Sweet Adeline’s SSBBW Struggles

October 18, 2013 ivy 0

Since gaining nearly 100 pounds Adeline has begun to have lots of struggles related to her size! She never used to have much trouble finding clothes that fit, but now nothing seems to fit her! She talks about how going out to eat is a challenge these days due to the fact that she can't fit in any of the booths and even some of the chairs! She also discusses a recent flight that she took where she was so big that she could barely even squeeze through the airplane door, let alone her seat. Lots of intense fat chat in this clip!


Supersized Softness ~ New Photoset & Video at HotFattyGirl.com

October 4, 2013 ivy 0

My site has been updated with a brand new photo set and a video this week! I love to show off my super sized body and I'm hoping that you're enjoying looking at it! Check out my latest updates at www.HotFattyGirl.com! I post at least 2 new updates each week and often times even more than that!

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Reenaye & Ivy: Too Fat For The Kitchen

September 16, 2013 ivy 0

Reenaye and Ivy are too fat for their kitchen. They keep stealing each others food on top of everything else and the girls are very angry! They push, shove and humiliate each other for being such fat piggys. Reenaye begins to chug milk and Ivy forces her to chug more and more. Reenaye pinches Ivy's belly and teases her for being so fat. See part 1 at Reenaye's store clips4sale.com/14925.


Bound, Funnel Fed, & Forced To Orgasm

September 6, 2013 ivy 0

This video is from Ivy's personal video vault! It was not my intention to share it publicly, but after watching it recently I thought that it was just too sexy not to! Watch as my feeder and I engage in some very sexy and extreme funnel feeding! I'm bound to the chair with bondage tape and have a funnel gag over my mouth. I am completely powerless and loving every second of it! My feeder has slipped my vibrator into my panties and turns it up to full blast as he funnel feeds me forcing me to orgasm hard as my belly fills with weight gain shake!


Buldging Bellies at the Gym with Reenaye & Devilyn

August 31, 2013 ivy 0

Join my super fat friends and I as we work out at the gym together letting our huge bellies hang out for all to see! Let's be honest, though. Us three lazy super fatties didn't get much working out done! We are far too out of shape for that nonsense! Of course, we since we did do a little working out we rushed to the closest fast food restaurant after our little workout to be sure that we didn't accidentally lose any weight!

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Bikini Bustin’ Babe!

August 24, 2013 ivy 0

One of my favorite things about summer is that I can basically live in a bikini!! I always wear one to the pool, the beach, to lay out in my yard, and even sometimes to do yard work in! They're so comfy and I do love to show off my awesome fat body!! I had a ton of fun shooting this set in my brand new green bikini, but sadly right after I finished shooting and was jiggling my booty around the room and dancing and I somehow managed to bust the string off of one of the bottoms completely ruining them! Whooops!!!

Check out the full set and my new bikini fat chat video at www.hotfattygirl.com!

For a video of me chatting about all the issues that I deal with as a fatty in the summertime, check out www.ivyandfriends.com!

Encouraging Fat Feedee Boys to Grow!

August 19, 2013 ivy 0

In case you haven't stopped by Fat Boy Fantasies lately here is a little preview of what you've been missing! Watch as hot thin models as well as gorgeous SSBBW models encourage you to continue to gain and grow for them! We LOVE how fat you have been getting and want more, more, MORE!!!




Luna Vera: Gain for ME!

Look at all that fat! You've been eating for me haven't you? Tell me what you ate today. I want to know all about how you've stuffed yourself for me. I want you to get fatter and fatter just for me! I love squeezing those huge fat rolls.

Chrissy Daniels & Ivy Love Your Weight Gain

We love how fat you're getting! You've really been packing on the pounds and it is so sexy! Your belly is so huge and round! We just want to rub it and squeeze it and fill it full of food! Will you keep gaining for us?

A Fattening Confession

Honey, I have a little confession to make. You know how you've been getting kind of fat lately? Well… it's all my fault. You see, I've been secretly fattening you up. Sneaking weight gain powder in your food, adding extra calories to everything you've been eating, even slipping you appetite stimulants! I just couldn't help myself! I just love huge fat boys and wanted one all for myself! 

Luna Vera Wants You Even Fatter

Sexy 95 pound Luna Vera has a secret… she LOVES fat men! She wants you to get bigger and bigger for her. You must stuff yourself for her. She wants you so big that you're unable to even move! She wants to be able to bury her face in your huge fat belly. She wants you to stuff yourself daily just for her. Think of just how fat you're going to get just for her!

Chrissy Daniels Wants You Fatter

Chrissy has just gotten home from the gym and found you stuffing yourself with even more food. She isn't even a little mad because she loves to watch you gain. She loves a man with a big fat belly and loves watching you grow yourself even bigger just for her! She wants you to keep stuffing that gorgeous belly for her so she can rub it and feel it expanding beneath her fingers.

We Love Fat Boys! Featuring Ivy & Luna Vera

We just love your huge squishy belly, jiggly man boobs, chubby double chin, and fat thighs! Have you gained weight? It's starting to show and we LOVE it! Please don't start working out. We want you nice and fat! Your tits are getting sooo big now. Please keep eating for us. We want you to eat like a pig every day. We will even feed you and rub your belly to help you get bigger and bigger.

Constance & Ivy: Work Out Buddies – HD MOV Version

July 31, 2013 ivy 0

Constance has been heckling Ivy to work out with her for weeks and Ivy has finally had enough! She agrees to work out with her skinny friend once if she promises to leave her alone if she doesn't like it. Constance has Ivy attempting to do leg lifts, stretches, jogging in place, jumping jacks, and sit ups. Of course, Ivy is unable to do much of anything due to her huge belly and just how out of breath the slightest amount of movement makes her! Constance teases Ivy about how obese and out of shape Ivy has gotten recently and tells her how she needs to lose weight since she is so extremely fat now.


Out of Shape on the Treadmill

July 29, 2013 ivy 0

I've gotten so fat an out of shape as I've grown fatter and fatter. It's been a while since I attempted to use a treadmill, so I figured I would give it a try to see just how much more out of shape I've become with my most recent weight gain. The treadmill belt can barely move beneath my massive weight and I'm out of shape in a matter of minutes. The longer that I stay on the treadmill the more I huff and puff. I can't believe what my lazy lifestyle and constant gorging has done to my physical fitness!


Super Sexy 350+ Lb Sweet Adeline Plays with Her Belly and Boobs!

July 26, 2013 ivy 0

Ever wonder what it would be like to have Sweet Adeline's sexy 350+ pound body on top of you while she plays with her big fat belly and extraordinarily large breasts? In this hot new POV clip you can get to experience the amazing view of Adeline on top of you! Lots of belly, boob, and even some belly button play in this sensual clip.

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Big Belly, Booty, & Thighs!

July 24, 2013 ivy 0

I wanted to share this photo from my latest update with everyone here at Dimensions! I love this shot. It shows off my huge body from the side, which is an excellent angle to view my big body from! You can really tell just how wide, round, and fat I've become!
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SSBBW vs 120 lb Girl Food Chat

July 24, 2013 ivy 0

Ever wondered just how much a growing SSBBW feedee eats in comparison to a normal sized girl? In this clip Ivy and her thin friend Julia discuss an average day of eating. While Julia is eating grilled chicken and salads for dinner Ivy is chowing down on a dozen tacos, rice, beans, and a cake! Hear all about their crazy differences in calorie food intake, appetite, and how much they are able to pack away in this brand new clip!


Piggy at the Gym – HotFattyGirl.com

July 11, 2013 ivy 0

I'm so huge and fat and I don't care who knows it or what they think! I waddle into the gym in my piggy outfit that is much too tight with a big box of donuts and a container of cream. I plop my huge fat body down on the weight bench and begin to stuff my greedy face as fast as I can. Everyone is staring, but I don't care. I'm hungry and I want MORE! I can never get enough…

New photo set & video at www.HotFattyGirl.com!

The Belly Exam

July 11, 2013 ivy 0

Ivy has over eaten again and is in so much pain that she decides she must go to the doctor! She is moaning and groaning as her skin tight dress presses against her huge, swollen belly when the doctor arrives. Dr. Constance decides that Ivy must be cut from her dress since it is too tight to remove. She cuts the dress and then proceeds to rub, caress, and massage Ivy's massive belly while lecturing her about her out of control appetite.


Really Fat Legs!

July 11, 2013 ivy 0

Thought I would share one more photo from my update last week with all of my lovely friends here on BBWClubs! I've always had a very large, soft, pendulous belly, but lately I've noticed that my legs seem to be fattening up just as quickly as my belly! To be honest, I love it!! I think that this photo shows off my growing legs pretty nicely. Enjoy!

See the whole set plus a new video at www.HotFattyGirl.com!

Whitney Morgan LOVES My Huge Belly!

June 11, 2013 ivy 0

Whitney just loves my big, fat belly! Whitney and I start by comparing how deep our belly buttons are. She measures her belly button and assists me in measuring mine! We were shocked at just how deep it is! Then she begins playing with and loving on my huge, fat belly! She licks, kisses, and fingers it. She loves to kiss it, poke it, trace my stretch marks, and finger my deep belly button. We compare bellies, I grab on her chub a little and she is ALL over mine! This clip is a must see for all belly lovers!


HotFattyGirl.com ~ Nexus & Ivy Update!

May 25, 2013 ivy 0

I've posted a super hot video originally available at my clips store to my website this week!

Nexus & Ivy: Ivy's Visit to the Doctor
Ivy has a really bad tummy ache! It's so bad that she decides to visit her doctor who she hasn't been to in a very long time! Dr. Nexus can't believe how huge Ivy has gotten! The last time that she was in she was only 330 pounds! The doctor tries to weigh her, but Ivy's belly is too big for the scale and she is MUCH to heavy for the scale! The doctor comments on her gain and how hard it is to examine her because of her huge size! Dr. Nexus uses her calipers to measure Ivy's body fat, checks her stomach and listens to see how it sounds. She decides Ivy must have just eaten way too much and shows her how to properly rub her big, fat belly to help ease the pain of overeating.


Showing Off My Big Legs and Delicious Knee Rolls in a Tight Denim Skirt

May 25, 2013 ivy 0

This set was a special member request and of course, I love to make my members happy! I love the way this tight denim skirt hugs my hips and the hem stops just short of my rolly polly knees. With the last 50 or so pounds that I've gained it seems like my legs have gotten a very large portion of that weight! They're HUGE! I love how soft and feminine they look and feel. Check out my latest photo set and a sexy video update this week at www.HotFattyGirl.com!

My Massive Belly Hangs Off the Bench! + Important Reminder!

May 21, 2013 ivy 0

Hello loves!!

I just wanted to pop by and wish everyone a most happy Monday!! I know most people hate Mondays, but I happen to love them! It means a fresh start and lots of opportunities to get into trouble.

I had to share this shot from my update last week at www.HotFattyGirl.com! Can you believe How huge and soft my belly has gotten over the years?! I love it! It's so fun to play with and I absolutely adore how it looks!

Just a little reminder/announcement! Today and tomorrow are the last days to get in your custom clip orders and make any special requests for content of me with my skinny girl friends until the end of June! I have two shoots scheduled for this week with two sexy models. Julia and a new girl that I've never worked with before. After that I will be unable to shoot any customs or requests until I am traveling between Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida next month with my girl Sweet Adeline to visit Reenaye, Devilyn, Maddalyn, and Whitney! So please, email me today or tomorrow so we can arrange something! hotfattygirl@gmail.com

Sorry for the long ramble! I hope to hear from you all very soon!!

xoxo Ivy

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Too Fat for My Jeans!

May 19, 2013 ivy 0

Julia & Ivy: Pants Problems – Available in HD MOV & M4V Versions

Ivy goes to put on her size 36 jeans and discovers that they are too small for her huge body! She attempts to squeeze herself in, but just cannot seem to do it! She calls for help from her friend Julia. Julia attempts to help Ivy squeeze herself in and with limited success the girls get the jeans buttoned until Ivy sits down that is. The button pops open and the zipper unzips! It seems the dryer must have shrunk Ivy's clothes! Or is she just getting fatter?


So Taboo! My Immobile Piggy Fantasy Role Play

May 9, 2013 ivy 0


I've grown so fat for you over the years. I've happily turned myself into your fat immobile piggy. My appetite for food and fat is completely insatiable. I can't seem to get fat enough! I want more! More food, more rolls, more belly! I want to be the fattest pig on Earth. I'm chugging heavy cream by the pint and stuffing my fat face full of chocolates and chips in this video just for you. To fatten myself more and more! Please feed me, baby. Fatten me! I NEED to be bigger! I love to grow for you… Oink! Oink!

Visit my clips4sale store to watch a 10 second preview and check out all of my other clips!


Constance & Ivy: Greedy Snack Thief

May 8, 2013 ivy 0

Ivy is a hungry and greedy girl, so she does what any fatty would do and steals her roommate Constance's snack cakes! She eats the entire box in one sitting and when Constance gets home and discovers Ivy sitting on the sofa in her PJs she is PISSED! Constance tells Ivy that she is getting way too fat and that they need to talk about this problem immediately! She teases Ivy about how big she is, tells her how she is embarrassed to go clubbing with Ivy at this size and how Ivy needs to slim down. Ivy just laughs in her face and tells her she loves her super sized body and has no intentions of losing weight or not losing any weight! Lots of great fat talk, jiggling, and teasing in this clip!


Giggles n’ Jiggles with Ivy and Reenaye

April 28, 2013 ivy 0

Join Reenaye and I for a very giggly public chat about how we spend our time hanging out together. I'll give you a hint, it involves a LOT of eating!!! We chat about how we help each other gain, our competitive nature when it comes to food and fatness, and more! This is a very fun and candid video showing Reenaye and I just being ourselves and enjoying our weight gain!


Forcing Whitney to Gain for Me and Oink Like a Piggy!

April 20, 2013 ivy 0

After capturing and squashing skinny bitch Whitney Morgan in Part One, Ivy decides it's time to really teach her a lesson. She's going to fatten Whitney up and turn her into a big, fat piggy! She forces Whitney to eat a super fattening cupcake and almost immediately they begin to notice Whitney's belly puffing up and growing fatter!! Ivy puts a pig nose and ears on Whitney and forces her to oink for her. Whitney is going to make a very fine hog indeed!


Getting Revenge on the Skinny Brat Who Made Fun of Me!

April 6, 2013 ivy 0

Ivy caught Whitney Morgan and her skinny friends making fun of her while at the gym earlier. Ivy is sick of dealing with this crap, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She has her boyfriend put some "special sauce" on Whitney's sandwich that she ordered from the deli causing Whitney to pass out and Ivy is able to sneak her out of the deli and back to her house. The clip begins with Whitney waking up all tied up in an unfamiliar place. She recognizes Ivy and from the gym and starts to insult her and freak out. Ivy tells her she has taken her prisoner and is going to teach her a lesson. She sits on Whitney and tells her she is going to squash her, but first she must weigh herself to see just how fat she's gotten! Ivy steps on the scale and taunts Whitney about all the weight she is about to take! Ivy slams her body down on Whitney and she begs for mercy! Ivy is SO heavy!!! Ivy won't let up and smothers Whitney's face with her huge belly. Whitney struggles to breathe as Ivy's massive, soft gut engulfs her head. Ivy then sits on top of Whitney and begins to stuff herself with cupcakes teasing Whitney about her future plans for her. Let's just say Whitney won't be staying thin for very long…. Watch for Part Two coming soon to see what happens next!


Whitney Inspects Her Piggy ~ HotFattyGirl.com Video Update

March 30, 2013 ivy 0

This video might just be the hottest thing that I've ever filmed, ever! Well, if you're into the same kinda stuff as I am anyway…  Watch as Whitney inspects her piggy to see how fat she's gotten. She pokes, prods, jiggles and teases me and forbids me to communicate in any way other than oinking! This is one video update that you do not want to miss!


Whitney & Ivy: Fatten Me Up Like I’m You’re Prized Piggy! ~ HotFattyGirl.com

March 30, 2013 ivy 0

This is an update that you won't want to miss! Whitney Morgan has decided to turn me into her prized piggy and is committed to fattening me up way past my wildest dreams! She grabs my huge belly and jiggles it, teases me about how huge I've become, and feeds me so many snack cakes that  I think I may burst! I am loving every single second of it! It's a dream come true! Check out the set and video at www.HotFattyGirl.com!

And for more of Whitney and me, plus all of my other skinny girl friends be sure to check out my clips4sale store!

I accidentally crushed my skinny friend’s sofa to pieces!

March 28, 2013 ivy 0

Nexus invites Ivy over for a sleep over. The girls are excited to eat popcorn and candy and watch a few movies. Nexus tells Ivy to take a seat on her brand new sofa while she gets the snacks. Ivy plops down and the tiny sofa completely collapses beneath her massive weight! Ivy is SO embarrassed and slightly tuned on. Nexus comes back from the kitchen and is so pissed! Ivy tries to switch sides to show her that it isn't completely broken and she somehow manages to crack the other side! How mortifying! Nexus is not a happy camper and teases and belittles her fat friend.

Check out www.clips4sale.com/14798 for a free 10 second preview and tons more clips!

Madaynn & Ivy: My Evil Feeder Doctor

March 21, 2013 ivy 0

Ivy's can't seem to stop growing! She is very fat and getting fatter! Concerned, she visits Dr. Madalynn who is a specialist in weight loss and management. Dr. Madalynn suggests an experimental new slimming shake treatment. Ivy agrees to give it a try. Dr. Madalynn wheels in a strange looking contraption, but Ivy doesn't think twice! If the doctor says it will help, then it must! Ivy begins to notice a strange full feeling. It even feels like she might be getting fatter with every pump!! She tells the Doctor and she reassures her that everything is fine and keeps pumping her full of the mysterious slimming shake. Finally, Dr. Madalynn tells her the truth, the slimming shake is actually a very potent shake used to fatten hogs!!! Ivy panics and attempts to escape, but Dr. Madalynn holds her down and keeps pumping. She confesses that she loves fat girls and is going to keep her in the office all night and keep fattening Ivy until she is so big she can't fit through the doorway to escape!


Sturggling to Get Reenaye Into Her Tiny Corset

March 19, 2013 ivy 0

My latest video update is insanely hot!! Watch as Reenaye struggles to get her massive tits and belly into her way too tiny corset! I attempt to help her and even then we have all kinds of difficulties! She is just too big to fit!!! We finally get her poured in and I was so sure that the thing was going to pop off her! Come view this 11+ minute video at www.HotFattyGirl.com! See even more videos at www.clips4sale.com/14798!

180 Lbs vs. Now: Mobility Update + Bonus Comparison Picture!

March 17, 2013 ivy 0

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Hope you all are getting all the green beer, corned beef and Irish soda bread that you can handle!

When I started gaining I was just 180 pounds. I've put on several hundred pounds and my body and mobility have changed drastically. Back then I used to be able to run a mile in 8 to 10 minutes which isn't especially amazing, but now a days I can't even waddle from the couch to the fridge without getting winded! It's such a turn on to know how out of shape and fat I've gotten. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Just for fun, here's a comparison picture from www.HotFattyGirl.com taken from a recent update showing me at 180 pounds and now, several hundred pounds later!

Check out this clip as well as tons more at www.clips4sale.com/14798! Or, for one monthly price you can join www.14798.c4slive.com for access to most of my recent as well as many of my older clips4sale clips!

xoxo Ivy

Reenaye & Ivy’s Too Tight Corset Struggle

March 16, 2013 ivy 0

When Reenaye told me she wanted to shoot in these cute corset she had found, I thought she had lost her mind! They were TINY! I thought for sure there was no way that she and I were going to be able to fit into them! After a long battle with them (caught on video, of course!), we managed to pour ourselves into them! Check out this super hot set and extra long video only at www.HotFattyGirl.com!

Plus, don't forget to check out www.Clips4Sale.com/14798 for tons of hot videos of me and my skinny girlfriends!

Whitney & Ivy: EXTREME Squashing

March 15, 2013 ivy 0

Ivy and her friend Whitney Morgan just got back from the gym. They both feel that they had killer workouts, but Whitney disagrees! She begins to tease Ivy for eating at the gym and how slow and lazy she is. Ivy gets pissed and decides she isn't going to take Whitney's bitchy attitude anymore! She picks Whitney up, throws her on to the sofa and begins to squash and smother her with her huge fat body! Whitney screams in pain and begs for Ivy to stop, but Ivy refuses! She tells Whitney that she is going to squash her until she is unconscious and holds her belly on top of Whitney's face until she stops moving…

What’s black, white, and cute all over?

March 1, 2013 ivy 0

Me! In my latest update! I bought this slip 2 year and quite a few pounds ago with every intention of shooting in it immediately… Some how it got lost in my closet and I just recently found it! It's MUCH tighter than when I originally purchased it, but I think it looks even better on me now!

Come check out this set as well as 22,900+ photos and over 320 videos at www.HotFattyGirl.com!