SSBBW LadyBrads Double Update: Chair Giantess & Chair Squeeze

Watch as I take my clothes off my huge, blubbery body. Jiggling & slapping my massive SSBBW belly. Dropping and shaking it. I give you a great view of my hanging belly and my huge FUPA. Standing over you I stomp around, showing off my Giantess size. Looking down at you. I want you to fear for your life. Am I going to crush you with my massive feet or will I decide to sit back and smother you with my Giantess ass?
I have a bonus clip of me stuffing my big soft, massive body into a chair. See how the sides squeeze into my flesh. I barely fit and some of my soft squeezable flesh spills over the sides of the chair.
Join today for all of the SSBBW, fat fun, squashing, smothering, belly jiggling, feedee, weight gaining adventures.