Nicole is on a Roll! Squashing Skinny Chicks!!!

March 8, 2013 DirtyLittleDiva 0

I have been hard at "work" putting some amazing shoots together, so keep your eyes feasted on this big booty! More is coming!

My newest update is a photo set showing Kelsey worship my big beautiful ass and a video of me chest sitting! She is getting really good at handling all 330 pounds of ME!  See this at OR go a la carte at my clips4sale,

BigCutie CaitiDee is a Scale Stepper!

March 8, 2013 caitidee 0

I know what you're thinking… "ANOTHER weigh in?! Doesn't this girl ever stop eating??" Well the answer is no, I don't ever stop eating. :P I'm bigger and better, yet again. Come see just how big!

Find this update and lots more at!

Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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Bouncing and squashing

March 8, 2013 zsalynn 0

Tonight after a yummy dinner out I came home to see this little guy laying around not doing any housework so I showed him what I thought about that.  Updated pictures and a 7 minutes video at of the punishment I gave him.   I sat on his face so long he got a big drool spot on my big sexy black panties.  So come on over to and check out the pictures and video.  Lots of bouncing and misbehaving going on.

BigCutie Britt is a Hockey Hottie!

March 8, 2013 BigCutieBritt 0

I love hockey season, and I was so thrilled when it finally began this year!! In honor and spirit, I thought I would broadcast my favorite team, the Boston Bruins, with this super snug snuggie blanket! ;) Come cuddle up and watch some puck action with me, it's one of my favorite things to do! hehe =]


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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Some Like it Fat

March 7, 2013 BigCutieVallery 0

I’ve always been a HUGE Marilyn Monroe fan and even as a young girl, I pictured myself posing like her in front of the camera. Marilyn has had a big influence on me becoming a plus size model and I for sure consider her an inspiration. I decided to pay homage to Marilyn in this set I call “Some Like it Fat,” a play on the title of her film “Some Like it Hot” which was filmed at the Hotel Del in Coronado. I decided to head on down to the beach in front of the historic hotel in my Marilyn inspired dress from “The Seven Year Itch,” and do my best Marilyn posing on the beach, in front of hundreds of beach goers. I never felt so sexy, or so Marilyn! Come join me in my new set while I tap into my inner Marilyn Monroe!

“The body is meant to be seen, not covered up.”- M.M.

Got questions? Ask me at

Big Cutie Brianna **Grand Re-Opening** Hairbow Honey!

March 7, 2013 BigCutieBrianna 0

Hey ya'll! I am sooo excited to be back with Big Cuties after a short leave.
This is my *Grand Re-Opening** set! Come see me in my cute hairbow, and luscious, GROWING body! While I start with a little white nightie in these pics, I end up in nothing but a bow
I felt cute, sexy, and my body has become even more voluptuous since you've last seen me. The extra pounds have done my body SO well, and its all mostly gone to my belly! My favorite body part. 
So I hope you enjoy my new curves in these pictures!
With a kiss,  :-*

If you're thinking about joining, I LOVE getting to know the men I model for. My fans mean alot. And, If you have suggestions for future sets, I am totally open. Join my site, and email me whenever you like!
Thanks guys  :)

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BigCutie Candi – Neon Nights

March 7, 2013 bigcutiecandi 0

Hey everyone! I love neon color and I love wearing the color yellow. I think it looks really, really good with my dark hair and brown eyes.

This top is a little too small for me but that didn't stop me from putting it on and showing off for you. My boobs are struggling against the fabric and bursting out of it it. I just love this outfit from the staircase look the top has to the teeny, tiny mini shirt! I hope you do too. I especially enjoy wearing two piece outfits so I can have my belly and rolls hanging out for you to take in.  Enjoy!

Broad hips, mega thighs and a soft, squishy belly… more Luscious Amazon!

March 7, 2013 redhottie 0

 Here's a great shot from this week's new set of sexy pear Luscious Amazon at . She shows off her amazing bottom heavy figure in cute pink booty shorts, with awesome camera angles and great poses. And remember, Redhot Phatgirlz is the only place you'll find pro shot content of Luscious Amazon. If you want the hottest BBWs, exclusive content, and a photographer that knows BBWs, then join Redhot Phatgirlz for the finest in BBW adult entertainment. Kisses, REDhottie

*Big Cutie Bonnie-Doughy In Dots*

March 7, 2013 bigcutiebonnie 0

Hi Everyone :)

I got this polka dot dress ages ago now in the summer, but around that time it was a bit loose on me and hung all wrong on my body, so I didn't wear it.

Then when was looking around my wardrobe for something sexy to put on for a new set I saw it!
Thinking of all the fattening treats I have been having all winter I decided to try it on and just see if now it was tighter against my body.

I was so happy with the fit that I had to show off the results!

Don't I look like a savage fat beast these days? ;)

Bonnie x0x0x0x

This guy is smothered helplessly by Bettie Rocker’s massive ass

March 7, 2013 redhottie 0

This new guy decided to try facesitting at , but he told Bettie Rocker her ass was too big. She decided to show him what big really was. Watch as she breaks in the newbie with butt drops, belly drops, full weight facesitting, and smothering beneath that blubbery booty til he's gasping for breath. After all, she can't hear his comments with a facefull of ass! 17 minute mini movie of her working him over good til you hear him grunt with pain and gasp for air. SSBBWs Gone Wild…. it's BBW action to the power of 10! Kisses and licks, REDhottie

Rainbow Socks

March 7, 2013 krisann 0

I have a new pair of rainbow socks and wanted to try them on for you. As I was taking pictures I was getting wet just thinking of you watching me and you know I love when you watch me. So I grabbed the nearest cock I could find..hehe it was a banana.. .it slid right into my wet

Sasha’s Too Tiny Tights!

March 6, 2013 BigCutieSasha 0

Here I am trying on a pair of ridiculously small tights! I always love trying to squeeze into them. I have a hard time pulling them over my fat thighs but that's nothing compared to my big bottom belly! That required some serious pulling and squishing. . I loved it! I'll show you how much I struggled and how out of breath I was for you to enjoy.

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

big MILKY tits

March 6, 2013 lisalust 0

I been doing alot of requests latley and I would like to thank each of you very Personally for all your hot naughty ideas!

if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be having this much fun

now this update I actually came up with all by myself!!!  (giggles)

Pouring ice cold milk all over my huge TITS

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it made my nipples so friggin cold

it was "WICKED AWESOME"(New England term!!!)

anyway it was so cold my nips were aching

but i was enjoying myself way to much so i decieded to pour it all over my juicy milf ASS

then i sat down and i just had to find out what it would feel like as i poured it over my stiff Clit

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn it felt sooo good

so now i must ask




BigCutie Veelynn – Simple Seduction

March 6, 2013 BCVeelynn 0

BigCutie Veelynn – Simple Seduction

Postby VeeLynn » 18 minutes ago
Hey Guys, Im so happy to announce my first set on BigCuties! My site is now live and open to the public. I am super excited to be debuting on BC, and hope that you'll all head over to check me out! Thanks for all the support and compliments! <3

Sometimes you have to keep it simple. I like to lounge around in my plain cheeky undies, and black bra. No distraction from my soft features. The way my waist cinches slightly before exploding into pillowy hips and thighs. Red hair brushing softly over shoulders that lead into soft fleshy upper arms, pale white orbs held in a black cotton bra. Simple, plain, but beautiful. :)

Peace Out Boy Scouts,

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Wide load~~

March 6, 2013 pearadise 0

So I went to the gym to get in a few squats and my fat ass barely fit on the darn seat.  I did have a camera to catch all the action and updated video and pictures at  I really didn't know exactly how big my ass was until I saw this picture and you can't even tell there is a seat under my huge ass.  So run on over to and check out motion of the ocean.

Bottom heavy beauty Luscious Amazon’s big hips stuffed into tight booty shorts!

March 5, 2013 redhottie 0

We've got a great set of Luscious Amazon featured this week at with the big hipped, pear shaped beauty stuffed into tight pink booty shorts. Luscious struts her stuff and shows off her bulging curves and huge thighs in plenty of enticing poses on and off the bed. Join Redhot Phatgirlz today and don't miss this hot set and video. From plump cuties to supersized beauties, Redhot Phatgirlz is the place to be for quality BBW adult entertainment. Kisses, REDhottie

Desiree Force Feeding Platinum!!!! HOT!

March 5, 2013 VaVaVoomBBWs 0

This week EXCLUSIVELY at Desiree Devine and Platinum Puzzy have decided to see how much they weigh, and the scale doesn't lie!!! But things take a nasty turn when in classic Platinum style, Ms. Puzzy begins teasing Desiree for being so FAT! Bound and Force Fed until she learns her lesson, Platinum will know to praise the SuperSized queen from now on!!! Sexy pics and video!

BigCutie Echo~ Kitchen Cutie

March 5, 2013 BigCutie Echo 0

By now I am sure you all know how much I love to cook and eat. Even though my new kitchen its a bit tight I still love cooking in it. And specially making decadent breakfast with sausages, french toast and eggs. YUMMMM! Have you ever wonder how do I do in the kitchen come see me maneuver my plump body around a tight kitchen. 
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This belly is HUGE!

March 4, 2013 Gaining Gabi 0

Hey All,

This update is all about Gabi and how MASSIVE and HUGE my belly is becoming. It is so big that my upside down heart is no longer the same size on both sides, it's now its bigger on one side then the other. This shot really show just how huge I have become in this journey, stop by to see this set just for yourself.



March 3, 2013 AnnaLynnBBW 0

Damian Rough is a trooper for handling all 62 inches of OILED ass in his face and on his chest, squashing and smothering him! I had a lot of fun making him my ass slave during this shoot full of ass worship, shiny baby oil bootie, and very rough facesitting and chest squashing. I think he almost passed out! If you are into ass worship or squashing, you will fall in LOVE with this update!
Anna Anarchy

Pain &amp; Pleasure… Mistress Devilyn Knows How To Deliver Both

March 2, 2013 redhottie 0

And she makes them beg for more. This poor guy trembled in anticipation, but begged like a good boy, so he got to get down on his knees and worship the mistresse's belly as a reward. With a great 12 minute mini movie that lets you watch Devilyn work her magic with the flogger. Check out for the best in fat fetish action. Whether you like watching a dominant BBW in control, seeing a helpless slave smothered beneath acres of fat ass, or watching a hot BBW stuff herself with fattening food, you'll find it all here. Join today and make your fat fantasies come true. Kisses and licks, REDhottie