Beccabae ~ Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Hey lovelies! Here recently it's been quite chilly and I thought I would take the opportunity to make a sexy, cozy set for your viewing pleasure.

I start off in my comfiest sweater, my skin tight jeans, ankle booties..posing in the freshly fallen snow for you. I figure it's time to heat things up, so we step inside and I step out of my clothes. Stripping off everything one at a time, giving you quite the show in the meantime. Don't you just love how big and soft my belly has gotten lately? It surely does help in keeping me warm. :p

In the video, I take the time to show you each part of my ever abundant body..stripping down to nothing so you can see me in all my glory. It may be cold outside, but I think it's quite toasty in here!


Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,