BigCutie Candi – Sexy Send-Off

June 19, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

Hey guys! I love animal print and I thought this outfit was a great way to to show off my zebra heels too! I love wearing heels, they make me feel so sexy and I want everyone looking at my legs and up to my thighs, belly and boobs. I love this zebra top I bought too! I love the lace coming down to see my cleavage, and I love the leather-looking sides too! It gives my body a nice shape. Its supposed to be lingerie, but I think I'm going to wear it as a cute little top too.

I hope you enjoy this sexy set. I wanted to do something ultra sexy for my send-off set into my retirement. I hope to return in the future when life slows down for me, but until then, please accept my many thanks for being a member and I hope you continue to enjoy all the 67 sets I've shared with you. xoxo

Love and Kisses, Candi

BigCutie Candi – Curvy Camtime

June 5, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

This is one of those amateur sets that are definitely a fan favorite… with just you, me, and my quickcam. The quality isn’t as high, but it’s personal and up close… . So I decided to take one more of these sets before my site retirement for you.

I love the color pink and I love this cute babydoll lingerie so I thought I'd show it off for you guys! I love that you can see my nipples through the top and I love how when I move around my belly peeks out. It's a little tight for my boobs, but I love them getting squished together. I love to roll around in bed and touch my belly and boobs and I thought you would all love to see that in this set! Enjoy!

xoxo, Candi

BigCutie Candi – Purple Plush

May 25, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

Hey everyone! I love wearing sexy outfits, as you all know, and I bought this sexy purple mini-dress lingerie outfit. It has a criss-cross back with chains and I think it is absolutely sexy. I love that it shows off my curves and shows off my entire back. I love any chance to show my curves and I think this outfit is perfect! You can see my big belly and my nipples through the dress, and I love that!

Love and Kisses, Candi

BigCutie Candi – Purely Plump

May 15, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

Although I may look cute and innocent in this set, don't be deceived! I love the roll around on my bed touching all of my body for you to see! I love knowing I'm being sexy and chubby for all of you to see. I wish you all could touch my belly and boobs and feel all over my body and maybe even feed me! ;) I hope you all love my fat hanging belly in this cute white lingerie!


BigCutie Candi – Skimpy and Sexy

May 5, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

I love playing with my belly and boobs, and I'm flashing them all of the time and this set is no exception. I thought I'd flash you in my hallway. My lingerie has a peek-a-boo heart in the back so you can see my butt and thong.  I love touching my thighs, showing off my jiggly belly, spanking my butt, and bouncing my boobs. I wish you guys could help me spank, jiggle, and bounce all my curves!

xoxo, Candi

BigCutie Candi – String Bikini Babe

April 21, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

Okay, I love this rainbow bikini and even though it doesn't fit me that well. ;) I loovvee how it looks on me! The top is a bit too small for my boobs and they're spilling out and coming out of the bottom, but I love too tiny bikinis on big boobs! I think it's sexy! They bottoms I love too because they're made to show the curves of your butt, more than any normal bikini bottoms would. And I love that! I may get looked at quite a lot in this tiny bikini, but who cares? You can stare all you want! :)


BigCutie Candi – Constricted Curves

April 7, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

As you all know I love my lingerie, and I love black lingerie against my pale skin. It accentuates my curves and its just sexy! I love my curves and I love corsets and how they squeeze boobs and belly, it shows me how big I've gotten. Although, my belly was peeking out the bottom trying to get out of the constricting lingerie, I still love how everything looks! I hope you all enjoy!

xoxo, Candi

BigCutie Candi – Pudgy in a Parka

March 31, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

I bought this parka like 6 years ago from Victoria's Secret PINK and recently tried it on to find out it is much more snug than it used to be. It used to be a bit big on me and fit much lower to my butt and well, not so much anymore! I decided to head outdoors and take a little ride on the swing in my cute little outfit and give you a little peep show. I hope nobody saw!


BigCutie Candi – St. Patrick’s Panty Parade

March 16, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

Hey everyone! I love panties and I love picking out different colors and kinds of panties. I thought that  I would try on some of my favorite panties for you. So you can see my curves in different style panties. So no need to go attend the parade for St. Patty's Day, I've a show for you right here. ;) Enjoy!

Love and Kisses, Candi

BigCutie Candi – Neon Nights

March 7, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

Hey everyone! I love neon color and I love wearing the color yellow. I think it looks really, really good with my dark hair and brown eyes.

This top is a little too small for me but that didn't stop me from putting it on and showing off for you. My boobs are struggling against the fabric and bursting out of it it. I just love this outfit from the staircase look the top has to the teeny, tiny mini shirt! I hope you do too. I especially enjoy wearing two piece outfits so I can have my belly and rolls hanging out for you to take in.  Enjoy!