month from now, it just would not fit, lol. This tight little sleeve emphasizes every curve on my body and I love it! It clings to my body so nicely and I love feeling my fat spill through all the little slits. Nothing makes me feel sexier than the feeling of being too much for a dress, and this one is no exception.

What do you think??? Come check out this set and many others at and visit the other Big Cuties at too!


BigCutie Jae | Plush Rose Garden

 Certainly you all can appreciate the strides the plus size fashion industry has made. I was excited to see that there were options for even the super of fats like me. This dress (crop top/skirt combo) went up to a 6x but all they had was a 4x left. SURELY I didn't need a 6x but after seeing how tight was, maybe I'm a lot bigger than I thought... ;)

This update is ONLY available @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM!

<3 Jae

P.S. The member's only blog is updated! Also, I am new on Instagram so please follow me @bigcutiejae !! 

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BigCutie MizzPuss in Fat Snack Attack!

I am such a fat lazy pussycat. I couldn’t even bother getting dressed today. I’m rocking my PJ’s and I still feel sexy, even though I am covered in pastry crumbs. MMM pastries. They are so yummy and so distracting. Just like my belly. I can’t help but lose focus and be completely mesmerised by it. Look how captivating it is in stripes, it looks massive. And the way the stripes move when I wobble it. I can’t look away. I bet you can’t either

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Big Cutie Lily ~ Sexy Squeezes!

Have chairs always been this small or are my hips just thicker than ever? Lately I’m having a little trouble finding a decent sized chair to fit my big booty on. It’s possible that with all this added weight I might break a couple of chairs from here on out. Hehe.

I wanted to show you just how snug my dining chair looks around my voluptuous hips. It’s quite a squeeze for this big gal! I can really tell that I’ve gotten much fatter ;)




Big Cutie Vallery ~ Pigging Out

Let’s be honest. I’ve gotten pretty fat. I’ve been doing nothing but laying around all day, stuffing my face with whatever I can get my hands on. I’m loving have big my belly is getting, and by double chin is filling in pretty nice. I’m loving the fat little piggy I’ve become so much, I’ve decided to complete the look with my piggy panties and a piggy nose. Join me for an afternoon of what I do best; PIGGING OUT!


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Big Cutie Summer – Vegas Bitches!

If you follow me over on twitter, you've surely seen my wine nights when I use my Britney Vegas cup. I've never been to Vegas, but I get the souvenirs from my sister who goes all the time. Maybe one day I will take a road trip and end in Vegas. Till then, you can see me over at basking in my goodies!


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Big Cutie Marilyn- Hot Cocoa Cutie :)

It's that time of year again! Hot cocoa time of year. I love love love love me some hot cocoa. It's warm and filling and it always makes me snuggly. I like when I drink too much and my belly gets full and huge. Then I have to take a nap. Best feeling in the world. I'll probably get up soon and eat a snack or maybe ten. Whatever I feel like ;)

Cupcakes and Kisses,

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ssbbw Belly &amp; Boob bouncing or
In this new set I have posted a 3 minute video of me bouncing on the bed playing with my belly and tits as they jiggle, bounce, wobble and flop all over the place! There is so much flab flying you don't know where to look first!    See this sexy set at: or
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ssbbw Christal Smothering &amp; Squashing 
Christal just loves to see how far she can push her seats and in this video update she gets just what she's after. Hear the grunting and groaning of a happy man struggling to breath as she bounces her luscious 500 lb body on him while her huge thighs envelop his face leaving him struggling for breath.  Check out 10 years worth of ssbbw squashing, facesitting, smothering, stuffing and more at

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Asshley Shimmies into Thong &amp; Dress

What a treat this week as Asshley shimmies her wide wobbly cellulite dimpled ass into a thong then struggles to stretch a tight dress over her wide hips and thick thighs for a night on the town.  As if that weren't enough there is also a picture set of this gorgeous ssbbw posing in sheer panties and a silky green bra.
 See this sexy set and many many others at: or
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BigCutie Veelynn – Huge with Heart

Happy Valentine's Day, lover. I rented this beautiful hotel suite for a romantic night. I got dolled up in my hot pink lingerie, and curled my hair just how you like it. I didn't forget the dark seductive lipstick to tempt you into the bed with me. I even have dark chocolate to make the night even sweeter, but still a bit naughty  It's all for you, and tonight I'll treat you like a king, and I'll be your queen; so show me your love and I'll show you mine.

My Site:
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Big Beautiful Book Lover

I am all about comfort and relaxation in this set. I have on the cutest pair of pjs and hunker down with a good and geeky book.

All that is missing is you! Wanna join me with a good book and have some quiet time on the couch?

Grab my newest set at

ps. I go topless for quite a bit of this one, if youre into that sorta thing ;)

*Big Cutie Bonnie-Stretchin’ Out Stripes*

I absolutely love oiling up my massive mounds of fat!
Just feeling the soft squidgy, doughyness of my fat belly as my hands glide slowly all over really turns me on! It’s such an erotic feeling as I am not only caressing my fat rolls, but also thinking of how much my body has grown as I measure it by touch.
I love how my body shines and glistens once it’s been oiled and how amazingly soft it feels after it’s been moisturized. The only thing that could make this video even better is if I had someone to do it for me ;) Haha any volunteers?

Bonnie x0x0x

Beccabae ~ Diet Industry Dropout

Diets and I go pretty far back. When I was a kid and a preteen...I thought they were going to solve all of my problems. It wasn't until I finally broke up with dieting that I realized how absolutely amazing it is to give into all of your tummy's desires and eat whatever the hell you want, when you want.

I figured I would test out another diet book just to see what new stuff they have going on lately. Low and's page after page of telling me what not to eat and ya know what, that just made me want to eat it even more! So I got some of my favorite 'fat girl' foods and pulled together this set.

Diets are no longer a part of my life, but twinkies and milkshakes are forever.


Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,

BigCutie Miley is your Supersized Sweetheart

 As sensual as it is for me to feel my bare skin and walk around completely undressed so that you can see all my jiggles and ripples when moving around, sometimes it's just as sexy to wear something skin tight. Seeing all of my cellulite pressing up against the fabric to highlight every greedy pound encourages me to watch some seams burst. Bite by bite and pound by pound!

Happy Valentines Day!

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Porcelain Fox ~ Home Comforts

Some guys might prefer the quiet bookish type who would rather stay home with a pile of snacks and a few beers; so I could be your dream come true! But I should warn you beers make me very bloated and gassy ;) *Buuurrpp*

BigCutie CaitiDee ~ Va Va Valentine!

This post is a little late, but my red hot valentine set went up the day before Valentine's day. This is actually the same dress I wore for New Year's Eve at a local bar, and I felt like a million bucks! I didn't have a date for V day, so my single BFF and I stayed in watching movies, ordering food, and eating a bunch of chocolate. I regret nothing! 

See my members only blog for a few short bonus videos I took at home with my iPhone when I was feeling frisky. You can see a couple previews on my tumblr (link below). 

Find this update and lots more at! 

Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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BigCutie Cherries- Cherries’ Cupcake Comeback, Pt. 2

Here is Part 2 of my cupcake set! I had so much fun taking pictures so you get double the fun! I hope you enjoy it as much as Part 1 :) You can really tell in the compares how much I've grown… I just love looking at them!

Also, thank you all so much for the warm welcome back, it's a great feeling knowing I was missed!

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Love, Cherries

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BigCutie Chloe Cuddled Up!

Hello my sweet friends! I have a new update on my site and you do not want to miss it! Im in the cutest little pajama set that i have outgrown and there are TWO videos!!! I'm getting cozy and indulging in one of my favorite home made baked goods ;) let me know what you think!
ALSO check out my latest blog post for some naked selfies of my fat ass!

AND HERE ---->


Big Cutie Lily ~ Shorty Shorts Squeeze! ~

MMmmm it was such a nice day to go outside and have a glass of lemonade! It was just a little windy when I took these photos but it felt nice and breezy ^_^ I threw on a tight plaid button up shirt that barely fit me. It wouldn’t even button down when I reached my belly so I had no other choice but to tie it up in a knot. The result was actually quite sexy! I should wear outfits like this more often :p I like how sexy my tummy looks lately.

Soft hugs!


Big Cuties Blog :Http://

BigCutie Veelynn – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Whenever I can make a trip to the arboretum with a cute fall inspired outfit, I jump on it, and I always want to share that with you guys <3 I loved this grey dress and scarf I recently bought, and the nice thing about dresses is that its so easy to pull it up and show off my goodies for you guys ;) all while being surrounded by beautiful nature. The leaves are changing color here right now, and I really wanted to capture that as well as my always growing, lovely body. My chunky thighs, ample hips, and hanging belly. I hope you enjoy this chilly weather set just as much as I did :)

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ssbbw Christal – Fat ass, Small chair 
It's hard to be a big fat chick when you're just trying to find a seat to have a rest. See ssbbw Christal try to squeeze her wide hips and round fat ass into this chair. No matter how many times she flops herself down she just can't find room to sit. Luckily she turns sideways and finds enough room to relax and show off her belly jiggles. See this set and many more at

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ssbbwKimmy Crush – Flowers for Valentines or
I'm sorry sweetheart the shop was all out of roses so I brought you these flowers instead! I hope you don't mind that a sexy ssbbw with a huge hanging belly and wobbly fat thighs came with them.
Give your self a Valentines treat! See this sexy floral set at: or
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BigCutie MizzPuss in Voluptuous Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day my darling. Do you like this little treat I have set up just for you? I have gotten all dressed up and even decorated. I wanted our Valentine’s day to be special.

I'm feeling so beautiful and classy in my floor length slinky red gown and heels...
Wont you please come and join me here -

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