BigCutie Cherries-Gaining Girl Scout

What would you do if a Girl Scout like me showed up at your door? I really hope you’d decide to buy lots of cookies and then let me have them all! That would be a dream come true!

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Love, Cherries
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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Furniture Breaking FATTY!*

This set is dedicated to all the furniture I have recently destroyed.
Such as, the poor chair that I almost snapped in two, my old metal bed and a park bench!
As you all can see there is no hiding or denying how much weight I have gained recently (thank you Serious Mass!) and because I am so much more heavier these days I have began to break A LOT of things.
At first I believed the furniture I broke to be cheaply made flimsy stuff, however, when I sat on my metal bed and various parts of it snapped, I then realised that perhaps my extra fat rolls were acting as a destroyer! Haha ;)
It's so hot when I sit my fat arse down on something and I hear the familiar sound of a snap or crack!
Just knowing that my uncontrollable gluttonous ways have resulted in transforming me into the HUGE fat sex ball I have always wanted to be! I hope you love this set as much as I did!

Bonnie 0x0x

Beccabae ~ A Giant Woman!

So as some of you may know, I'm absolutely obsessed with Steven Universe. I think it's such a beautiful, heartwarming, and important show. One of my fav characters in it Rose Quartz - who is essentially a big, pink haired mom who just wants the best for everyone.

She is giant in pretty much every way you can think of..and that really resonates with me. :p So it's only natural that I would want to dress up as her casually. This set is going as planned..posing with my adorable lion plush, eating delicious donuts, but it comes to a halt.

I may or may not have broken part of the bed with how giant I am! It definitely took me off guard and I didn't get to finish my set off as planned, but I'm sure you guys will appreciate it nonetheless (especially since I show you how I broke it in the second video!). Just trying to be cute and fat..accidentally breaking the furniture. Such is life as an SSBBW. ;)


Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,

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Itty Bitty Bikini

Oh how I love to flaunt this body of mine. And summer is the perfect time to do so!
I’ve had this bikini in my closet for years and even though it barely contains my most fattening bits I now love to wear it constantly.
I lounge on my balcony, so that the sun can kiss this huge fat body.
My favourite part is how my booty has grown so massive that the tiny patch of bathing suit fabric in the bottoms BARELY cover it!
And I can’t forget how the strings highlight my soft rolls and hips.
I am almost fully exposed in this tiny bikini, I hope you like the view!

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Flowy Folds

Spring is finally here! I’m ready to ditch some clothes and my fatty flowy folds are ready to see the light of day. Won’t you join me for some jiggles and giggles? My inner hippie just might take it all off for all to see!

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POV Stuffed Belly Rub

My big fat belly is so swollen and full, and I really need you to rub it for me to help me digest the mountain of food I ate, but you should be careful because I get REALLY turned on when I am having my engorged belly played with. I also beg you to finger my deep belly button which is getting wider and deeper with every pound I gain. Come make me moan as you put your hands all over my massive fat stuffed belly in this hot new point of view clip at

BigCutie Ellie ~ Workout Drop Out

This fat girl is pretty huge, fat and lazy.   I have been trying to get motivated to move a bit more.  Let's face it though it is not easy when you have this gigantic low hanging belly. In this set "Workout Dropout" I attempt to hike my fat butt up on the elliptical machine.   HAHAHAHA.... it ends in the only way I ever want to work out.  Lifting yummy things to my mouth!!! That is the best way to workout! Come and see this big huge belly realize the struggle is not worth it.  I will stay happily fat and full!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,

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BigCutie Miley is a Business Butterball!

 I knew that after getting an office job my life would be very sedentary but I had no idea just how lazy I would become! With weekly sponsored lunches and breakfasts filled with donuts and pizza, I can finally indulge just as much at work as I can at home. The effects are starting to show after only two months...the work clothes that I bought when I first started are so tight against my bulging arms, growing belly and thick, milky thighs. Not only am I the fattest girl in the office I am also the happiest.

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BigCutie MsFatBooty – Measures Up

It’s been almost a year since I’ve measured my growing body! And now that I’ve done 2 weigh-ins for BigCuties, I knew it was time to see just how big my curves have gotten! If you’ve watched my measurement videos before, you know how hard it can be to measure yourself when you’ve got so many glorious rolls everywhere! This time I used my rolls to my advantage, but not before a few adorable trial and error moments! I was very pleased with my results. How do you think I measured up?

Even though this is a video update, I did snap a few bonus images too. I hope you enjoy. :)

Wiggles and jiggles,

MizzPuss in Fatty Vs The Chair!

I have always wanted a portable chair that could hold my enormous sexy body, and I finally got one off my wishlist recently!! So I decided to put it to the test, to see if it really could take all my weight, Do you think it could handle all this jelly ?

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BigCutie Echo~Caring for Curves

Hello everyone!!!

I hope you are having a GREAT spring!!!! I love how plush and soft I am. I have gotten so big and fluffy. But all this needs a lot of love and care. I have to make sure to keep my skin very well moisturized to make sure my skin is always silky soft.

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Big Cutie Holly *Grecian Goddess*

Hey there!

I felt so amazing shooting this… wearing nothing but a flower crown I pose seductively on the bed, looking like a big fat Greek goddess hehe.

The video in this set is the sexiest video I’ve shot to date. I lay on the bed completely naked and begin touching and grabbing my massive belly, then I get on all fours showing you just how big my belly has got lately… it’s finally hanging so low that it touches the bed.

And if that’s not even enough I turn round and shake my big fat bum just for you ;)

I know you’re gonna love this set as much as me.

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Holly <3

Big Cutie Margot is a Plaid Plumper

The fatter I get, the more I enjoy squeezing into tight clothes. This button up shirt barely covers my big, soft belly, and it makes me feel so sexy having it spill out of the bottom! You may recognize these shorts from Set 34 when I hung out with BigCutie Miley. I recently found them in a pile of clothing and knew I had to try and squeeze into them again! What do you think? Should I keep these around for a while? ;P

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BigCutie Britt’s Fat Chat Flair!

Hey you, I just love letting my booty challenge different pieces of furniture.  This chair was no exception to that, as I let my ass fill up the seat easily.  My belly even got in on the fun, as it found the smallest openings in the back of the chair to start squeezing through!  Come see me dominate this chair with some big, fat, flair.


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SSBBW Sits on Chest &amp; Bounces   In this update Christal is sitting back on her seats head and bouncing. With his head between those big strong and meaty thighs it looks as if his head might pop off at any minute. Instead of saving his live these chest compressions just might end it but I think he would die happy. See this update and more at

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BigBootyAsshley Sexy Ass Massage &amp; Spanking or  My new update is HOT HOT HOT! In addition to a picture set of me in a leapord print bra and panties, you get a 8 MINUTE VIDEO of me getting my wide, wobbly, naked ass rubbed with baby oil and spanked by some very strong hands. Hear my soft moans and sexy cries as he works his magic.  JOIN ME for thousands of pictures & videos at or  Don't forget to check out my downloadable clips at:

Smoking Hot or This newest update is smoking hot or maybe hot and smoking? Some times you just need to have a smoke after a hard days work and a huge pigout meal. See me outside having a break and blowing some smoke while my belly peaks out for a bit of sun. Come on over to or  and see me and my friends eating, squashing, facesitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!
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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Fatty’s TRIPLE Trifle Feast!(3800k)*

This set is one that I was told would be IMPOSSIBLE. 
However, as I am constantly stuffing like a huge gluttonous pig, I have made the impossible very possible ;) 
In this set I consumed 3 family sized chocolate trifles (like the 2 in set 83) in 15 minutes! 
That's a staggering 3800 calories in 15 minutes! 
Of course, after I had gorged on such a feast I felt as though I could scarcely breathe and was so stuffed that my belly looked as though it had swallowed a beach ball! 
This was a stuffing challenge I decided to set myself to see if so many calories was possible in such a short space of time. I plan to try 3 cakes next time and who knows, maybe 4 trifles in the future! ;)

Bonnie x0x0x

The Pink Pants-er!

In my last set I was totally naked and I loved the way my clean, bare expanse looked. But sometimes there are clothing items that make me feel even fatter than I do when I'm naked, and these pink pants are that. They just hug my huge legs so well and really highlight my massive belly. I love them so much I bought extras. I hope they stretch as I grow!

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Your Date Tonight

I can’t wait for you to take me out to my favourite italian restaurant where I will indulge in the most fattening foods. Maybe I will let you feed me something in public like a decadent dessert. I want my body to be bursting at the seams of this tiny dress I have on. It is already pretty snug and short thought, so it may not take much. Are you excited to watch the fabric strain over my stuffed belly? Hurry home love, tonight is going to be AMAZING!

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Big Cutie Luscious- Lovely Lace

This extra tight lingerie made all my curves & fat spill out perfectly. I really love how soft my body feels, and I loved touching it all over for you! I also made my belly slap against my thighs a lot, and it was pretty loud. So much belly, butt & boobs in this set. ;)

Hope you enjoy!!

 <3 Luscious XOXO

BigCutie Cherries-Chubbier Tub Time

Compare sets are one of my favorite things to do! I just can’t get over how much my body has changed throughout the years. This is a fun one since there are pictures from the beginning of my gain, the middle and now. Who knows what the next compare set will look like…

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Love, Cherries
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Beccabae ~ Fat Limbs Focus

So you may have noticed that I'm kinda fat all over. I've grown from chubby lil' babe to full grown fatty. Even in my smaller days - my legs and arms have always been pretty big. Now that I'm the largest I've ever been - well, they sure did follow suit.

For this set I decided to focus on these big ol limbs. Showing off my impressive arm hang and all of the dimples and rolls that accompany my legs. I imagine that laying on either would be quite the treat..they sure are incredibly pillowy.

In the video, I put it all on display for you. Lotioning up my limbs all the while jiggling, wiggling, and caressing them from various angles.

I also have a Twitter account now!  Better late than never..:p You can see it here:

Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,

BigCutie Chloe in Cheerleader Turned FAT!

This set is highly requested and i am so excited for you to see it! I could hardly even breathe in this uniform, i was around 150 lbs and 17 when i wore it last! Watch me struggle into this cheerleading uniform after putting on over 100 lbs! You are going to love this one :)

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BigCutie Jae in Ridiculously Small Lingerie

Seriously... when I bought this set of lingerie, it looked like it fit so well on the model! I can't believe how much it doesn't cover... I might as well worn nothing at all -- but blue *is* my color, so why not?! ;)

This update is ONLY available @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM!

<3 Jae

P.S. my member's only blog is updated recently with two videos!

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BigCutie Miley is Your Tangerine Dream

It's not easy to even maintain a body this big and to keep growing takes a lot of work, but I'm a very dedicated fatty! I know that I need to push myself to my limits so I can continue my journey so this set is more than just spilling out of my very tight tangerine lingerie. I also show you how dedicated I am to my cause and let you glimpse into part of my weekly stuffing routine with a quick soda bloat!

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Big Cutie Margot is Skirtin’ &amp; Flirtin’

Hey all! The weather is warming up and I am loving the feeling of the sun on my soft fleshy body!! I’ve been loving this short little skirt lately.. I feel like it is perfect at showing off some of my best ASSETS! My thighs have gotten super chunky lately, so this length is simply perfect to let them all hang out! And I always think it’s exciting to wear something short enough that the slightest breeze might give a lucky bystander a show :P I guess that is the exhibitionist in me!! Of course I had to show off this outfit for all of you too and hope you love it! I think it’s the perfect look for a yummy picnic date. :P

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BigCutie MsFatBooty – Sweet Dreamer

Getting my beauty sleep is very important! There’s nothing better that putting on PJ’s and crawling into a big soft bed. I thought this little pink and white nightie was just perfect. It clings to my big growing belly nicely, but is still comfy enough to sleep in. I can’t turn in for the night without having a yummy bedtime snack first! Cookies and milk are my favorite and I fill up on them while telling you about a couple of my favorite fat fantasies.

Wiggles and jiggles,

SSBBW Maria Facesitting, Bouncing &amp; Squashing  I love trying new things and this set was something new for me.  My Amazon body towering over my friend making him watch as I sit on his chest and work my way back to his face as I bounce my big ass and massive double belly on him.  I imagine seeing me coming to cover your face as I bounce my  heavy 500lb body on you could be quite intimidating.  Was he able to last as I bounced on his face and dropped my belly on him? Come over  and look around at!