*Big Cutie Bonnie-Tiny Gym Shirts!*

I was sorting out my wardrobe the other day when i came across some old T-shirts that I used to wear to the gym. It’s hard to believe but, when I was less than half the size I am now I used to go to the gym quite regularly. In fact there was a period at one point where I would go for 2 hours a day, every day! Haha, crazy to imagine that now considering what a fat lazy beast I am these days!
I thought it would make a great video to try on these old shirts that previously were so baggy on me- seen as they are now so tight! Nowadays I have to wear at least a 4xl for it to be a loose fit! It’s crazy to think that these T-shirts now won’t even cover the whole of my enormous belly!
I truly am such a fat, insatiable sexual beast!



Bonnie x0x0x