Too wide for the pictures

July 27, 2013 pearadise 0

updated at are new pictures and video of me playing in the pool.  This black suit was said to make my hips and ass smaller but check out this newest update. I don't think there is anything that can make my ass look smaller and I'm sure that I do not want it to look smaller.  So if you love this big fat ass and wobbly thighs, then get to and check me out.

Outstanding public car wash half naked pear

June 11, 2013 pearadise 0

Yes thats right.. at I updated some AWSOME pictures and VIDEO of me in this sexy "workout" outfit that barely covers my huge ass,  washing my car.  Yes it is a public car wash but I was feeling so hot and pearlike in this sexy ass outfit that I was hoping to stop nearby traffic.  I hope I just stop traffic and not your heart.  Come to and check out this perfect pear.

Little black dress… It is now

May 16, 2013 pearadise 0

At I updated a new set of pictures of me in this lbd.. little black dress.  The dress appeared to be big enough before I put it on but once I got it over my enormous hips and thighs it is very short.  So if you love to see a sexy woman in a skin tight dress.. I mean so skin tight it is almost see through in the sun, then come on over to and check out this latest update..


May 11, 2013 pearadise 0

come on over to and check out my new set of pictures and video.  I just got this sexy clingy red dress and I love how fat my ass looks in it.  My hips must measure a mile wide at the biggest point. they are super huge!  I also added a video of me smoothing my soft fat ass and wide hips with lots of creamy lotion.  So if you're in the mood to see me put my hands in some deep rolls, come on over to