Reenaye & Ivy’s Too Tight Corset Struggle

March 16, 2013 ivy 0

When Reenaye told me she wanted to shoot in these cute corset she had found, I thought she had lost her mind! They were TINY! I thought for sure there was no way that she and I were going to be able to fit into them! After a long battle with them (caught on video, of course!), we managed to pour ourselves into them! Check out this super hot set and extra long video only at!

Plus, don't forget to check out for tons of hot videos of me and my skinny girlfriends!

BigCutie Echo~Shake, Struggle, and Stroll

March 15, 2013 BigCutie Echo 0

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!!!! I have gotten so many request for videos of m walking. I aim to please! lol Here is a new Video of me strolling around my apartment complex shaking all my soft rolls. Come see me as my curves create their own waves as I struggle around my complex ^_^.

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Whitney & Ivy: EXTREME Squashing

March 15, 2013 ivy 0

Ivy and her friend Whitney Morgan just got back from the gym. They both feel that they had killer workouts, but Whitney disagrees! She begins to tease Ivy for eating at the gym and how slow and lazy she is. Ivy gets pissed and decides she isn't going to take Whitney's bitchy attitude anymore! She picks Whitney up, throws her on to the sofa and begins to squash and smother her with her huge fat body! Whitney screams in pain and begs for Ivy to stop, but Ivy refuses! She tells Whitney that she is going to squash her until she is unconscious and holds her belly on top of Whitney's face until she stops moving…

Big Beautiful Shawna you blow my mind

March 14, 2013 redhottie 0

Shawna is one lovely ssbbw.  I love all her curves and her soft hanging belly.  Her double belly and perky nipples and her freckles and the tan lines are so cute.  I love her pert nose and sweet smile and i know you will love her too.  Join up and get a membership at and be with us 24/7 or check her out at our clips store and you too can have shawna at your beck an call.  Rockin your world once more RED oh and go get your free cam membership I am going to try to cam in the next week. wink

BoBerry-B&W BBW

March 14, 2013 BigCutie BoBerry 0

I've been wanting to do a fancy black and white set for a while. When I checked into this hotel and found these great lace curtains I thought they were the perfect background.  This set is so pretty!!!  You get to see all of the dimples and texture on my fat body, highlighted by the black and white photography. :) I hope you enjoy it!!

<3 BoBerry

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Luscious Candi’s ample buttercream curves look great in these tiny panties!

March 14, 2013 redhottie 0

Don't miss part 2 of Luscious Candi's blue bra & panty set this week at Candi shows off acres of soft, cellulite covered flesh in some fabulous poses in this update. She even brings out her matching blue rabbit vibe and begins to masturbate in this hot update. Don't miss this sexy girl next door rockin' her curves and looking bigger and better than ever. And remember, when you join Redhot Phatgirlz, you get access to 70+ big, sexy fatties in outstanding content, shot by a photographer who knows what fat lovers want to see, with weekly updates, and new stuff all the time. It'll rock your fat girl world! Kisses, REDhottie.

This face makes a nice ass rest for Curvy Nurse’s gigantic booty!

March 14, 2013 redhottie 0

This week at Curvy Nurse is bored, so she decides to use Herman as furniture and get comfy and amuse herself by torturing him with her 400 punishing pounds. She wiggles and jiggles and bounces around til she's comfortable, ignoring his groans of pain and pathetic complaining. Finally he aggravates her with his smart mouth, so she decides to place her massive ass right on his face. That's more like it, now she can't even hear him from beneath all that booty blubber! Poor Herman is smothered in acres of ass til he can't breathe, and you get to watch all the full weight squashing, smothering and facesitting torture in a 13 minute mini movie. So join SSBBWs Gone Wild for the best in facesitting and other fat fetish fun. The biggest, bawdiest babes around, exclusive pro shot content, and lots & lots of video… it's off the chain BBW action. Kisses and licks, REDhottie

BigCutie Brianna is a Sexy Snow Leopard! ;)

March 14, 2013 BigCutieBrianna 0

Check me out in my new set Snow Leopard! Snow is amazing, sometimes I hate it, but in these pics, I LOVED posing in it. It was freezing, and the temperature was dropping, but I felt hotter than ever. I felt so fat & sexy in my matching TIGHT Leopard panties and bra  and my cute hat with ears ^.^

Watch me go from bra and panties, to nothing but my leopard hat  ;)

The snow might be all gone now, but I have these pics to remind me of how much fun, and how irresistably sexy I felt that night

Brianna  :-*

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BigCutie Veelynn – *Winter Wonders*

March 14, 2013 BCVeelynn 0

Here is my third set! We are half way through my grand opening month and the sets just keep getting better :) Thanks for checking me out! <3

So today it was snowing like crazy!

I think I looked more forward to getting inside the warm house and cuddling up with a mug of hot cocoa and some holiday cookies. I wish I had more, but the few were all I had. Do you have any spare cookies I could have? Hehe.
I hope you all are having wonderful winter! Hopefully I will have more days like this maybe with a little less ice and a lot more cookies!

Peace Out Boy Scouts <3

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Huge topical paradise

March 14, 2013 Asshley 0

just updated at a retro set when I am wearing and taking off this sexy tropical dress.  I know you guys don't always notice what we wear but in this dress its very hard not to notice every curvy, nook and dimple on my big body and ass.  If you appreciate a huge and hot woman in a skin tight dress and out of a skin tight dress this is an update  you do not want to miss.  So hula on over to and check it out.


naughty girl in super stretchy jeans

March 13, 2013 lisalust 0


As the saying goes….. There's a Party in my pantsand


ooh baby I know you want to get into my tight jeans

As i close my eyes and rub my delicate pussy theu my stratchy material

I imagine its your hand feeling me…Making me HOT and very MOIST down below

mmmmmmmmmmm rubbing all over me

making me feel so good

my body tingling all over

I need your strong hands on me baby

cum give it to me



Big Cutie Lyla – Chair Breaking Fatty ;)

March 13, 2013 BigCutieLyla 0

There are a lot of sexy perks to being fat, but I would like to say that one of my favorites is just being too big for my britches…hehe :) I have had my fair share of breaking furniture and not being able to fit in certain places…or getting stuck in chairs because of my sexy growing curves, and overflowing fat, but this most recent escapade is the sexiest ;)  My armless chair with a metal post, made to be able to withstand a lot of weight, broke recently because I've been a naughty girl and eating and gaining even though I am an ssbbw now … and I did have 2 large meals from Burger King right before it happened…hehe ;) Check out the amazing, sexy photos and see my most recent weight with these current pics on my member's blog, find out all the details and find out where I have to shop for clothes now that I have let myself go so much ;) Enjoy!

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Lyla :)

Hubba Hubba !Shawna,s huge fat bubble

March 12, 2013 redhottie 0

Wow! mercy sakes! and good golly miss molly! Shawna has a monolithic goddess like ass.  This lady is one of my favorite people and I always have a good time hanging out with her.  How would you boys like to have a swing like this on your back porch…….makes you hot just to gaze upon it don't it.  Remember consistent beautiful fat girls come from  Do yourself a favor get a membership.    RED Oh and i appreciate your support ….

Bigcutie Kennedy in Totally Too Tight

March 12, 2013 BigCutieKennedy 0

I bet your wondering what is too tight…. guess you'll have to come visit me at to find out. <wink>

XOXO Kennedy

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Nicole’s Booty Worship… Sniff and Lick!

March 11, 2013 DirtyLittleDiva 0


Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!  This week I updated my site with 2 photo sets and 2 videos.  The first video is of me lifting and carrying my little girlfriend Kelsey Obsession.  She is so tiny, it was like lifting a doll!

Next, we play in the dungeon.  She worships my big ass while grabbing, licking and sniffing it.

You can find this at or order clip by clip on C4S!!


What about this Size Comparison?

March 11, 2013 Gaining Gabi 0

Hey All,

Hope everyone will have a good week. The update this week is to show the true comparison is about 400lbs difference. Gabi wanted to give everyone a little treat to see what that would look like. In this photo Gabi is standing next to GainingGabi aka Gabi and is standing next to Heartz and show how much bigger and stronger she is compared to Heartz. Stop by for this hot new update only @


Oh what a nite me an ice cream and my mouth so wide

March 10, 2013 redhottie 0

lol  can some one hold my other boobie its cold.  Wow what do i say about this pic except fat girl gets into her work and is willing to eat some for the team.   I think i need you to rub my belly and make it better.  And donot make dirty remarks about how big i can open my mouth. Come on you know you want to see me eat this ice cream in the video.  I also have the video going up in the clips store today.

Get you a membership now treat yourself.  RED

Completly smothered in Bettie Rocker’s massive ass!

March 10, 2013 redhottie 0

The new guy gets a bit out of line in this week's update at, so Bettie Rocker shows him just what a gigantic ass is capable of. His rude comments piss her off, so she punishes him with 440+ lbs of ass til he's struggling to breathe and shuts his mouth. Watch as she breaks him in with butt drops, belly drops, and lots of smothering beneath mountains of ass and belly fat. We're not sure if he'll be broken in or just broken after this! Kisses and licks, REDhottie

Big Cutie Summer, Everyday Errands

March 10, 2013 BigCutieSummer 0

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could hang out with me while I run some errands? I know I certainly enjoy the company. Everyday things can be a bit banal, and it's always better when you have someone with you.

Luckily my camera person didn't complain when I dragged him along to catch me in action, hehe. Check this and all my other updates over at  :D



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BigCutie Cherries – Belly Love

March 10, 2013 BigCutieCherries 0

What's my favorite part on my ever growing body? My belly, of course! As you can tell from these pictures I love to give it lots and lots of love. I really can never get enough of it! I also love being naked, and I go from being fully clothed to nearly naked in this set. And maybe next time you can give my belly some love for me… <3


More Cherries!

BigCutie Veelynn – Wet, Wiggly, &amp; Jiggly

March 9, 2013 BCVeelynn 0

Hey guys, so here is my second update for my grand opening month on BigCuties, and Im super excited to share it with you all If you havent yet, be sure to go take a peak at my site and see what you're missing haha <3

There is nothing quite like a hot, steamy shower to make this lady happy. I love the sensation of the hot water running down my back, over my wide hips and flowing over my fat, dimpled thighs. I adore lathering up with my favorite soaps and beauty scrubs, making my skin soft and supple. After I towel dry my fluffy frame, I bask in my post shower glow. I hope you enjoyed the view.

Peace Out Boy Scout,

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Big Cutie Lyla – Midday Munchies Marathon! ;)

March 9, 2013 BigCutieLyla 0

Hey guys!! So, I was feeling a little snacky after a huge breakfast and what better way for someone as fat as me to satisfy my cravings than by having a 2,000 calorie mid-day snack to help pack on even more sexy fat to weigh me down and keep my curves growin' ;) So check out my latest update where I stuff my face and show you why I am so good at gaining and keep my tummy stuffed…my love of my growing body and of food is just too much for me to handle, so why not keep satiating my desires? ;) Watch me show off my fat and tummy while I get fatter!! Enjoy!! :)

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Suitcase Squashing

March 9, 2013 BigCutieTrysta 0

I notoriously over pack when I travel, but luckily the massive weight of my belly and sexy body are a huge advantage in collapsing and zipping it shut. Any volunteers think they’re sturdy enough to be my suitcase stand in?

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~BigCutie MizzPuss is a Sweet Honey Bee~

March 9, 2013 BigCutie MizzPuss 0

It must of been an odd site for the neighbors; as I waddled around the front yard flapping my arm flaps, trying to be get in to my bee character lol. I couldn't resist being a silly sexy bee and while struggling around the front yard (I say struggling because it was a stinking hot day, and my thighs were sticking together with sweat in my favorite mini skirt, lol) so I decided to attempt to make seductive buzzing noises.
Enjoy watching me waddle while I stick my pretty little nose into flowers, and be the most wonderful bee I can be!

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What a contrast… tiny waist to Huge ass

March 8, 2013 Asshley 0

At we took a recent trip to Margaritaville.  If you were one of the lucky ones that got to come along this is what it looked like from behind. (JK)  We just updated 70+ pictures for you to enjoy while you are sitting on a sunny Mexico beach enjoying a refreshing lemony drink!  I hope my huge ass and tiny waist doesn't make you lose count and you drink too much!  Have fun at and drink up.

BigCuties Bonanza–HunnieDoll Update!!

March 8, 2013 BigCuties 0

HunnieDoll was all ready for bed, and she just couldn't sleep til she had some ice cream!! She got a bowl for it, but once she started eating she realized the carton was a single serving and just ate right out of it!! We love how she takes her belly out and shows it off once she's stuffed herself!

See this set and many other models over at

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Watch me squeeze into my Itty bitty corset

March 8, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0 Well I decided to squeeze my luscious rolls into this iddy biddy corset set just for you guys watch me huff and puff ,while my (guest appearance) wonderful friend Szalynn pulls and tugs on this corset to get it on as we squeeze all my beautiful fat and see it juggle when she adjusts the corset to get it to shut and enjoy some wonderful pics of me falling out of the top once I adjust my bountiful breasts . see my sexy ass and rolls in the tiny panty set that came with my corset…

Nicole is on a Roll! Squashing Skinny Chicks!!!

March 8, 2013 DirtyLittleDiva 0

I have been hard at "work" putting some amazing shoots together, so keep your eyes feasted on this big booty! More is coming!

My newest update is a photo set showing Kelsey worship my big beautiful ass and a video of me chest sitting! She is getting really good at handling all 330 pounds of ME!  See this at OR go a la carte at my clips4sale,

BigCutie CaitiDee is a Scale Stepper!

March 8, 2013 caitidee 0

I know what you're thinking… "ANOTHER weigh in?! Doesn't this girl ever stop eating??" Well the answer is no, I don't ever stop eating. :P I'm bigger and better, yet again. Come see just how big!

Find this update and lots more at!

Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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