*Big Cutie Bonnie-FEED Me Valentine!*

I thought it was about time that I finally made a sexy, HOT feeding video for you all and thought no time would be better than the month of Valentine's to share it. 
I absolutely loved filming this set! 
It was such a turn on to be straddling someone so much smaller than myself and to also have numerous donuts shoved into my fat face. I only wish that I could have gobbled up more than I did!
I also had my fat rolls stroked, grabbed and jiggled while I moaned in pleasure. I was completely consumed by the ecstasy of experiencing the intimacy of feederism. 
After I had finished stuffing my face I began to feel a little naughty, so decided to present my fat arse to the camera (and my volunteer!) before straddling his face and bouncing my arse up and down. This HAS to be one of the videos where I was MOST turned on. It was SUPER HOT!!! Hope you all love it!



Bonnie x0x0x