~BigCutie MizzPuss in Tubby Telephone~

February 26, 2013 BigCutie MizzPuss 0

Well you do all always tell me that I've got a uniquely sexy voice, with my Aussie accent – so I thought I'd pay tribute to that with this little set, with me being everyone's favorite randy phone-line operator. I slipped into playing this part quite easily, it was a lot of fun getting behind that little desk and squashing that computer chair! And in the video, you get to hear me doing the real thing, getting my sexy telephone manner out there. Enjoy my kittens xXx

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Sasha’s Blue Peek-a-Boo Dress!

February 25, 2013 BigCutieSasha 0

Check out my sexy little blue dress! Soft to the touch and better to pull up to show you my sexy, soft, fat figure underneath. I love giving you a little peek of my my belly hang when I lift my short dress. Exposing my thick and plus creamy white thighs. Enjoy the view even more with my view from below video where you get to see me and my massive belly rolls drop on you from above.

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,


*Big Cutie Bonnie-My Fat Fetish*

February 24, 2013 bigcutiebonnie 0

Hi everyone :)

This is my first, but not my last video where I talk about my fat fetish!
As I rub and grab all my jiggly fat I talk about how much stuffing turns me on, how I fantasize about my huge belly getting even bigger, how much I want to be fed and what I would love to have done to me.
I hope you love me talking about all these sexy naughty things and it turns you on as much as it did me :)



Bonnie x0x0x0x

Big Cutie Vallery ~ Classic Curves

February 24, 2013 BigCutieVallery 0

I just recently got a beautiful new vanity that I love to sit at and make myself all glamorous. It makes my heart so happy to put on my makeup and get all dolled up for you; it makes me feel like I’m an “Old Hollywood” starlet. Watch me as I get pretty for you and pose on my very teeny tiny vanity stool, showing off my full, round, curvy body. To finish off the photoset, I treat myself to a very yummy, decadent desert, to add to my growing curves of course.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fattest of them all?


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Super Savings! New February Combo Clip!

February 24, 2013 ivy 0

I figured I would make a combo clip of 4 of my favorite and best selling clips from the month of February! I've also marked down my immobility fantasy clip with Madalynn! I didn't include it in the clip since I know that not everyone shares in my risqué and taboo fantasy!

The following clips are included in this month's combo clip:

-Nexus & Ivy: Reactions to 9 Years of Weight Gain
-Thin Models React to My Weight
-Nexus & Ivy: Doctor's Office Piggy
-Ivy's Gaining Tips & Tricks

All clips sold separately would cost $26.96, get all 4 in this new combo clip for just $14.99! Madalynn & Ivy: My Immobility fantasy has been marked down to $7.99 from $9.99.

Hope you enjoy!!


BigCutie CaitiDee is a Sexy Seductress!

February 24, 2013 caitidee 0

Man I feel SO SEXY in this teeny tiny lingerie that shows off my big belly like a dream! I bought it from another fatty online a long time ago, but it sat in my closet forever because … well lets face it … it wasn't going to fit! I'm glad I finally dragged it out and struggled into it, though. It was totally worth it!

Find this update and lots more at http://caitidee.bigcuties.com!

Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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Too-Tiny Furniture and more!

February 23, 2013 violet 0

New photos at VioletJames.com!

A special fan sent me this too-tiny retro style chair, and boy was it a tight fit! The arms stretched as my huge ass filled the seat. I was sure it would break underneath my weight! 89 new photos of me stripping down and lounging in the small seat!

Also on my site- Jiggle from Below and Gaining videos!
I love this clip! POV shot of my huge belly, fat ass, and love handles right at eye level as I jiggle, belly slap, and shake in your face!

I love eating to gain…cake, donuts, milk shakes… even thinking about food turns me on! I love my belly so much, it keeps hanging lower and bigger! Every part of my body has gotten fatter. Arms, thighs, ass… I love feeling my body grow! Stepping on the scale to see a bigger number turns me on so much! I love the tight, full feeling after I've stuffed myself.
Watch this sensual gaining chat video to see me show off my plump body and tell you all about my excitement for gaining.

Natalia’s 400 lbs of massive cellulite covered ass is death to balloons!

February 23, 2013 redhottie 0

We've got a great balloon play set this week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com with sexy pear Natalia Tomas. Natalia has lots of fun blowing up and playing with lots of balloons, both big and small, but the real fun is watching her pop them. She crushes them between her hefty thighs, smashes them underneath her huge belly, and explodes them beneath her massive ass. These balloons are no match for her 400 lbs as she bounces up and down on them til they pop beneath her crushing weight. Check out SSBBWs Gone Wild for the best fat fetish fun around with some of the biggest, bawdiest girls on the planet. Kisses and licks, REDhottie

SSBBW with Skinny Girls! TONS of New Clips!!

February 23, 2013 ivy 0

I have been updating my clips4sale store like crazy the past month and have loads of awesome new stuff for you to check out! Some of my favorites involve a few of my skinny girl friends! The size contrast between us is so HOT! All of my clips are now available in MP4, M4V, and MOV! I always recommend MOV as it is the highest quality, but like to provide you with options! Also, almost all of the new clips and many of my old clips are available streaming at my clips4sale live members site for one low price! Here is a preview of few of my most recent clips. Hope you like them!

Madalynn & Ivy: My Immobility Fantasy
I have this very taboo fantasy about becoming a huge immobile fatty. My skinny feeder roommate loved how the extra weight looked on me, so she kept fattening me more and more. Now I'm so big I can't even get out of bed! She tends to my every need, but not without bitching about it! She brings me all the food that I could ever want, bathes me, and even rubs my huge belly for me! I beg for more and more food! This clip is for extreme feeders only.

Nexus & Ivy: Fat vs. Skinny – Compare and Measure
Ivy and her skinny friend Nexus compare their bodies in this clip! Nexus is 5'6 and weighs in at just 135 pounds! Ivy is the same height,  but weighs well over 300 pounds more than her skinny friend! Watch as they measure each others bodies,  discuss the differences in their figures,  and more! 

Ivy's Gaining Tips & Tricks
I frequently get asked about how I've gained so much weight since I started gaining and if I have any tips,  tricks,  or secret weapons that have helped me add over 270 pounds to my chubby body! In this clip I divulge all of my little secrets and tell you all about what I've done to get this huge! Tons of fat chat in this clip! 

Nexus & Ivy: Doctor's Office Piggy
Ivy is such a hungry fatty that she can't help but stuff her face while she waits for her doctor to finally show up. Doctor Nexus catches her in the act and is horrified at Ivy's piggishness! The doctor decides to humiliate Ivy to teach her a lesson,  so she forces Ivy to put on a pig nose and oink like a fat little piggy while teasing me about how huge I am.


Sunshine loves to dance around and undress just for you!!

February 23, 2013 babyraeiskandee 0

www.bbwsunshine.com Hey guys you wanna see me dance around to a great song and watch me jiggle back and fourth as i dance, watch my lovely rolls swinging side to side, watch my dress roll up past my rolls while I dance around and when its gets a lil hot from dancing you get to see what I got on underneath as I take it off for you. www.bbwsunshine.com

Newer, hotter, and fatter ass in this PURPLE PASSION

February 23, 2013 Asshley 0

Well it looks like purple is my new favorite color at www.bigbootyasshley.com.  I just updated a brand new set I took very recently so you can see that I look good in purple no matter the time of year.  Please let me know what you think of the new purple pictures at www.bigbootyasshley.com compared to the less recent purple pictures. I’m sure you will notice how much bigger my ass is now.

BigCutie Cherries – Big Belly Breakfast

February 22, 2013 BigCutieCherries 0

For those that don't know, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. That and dessert, of course! hehe So I decided I'd show you what I've been having for breakfast lately. I now live really close to a bagel shop so I go there and get 2 bagels and then go to the smoothie place next door and get a smoothie too.

It's such a simple yet delicious breakfast that I have to have every day!
I can't seem to get enough, which is why I always go back for more!!

Come check out my video!

And don't forget the BigCuties Blog :)


More Cherries!

Big Cutie Lyla – Sunshine and Spandex ;)

February 22, 2013 BigCutieLyla 0

I know that my body is growing fatter and that many would call me an ssbbw now, so I thought why not show off my rockin' fatty body for everyone to see ;) I love my new spandex and how they make my bottom tummy look so good!! So I thought I would let all my neighbors get a peepshow and take some pics by the window in the sun :) Let me just say that I absolutely love my top too, because it makes the top half of my tummy look sooo fat and sexy, and goes great with my new spandex ;) I think next time I will wanna show off my new attire at the grocery store when I go to pick up even more fattening food for my growing body ;) Until then, enjoy!

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

Luscious Candi shows off her ample, bulging rolls & curves

February 22, 2013 redhottie 0

Don't miss Luscious Candi's latest offering at www.redhotphatgirlz.com as she shows off her ample buttercream curves in sexy blue panties that hug her fat ass like a second skin. We've got lots of great shots in this gallery that accentuate Candi's best bulging features, so why not grab a membership today and see Candi and all our sexy fatties in tons of exclusive photos and videos. It's awesome content of some of the webs hottest fat models, shot by a photographer who knows what big and sexy is all about. At Redhot Phatgirlz, we constantly bring you fresh faces as well as more of your favorites, that's dozens and dozens of girls in weekly updates, for a price that won't break the bank. Kisses, REDhottie

Cookies keep Smitten Kitten happy and busty!

February 21, 2013 redhottie 0

We've got part 2 of Smitten Kitten's cookie eating set this week at www.redhotphatgirlz.com . Smitten Kitten just loves her snacks, and we think they go to all the right places. This update has plenty of super sexy angles and close ups of her enormous tits and soft rolls and folds as she devours the rest of the cookies. Join Redhot Phatgirlz today and see Smitten Kitten and all of her fattygirl friends in some of the web's hottest BBW content. We've got over 70 models, hot photography, weekly updates, and super sexy fatties. It's heaven for fat admirers. Kisses, REDhottie

BigCuties Bonanza–Classic Juicy Jacqulyn update!!

February 20, 2013 BigCuties 0

We've got a great Juicy Jacqulyn update up over at Bonanza!! This one's a little older, but it's really awesome seeing how fat she was then, and knowing she's even fluffier now! She's got a couch full of ballons she's squeezing, squashing, and bouncing on, come check it out!

See this set and many other models over at http://bonanza.bigcuties.com

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Baby Cakes

February 20, 2013 BigCutie BoBerry 0

It's time for me to indulge my massive sweet tooth!!!!!!!!  As you may or may not know, I CRAVE sweet treats. I have a major sweet tooth and just have to give into it every once in a while.  This time I chose to gorge myself on some cute little cupcakes!!  My favorite!!!!!!!  I hope you enjoy this yummy update, I sure did!

<3 BoBerry

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400 lb fatty Natalia Tomas loves to play with her big balloons

February 20, 2013 redhottie 0

This week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com , Natalia is playing with balloons. Big balloons, all kinds of balloons. She blows them up, and has fun bouncing and riding on the big ones, rubbing them on her tits and belly, and smashing them with her hefty thighs. Watch as this bulging beauty uses her massive ass to crush and pop balloons, bouncing on them til she explodes them to oblivion. She even squashes some beneath her bulging belly. It's fun to blow up and play with balloons, and even more fun for her to try and pop them. Join and don't miss Natalia's balloon play in this great new set, and get access to the best variety of fat fetish content on the web at SSBBWs Gone Wild. Kisses and licks, REDhottie

BigCutie Echo~ Voluptuous Valentine

February 20, 2013 BigCutie Echo 0

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!!!

This is my first Valentine's Day set. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it. I hope everyone has found someone to spend it with. This is a day to show the people you some love and care. I hope you guys enjoy this super sexy set.

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Luscious Candi’s big, bulging hips and ample thighs will turn heads

February 20, 2013 redhottie 0

… this week at www.redhotphatgirlz.com . This fat n sexy all american southern girl next door rocks her curves this week in a brand new set. You get to see all her softly dimpled curves as she poses on the bed in her new bra & panties, playing with her tits and soft, squishy belly. Candi's curves have never looked better, and you'll see them only at Redhot Phatgirlz, where we bring you the finest BBW adult entertainment. Massive curves, beautiful girls, fresh faces, and your favorites too, all in exclusive content for thye discriminating fat admirer. Kisses, REDhottie

Mature Blond,with big natural Bush Plumper Sexy Dutch Girl 3 new Clips Up!

February 19, 2013 NurseVicki 0

She Puts Lotion on Her Skin!
Lovely mature Blonde rubs Lotion on her feet ! She talks to the camera when encouraged by he daughter who is filming her! She also rubs lotion on legs arms and hands enjoy this lovely grannie of 78 years of age ! Watch out for her mouth some times dirty things come out She has a funny Sense of humor Thanks for looking!

She Strips from her swimsuit, then stands nude to dig though her suitcase to put on chothing! while you watch!
You get to watch her strip down from her swim suit and prance around in the nude as she figures out what she wants to wear and puts it on as you watch! Enjoy her lovely, mature, but still soft, and beautiful body of this Sexy Granny! Bonus She has a very Long Blond bush for the Hairy pussy lover!

Get them  and the third here and see what else she has for you www.clips4sale.com/store/15308