Kaylee’s Kandy – Summer Snooze! Boobs Belly Bum Galore!

June 10, 2013 kaylees_kandy 0

Hello sweetie pies!   :D
I was having a very pleasant nap in the afternoon on a hot summers day, when all of a sudden my very cheeky photographer approached my bed and took some photos of me sleeping! As I'm sure you might know, I'm not very camera shy so as i woke up i began to pose! It's a very cheeky, but very sweet set.. with of course all the necessary shots needed to make a HOT show! 
I like this set because the belly shots I have included in this set are by far my BEST shots… the up close belly shots are in superb HD, you can see every part of my big luscious belly.
Also! The video included in this is for all you BELLY LOVERS out there!!  I lay on my bed in all sorts of positions, teasing and playing, then I lie down and play with the belly non stop.
It jiggles so much, its so soft and playful.. the camera zooms right in so its almost as if you are coming closer to my belly… I'm waiting for you to play with it! 

Please take a look at this set, the photo does not do this update justice. its filled with so much more stuff!!! And of course, all of my other FANTASTIC updates! There is something for everyone only at

Kaylee’s Sensual Selfies Set Update!

February 26, 2013 kaylees_kandy 0

Hello all! This set is called "sensual selfies!" I took this set myself, its all upclose and personal. Lots of good belly shots, also eating cupcakes! 3 NEW VIDEOS have been uploaded too! videos over 6 minutes long of just pure pleasure! There is also a video of me with dark hair dancing for those who would like to see me with darker hair in motion!   

So enjoy the update! 3 videos and 1 full set and all of the other content already on my site for you to enjoy! 8 very seductive videos in total are uploaded right now waiting for you :)


Lots of love!
Kaylee. xoxoxoxoxo