*Big Cutie Bonnie-Bunny’s Weight Gain Dream!*

Happy Easter everyone! 
In this set I share a recent dream with you all. One involving me chugging vast amounts of weight-gain shake while my rolls multiply and grow fatter And FATTER.  
I have now been adding weight-gain shake quite regularly to my drinks of ice cream with extra thick cream for months! Haha and I'm sure from my extra rolls and the impressive growth of my big hanging belly, you can see the fat-tastic results! 
This dream of mine was so hot so I had to share it! 
I woke up very turned on from imagining myself secretly growing fatter and fatter on purpose, my intentions unbeknown to anyone but myself. 
For me, there is something erotically naughty about pretending to have no control of gaining- when in reality it is all part of the plan ;)



Bonnie x0x0