My fat belly falling out of my jammies

October 5, 2013 Hottiemegan 0

Who says long johns can't be sexy? It gets mighty cold in the evenings up in the mountains where i live. These cozy jammies really keep me toasty warm. But sometimes they get a little too warm, so i had to just take them off to cool down! Come by and see this new set that goes along with my strip tease video i put up earlier this week. Go to to see it all :D

Plug and Play!

September 19, 2013 Hottiemegan 0

My update, fresh today shows me playing with my all time favorite toy. My hitatchi! It's such an intense vibrator that i can have an orgasm really quickly, and intensely. So when a tongue isn't available, this would be my next best option. I shot this video during sunset, hence the yellow. I loved the soft yellow lighting to set my mood. Watch me enjoy this vibrator to completion in my new video only at


September 3, 2013 Hottiemegan 0

I updated my site yesterday with a new video of me playing with my boobs. I was sitting on my couch and playing on my computer when the mood struck me to play with my super, happy funbags (boobies). I thought i should share that spur of the moment with you!  I love how my big boobs make my hands appear so small. When you're 5'11", hands aren't exactly petite! :D
Come see this video at  You can expect a few more than normal video updates in the near future because i JUST got myself an HD video camera and will be putting it to good use :D

Get in MY BELLY donuts!

August 26, 2013 Hottiemegan 0

Hi all. I just added a video to my site where i lounge on my couch in very little and eat a bag of powdered donuts. I also chat about what's happened to my life since my hiatus. I even explain how i got that big 4 inch scar on my belly  I am working with a new camera for filming, so it's not perfect but i still enjoyed it enough to share. Come by to see this new 7+ minute video!

Hey Everyone!! I’m baaaacccckkkk :D :D :D

August 16, 2013 Hottiemegan 0

It's been a while but wanted to let you all know that i'm back in front of the camera. I just couldn't stay away. I have been working for months on this project and can finally share it with you all! So come on by and see my newly re-done site:  Not only do you get new content that i'm updating regularly but also access to over 500 of my old galleries. So come on by and check me out :D