~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Snack Cake Squashing (Double Video Update!)

Snack Cake Squashing

The Princess goes through an entire box of snack cakes, squishing and squashing them all one by one with her belly, foot, and massive, heavy, perfect round fat ass (and has a little squished snack after flattening all those poor little cakes...)

6 min / WMV and MP4


All The Tight Dresses

The Princess tries on three incredibly tiny, tight dresses that cling to all her curves on all the right places (showing off every roll and every adorable, sexy dimple).

7 min / WMV and MP4

Double video update: "Snack Cake Squashing" and "All The Tight Dresses" at www.theplumpprincess.com!

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Courtney <3