Ultra SSBBW MassivelySweet Ice Cream & FUPA

Massively Naughty should be my name, in this newest update I lie back, opening my big thick juicy thighs, lift my massive hanging belly apron and show you the biggest FUPA you’ve ever seen. My FUPA is the size of a small purse, a big pouch of fat hanging down between my legs.
As a bonus there is a 2nd part to my ice cream video from last week. Watch me finish up my large ice cream custard while sitting strapped into my wheelchair. Already nearly immobile I wonder if these calories will add enough fat to make me bed ridden for good.
Come join me now for all the super sexy massively obese SSBBW content including lots of feederism, facestuffing, squashing, big massive hanging belly fun at https://bbwsurf.com/massivelysweet