BigCutie Echo~ SuperSize Shop & Scoot

I love shopping!!! Come join me as I buy all my favorite teats and I scoot around the store. I live to be able to get on the scooter and roam the store. Even though that poor scooter is too small for me. Came and see how much I spill out of the seat!
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Big Cutie Marilyn-Sexy Soaking :)

Hey there! I stayed at this really amazing hotel a couple of weeks ago and they had this crazy tub that was nothing short of amazing! It was huge and shaped like an egg and I loved it. I got to bob around in it like a big fat naked whale as I soaked my soft, blubbery body. It was so great to feel the warm water and the bubbles run down my belly. At the rate I'm going, I imagine that I'll barely fit in huge tubs like this one day. ;)

Cupcakes and Kisses,

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Boob-tastic Growth

I’ve had the same red bra for a couple of years now, and I’ve used in several of my sets for Big Cuties. I recently tried it on for a new set, and realized just how small it’s gotten! Or rather, just how big my boobs have gotten! I’m so excited that I’m starting to see gains in other places beside my big round belly that I just had to share with you my progress. Check out this boob-tastic update that compares how my bra used to fit, and how it doesn’t now!

Caution! Tight Squeeze!

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Big Cutie Margot is a Forest Fatty

Hi guys! It’s finally cooling off outside and I thought it would be fun to get a little fresh air and maybe show off a little. However, the spot I picked to shoot in was not fat friendly! I had to walk up some steep hills and stairs and squeeze in between trees and bushes to get to the clearing! I was exhausted and thankful when I found a log sturdy enough to support my booty. I could hear people all around me which, I admit, only made it more exciting to strip down outside. It’s like the old saying goes… if a fat girl jiggles in the woods and no one’s around to see it, did it actually happen? Well, I made sure to document it for you! :P

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Belly Busting Out & Belly Lotion Up :) or is updated with 50+ photos and a video 4+ minute video!

Belly Busting out!

I told my photographer to make this a set that is focused on my belly! I am lounging about
in a pair of panties and a tank top and later topless eating Chocolate cake! I would like to
add that the panties have a RUN in the belly of them from the tightness and how my belly stretches
these panties! This set is a real treat.

In the video i am lotioning up my belly and breasts and lifting my belly to show you my massive thighs!
There is fat talk in this one. I am getting more comfortable on camera and that is a treat for you and me! :)

Happy Fall !  :-*

BigCuties Bonanza–Amber Lee Update!

Amber Lee is dressed to tease, and we think she looks killer in this barely-there mini skirt! Showing off her little hanging belly, this cutie loves her body, and isn't afraid to show it!

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Floating Fatty

I’ve got plenty of natural, sexy fat buoyancy, but why not add a little more with a float ring. The biggest one I could find and I can barely squeeze anything into it. Want to watch me try? And don’t miss the best part BELOW the waterline! Watch my belly and fat folds bounce and flounce against my thighs.

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Supersized Strip off.

This is what I would call a super sized strip-off.  Come to and watch this huge sexy goddess move about as she waddles down the hallway toward you.  Come see just how far she can walk before the weight of her big body causes her to get naked to cool down. Come to and get in on tons of fun.

POOL VIDEO and picture update

Video update to today of my beautiful body having fun n the sun. Took this video this summer so you will be able to see just how I love to spend my hot summer days. I also added a picture set of me in some new never before seen lingerie. These pictures are new for me too so in this update you are getting the best of both worlds. Video and stills.
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2 handfuls of belly just updated a HD video and picture set of the hotter than ever Jade. In this very graphic video you get to see her play with her big belly and watch it bounce as she picks it up and drops it on the table in front of her. Lots of motion and fun to be seen in this video as she grabs more than 2 handfuls of belly at a time. Don't miss out on this very action packed video.

Delicious Dripping Wet Skinny Dipping in the pool

It was a hot summer day and I was outside shooting smothering fun and I had gotten really hot and decided to get dripping Wet ! So I cooled off in the pool for a nice swim and decided to get completely naked !  I love to swim around nude with all my flesh showing...see more of me stripping down and skinny dipping at

*Big Cutie Bonnie-Tubby & Torn*

I smothered my plump body in lots of oil and jiggled, bounced and shook mounds of my glorious fat and found myself becoming so turned on, seeing jiggling fat and feeling how soft it was against my hands.
I cannot believe how much my own body turns me on, I hope my oil jiggly body turns you on as much as it does me! It's just a shame I didn't have someone to oil my fat body for me ;)

Bonnie x0x0x

BigCutie Stephenie :: POV Feed Me!

I'm being lazy, as usual...sprawled on the couch watching TV in nothing but a skimpy tank top and panties. I've been snacking all day, while I veg out, but you have decided you want to see just how far you can push my limits. When you bring my favorite ice cream from the fridge, I'm more than happy to oblige...eagerly swallowing the monstrous bites you're offering me. The ice cream is so dense and rich, but I do my best to finish the carton off. I can't wait for the next time you stuff my jiggly belly <3

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BIGCUTIEDEMI ~ Bringing Booty Back

Hey guys! How sexy is this leopard dress (on and off)?!? I just love the way my fat thighs peek out the bottom and the way it hugs my growing ass. I wanted to showcase my butt mostly in this set, but before I knew it my belly seemed to be the focus. Best of both worlds!

The highlight of this set for me is the video. I LOVE to dance, as most of you know. So I just had to dance to this fat positive song, and decided to let you in on the show. Grab your popcorn!


<3 Demi

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BIGCUTIEDEMI ~ Bringing Booty Back

Hey guys! How sexy is this leopard dress (on and off)?!? I just love the way my fat thighs peek out the bottom and the way it hugs my growing ass. I wanted to showcase my butt mostly in this set, but before I knew it my belly seemed to be the focus. Best of both worlds!

The highlight of this set for me is the video. I LOVE to dance, as most of you know. So I just had to dance to this fat positive song, and decided to let you in on the show. Grab your popcorn!


<3 Demi

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Big Cutie Lyla – Super-Sized Stripper! ;)

From time to time I like to be really naughty and I have to say this is probably one of my naughtiest sets to date ;) See, the only problem with going to just your regular strip club is all you usually see is skinny girls grinding the pole and busting out I thought it would be oh so sexy if I brought you guys your own personal super sized stripper! ;) In this set I show off my sexy and naughty side while also highlighting all my latest gains and HUGE curves. Watch all of these blubbery sexy rolls of fat get dirty and dancing. You will be begging to get a grab at my huge hanging tummy, and big shakin' booty, so what are you waiting for? ;) Enjoy!

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

Delicious All Wet In Japan.. Wet White Shirt

Hey everybody me and some of my friends from BodaciousXStudios were in Japan recently, at a beautiful spa ! Well I decided to get  Naughty out on our private balcony and get myself all wet with the hot spring water !! Ohhh it felt so nice and warm :)  Whats your favorite thing to see me all wet in ? If you want to see more of this hot sexy update and more of my Deliciousness go to

Nicole and Japanese SSBBW Sara Aikawa!!! FaceSit TOGETHER!!!

I just returned from a 2nd trip to Japan this year and was able to shoot with the amazing Sara Aikawa!  We tortured this poor little Japanese soul with our gigantic asses.  Facesitting, boob smothering and general squashing ensue and he is begging for mercy.  Plus...why not watch just to see our big bodies jiggle all over!!!  It was so much fun and Sara is super sexy and dominating.  See this clip and photos on my website, OR visit!!  Enjoy!!!

BBWFaceHumpers: Plumper Delicious Take On Odette – FaceSitting/Smothering

Us girls at BODaciousX Studios LOVE to torture Odette and the newest update to does not disappoint!  Sexy dominant plumper, Delicious takes advantage of Odette's naked vulnerability as she is expecting a nice massage and instead, experiences facesitting and boob smothering! 

BigCutie Ellie ~ &quot;Billiard Beauty&quot;

There are certain times in life when you walk in a room and automatically know it will be a ball to play in the space.  This room was one of those rooms.  The big red pool table just begged for me to put my super heavy huge belly on it.

Speaking of my big blubbery belly.  I had the most fun ever using it to play a game of pool.  The feeling of the ball cracking up against my skin is amazing.  I find some pretty awesome places to hide the balls and a few other fun things.  You will have to stop by and see all the fun places for yourself.

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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Shiny Homemade Outfit


It's been awhile, but here I am.

Back with a hot sizzling set in my Shiny homemade outfit.

Updated at:

Includes some very revealing shots.

Download the pics for your personal use.

Also, checkout my new Standing Mastubation video.

Sure to get that blood flowing.

Treat yourself to a copy.

Enjoy your day.

Love Cajun Big EZ

Big Cutie Eve is a Tube Top Tubby

I made myself a cute little top, but it might be a little too little. I intended to make this tube top a little short but when I finished I realized that it barely covered my tubby torso. That definitely didn’t stop me from wearing it though, come have a look!

Alexxxis Allure and Vallery Vixen in Kiss With A Fist

Hey guys, it's Alexxxis! I wanted to tell you all about my new set because I know you'll love seeing it as much as I loved making it ;) When you join for just $9.99 you'll enjoy a free weekly webcam show at 6pm PST AND Full Access to all of my high resolution photos and videos. You'll want to have your dick in hand as you watch and wank to my newest update: Kiss with a Fist. The beautiful, blonde Vallery Vixen and I kiss eachother's painted lips as she stokes my pink, wet pussy before she starts to enter me one finger at a time until her whole fist is stretching out my tight, lubed cunt to max capacity! Jack it to 61 sexy photos and 4 mins, 28 seconds of hardcore video before you blow your hot, sticky load ;)

~BigCutie MizzPuss in Black Lace Beauty~

Black lace on luscious white curves! Yeah I know I've probably done it before, but you seriously can't go past the classics! There's something deliciously enticing about the way that fragile lace hugs my boobs and belly so closely. And it complements the creamy softness of my jiggly bits so perfectly too. Speaking of jiggly bits, you will love the video that goes with this set. It's my best boob-play video yet!

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*BigCutie Jae is a Campsite Cutie!*

Summer has come to a close and fall is settling in.
Come join me on one of my last camp-outs of the year.
Take in all the beautiful scenery... the nature is alright too ;)

This update is ONLY available @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM!
Also, my member's only blog is updated: "Ohio Gains!"

<3 Jae

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Butt Drop from Above

This week at or  Me  and Squeaker are at it again!!!  Check out this clip of me standing on the bed  and ddropping my massive ass and belly to completely cover his torso.  The grunts as I land are amazing and you can tell he’s struggling with my full weight on top of him when I put my feet up on his legs.  Come see this AMAZING set of 100 pictures and 2 videos  at or 

Sasha’s Naughty At Night

Lingerie that doesn't stretch is always hit or miss. So it's always a surprise result as to whether it will fit my fat, growing body. This little nightie was no exception to that rule. There was very little room for my big, soft tits and giant hanging belly that they were threatening to bust the seams!  And with more lingerie it ended with me taking it off exposing my goddess like body for you.

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,