Beccabae ~ Fat Limbs Focus

So you may have noticed that I'm kinda fat all over. I've grown from chubby lil' babe to full grown fatty. Even in my smaller days - my legs and arms have always been pretty big. Now that I'm the largest I've ever been - well, they sure did follow suit.

For this set I decided to focus on these big ol limbs. Showing off my impressive arm hang and all of the dimples and rolls that accompany my legs. I imagine that laying on either would be quite the treat..they sure are incredibly pillowy.

In the video, I put it all on display for you. Lotioning up my limbs all the while jiggling, wiggling, and caressing them from various angles.

I also have a Twitter account now!  Better late than never..:p You can see it here:

Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,