*Big Cutie Bonnie-Fatty’s TRIPLE Trifle Feast!(3800k)*

This set is one that I was told would be IMPOSSIBLE. 
However, as I am constantly stuffing like a huge gluttonous pig, I have made the impossible very possible ;) 
In this set I consumed 3 family sized chocolate trifles (like the 2 in set 83) in 15 minutes! 
That's a staggering 3800 calories in 15 minutes! 
Of course, after I had gorged on such a feast I felt as though I could scarcely breathe and was so stuffed that my belly looked as though it had swallowed a beach ball! 
This was a stuffing challenge I decided to set myself to see if so many calories was possible in such a short space of time. I plan to try 3 cakes next time and who knows, maybe 4 trifles in the future! ;)



Bonnie x0x0x