Big Cutie Lily ~ Fat Lil’ Mama

Yup! I’m a shorty all right ;)

One of the perks of being 5 2” is that my fat tends to distribute all over my body quite quickly. The part I’ve been enjoying most is how fast my muffin top and big butt have been filling out. I’m starting to look a bit chunky all over, but those areas are looking just a little fatter than the rest of me (besides my big belly of course that always takes the spotlight). :) I have more softness I can squeeze and play with and I just can’t seem to take my hands off of my luscious body lately.It’s been quite fun thus far!

This is a simple yet fun set and I hope you enjoy it!

Fatty hugs!

P.S.- I eat some chocolate Ice cream in the video so don’t be surprised If I get a little messy around my mouth and belly area, hehe <3