Big Cutie Lily ~ Feeling Fresh ~

Usually on hot summer days I like to sit down and snack in a cold room with the A/C on a low setting. I’ve also been wearing short crop tops to stay breezy in this heat. My big, soft, jiggly belly can make short walk to the fridge a bit of a work out,  hehe.

I just love how plump my boobs look in this photo shoot. They’re so soft and cushiony , and verysqueezable.  It’s probably from all this extra weight I’ve been putting on recently :]

Soft hugs and kisses

P.S.- The video in this set was somewhat of an outtake but since I looked so natural and sexy in it, I decided to still share it with you all (; Don’t mind me and my photographer chit chatting during the video either ;b just two girls having a good time, heh.