Big Cutie Vallery ~ Purple Lingerie Compare

With my 2 Year Anniversary passing in July, I took some time to reflect upon my time as a Big Cutie. Thinking back, I remember taking my first photos that I submitted for consideration to be part of the big sexy women on the site. Luckily, they welcomed me with open arms and have been such a fantastic company to be part of. So I took a look back at those first pictures and was amazed at how much smaller I looked! So I decided to squeeze into the same purple lingerie I wore for the photos to show you just how much my body has changed while being Big Cutie Vallery.

Here’s to another year, and many more pounds!

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This weeks video blog:

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BigCutie Brianna – 1 Year Body Changes! (Gaining Update)

*This is a Gaining Update*
1 Year Body changes
I've been gaining 2 yrs, but in this pretty detailed update, I talk about the last year of gaining specifically.
How it has gone, what changes I've seen on my body, where I've noticed the weight going to, and just little
details about my newly gained body weight. I very much appreciate updates like this, having an overall
candid conversation about everything surrounding my last year of gaining. its always so fascinating to sit
down and really take a look at how much I've put on and accomplished.
Its exciting!
coming up on 550 pounds really soon(my new weigh in should be out fairly soon),
this is something you shouldn't miss!

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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Becoming Violet PART 1!*

Wouldn't it be lovely if there really was such a food that could turn me into a great bouncing fat ball?! Come watch as I imagine myself ballooning uncontrollably and becoming so fat, fat enough that I might just burst!!
Please be aware that this is part 1 of my Violet Beauregarde set, the second part includes the picture morphs and the morphed video :)

Bonnie x0x

Big Cutie Marilyn w/guest Baylee- Sexy Sleepover :)

Baylee and I get a little cuddly on the couch together sharing a big bowl of popcorn. And we both happen to be in our undies ;) We are both blonde fatties that know a thing or two about eating some popcorn and being lazy. Please join us for our sexy sleepover, enjoy!

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Cupcakes and Kisses,

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BigCutie Echo~Supersized Sailor!

I made this sweet little bikini, and I couldn't wait to wear it for you! I had only worn it once before for a Vega's bash. But now I am fully decked out sailor gear, and a refreshing summer cocktail to help beat the heat…Is not summer until you wear a little less and less clothing

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Giving new meaning to SQUASHING / updated a video and pictures of her squashing all kinds of food on this little guys stomach and chest with her bare feet and full weight.  I know you will not be able to watch her step up on this mans chest to crush those bananas and watch them squish between her fat little toes.  Come on over to and enjoy this man get the air shoved right from his lungs.
or updates HD ass shaking VIDEO or updated a hot video of her sexy self strutting around the room shaking her big fat ass for the camera.  You will love watching all this motion so hurry on over to or and enjoy all the shaking you can handle.

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big in Black.

Crystal is back over at in a very sexy outfit of all black.  She doesn't even consider that black may be slenderizing she just struts her hot stuff in this sexy black blouse.  You can tell she feels so sexy as she prances around in this very basic black shirt.  So come over to or and love the sexy Crystal.

Pink Leopard added a hot set of photos of me in this super cute pink leopard outfit.  I am feeling sexy and naughty as I pose for you in all different kinds of poses.  So if you think Im sexy just standing around, then you must come to  and enjoy this pics of me in lots of super cute positions.  Enjoy.

~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Mermaid Princess

Walking along the beach, unbeknownst to you, a mermaid princess magically tranforms her fin into large, luscious human legs, and begins to walk ashore as a human along the rocks - her sclaes now turned into a gorgeous pink bikini...

 You suddenly spot her there on the rocks - looking out, walking along aimlessly, discovering her now fat, plump, delicious human body...

New "Mermaid Princess" photo set up only at!

(See how big I am getting these days?! My goddess!)


~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Mermaid Princess

Walking along the beach, unbeknownst to you, a mermaid princess magically tranforms her fin into large, luscious human legs, and begins to walk ashore as a human along the rocks - her sclaes now turned into a gorgeous pink bikini...

 You suddenly spot her there on the rocks - looking out, walking along aimlessly, discovering her now fat, plump, delicious human body...

New "Mermaid Princess" photo set up only at!

(See how big I am getting these days?! My goddess!)


Big Cutie Lyla – Beam Me Up Fatter! ;)

It is no mystery to all of you that I absolutely love gaining (you can see the sexy results!) ;) It should also probably not be much of a mystery that I am a super nerd... I'm pretty sure I was watching star trek before I was even born lol. Anyway though, it would be a dream of mine that if I ever got beamed up that it first teleported me to a room full of pies, soda, and all sorts of high calorie foods, and everytime I beam up I get out even fatter with another 50 pounds hanging off of my already enormous ssbbw body ;) So check me out as I pose with all my newly gained curves in this latest sexy nerd set. Don't be surprised if I decide to hide some of my props under my tummy, its just too easy now with all that extra tummy hangin ;) I know you will all enjoy these naughty nerdy pics and my full length HD video, so enjoy! :)

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Lyla :) 2 photos from Queen Pears, 181 photo update

You get to see her in a see true yellow night gown cleaning the kitchen. and also a beautiful purple corset with her soft round belly out of the bottom. She looks so beautiful!!

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with love Mercedes New Video &amp; 231 shower &amp; worship Sunshine Pear photos

You will love watching Sunshine Pear in the shower, drying off and having a very lucky man help her oil up and worship her beautiful body. Not to mention all of the jiggling and shaking she does in this sexy video.
It is really awesome!

Thank you so much for looking at my posts

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with love Mercedes

PorcelainBBW ~ Vavavoombbw ~ New House :)

Hey all! I’ve moved to a new house. Glad to be over the hassle of it all and getting quite settled. But don’t worry, all the work of moving has not lost me a single pound, I’m fatter than ever. Turning slowly but surely into a giant fat ball :)

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BigCutie Britt Has Visions of Violet

As you know by now, I just love this tight, fitting blue dress!  It hugs my curves so sweetly and reminds me of one of the most fascinating characters during my childhood, Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.  Whenever I wear this dress I find myself fantasizing about turning into a giant, round, blueberry, just like she did in the film.  Come watch for more...
+New member's exclusive blog post! :)


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BigCutie Echo~Too Pudgy for Pajamas!

I bought this pajamas a log time ago, and I was hoping they would fit since they are pretty stretchy! Check me out as I try my hardest to get them on and over my legs, tummy, and butt all at the same time!

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Sasha’s Cronut Cravings!

My good pal BigCutieRemy told me about these little pieces of heaven called Cronuts and I just about flipped! Today I went to try them for the first time plus grabbed a savory treat to go along with it. Together I had such an amazingly tasty and fatty breakfast for you to feast you eyes upon.


BigCutie Stephenie :: Busting Out

This may be one of my sexiest sets to date! I knew this bra was going to be a struggle to contain all of me but I had NO idea of just how much my expanding body was going to stretch it's limits. I swear I felt it creaking to accommodate me, as I moved my body into different poses. I just knew it was going to snap off at any moment, but somehow it held on! I think next time I'll be sizing up...several times...

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BIGCUTIEDEMI ~ Does This Chair Make My Ass Look Big?

Hey guys! When I saw this chair I thought: Perfect! This is a great chair for my ass to fit in. But when I sat in it, not so much! I was squished so tight in there! I had no room for my thighs to move, and it was even harder trying to get out of it! I decided to take a video of me sitting in it and the lack of movement I had while being stuck in the chair. I sure love my fat ass, but it doesn't like chairs too much hehe


<3 Demi

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Pornstar Jade Rose is Hard at Work in the DXM Garage

Jade Rose is in the DXM garage hard at work. But she's not working on the shinny rims her plump sexy ass is sitting on. No, she's working hard on playing with her big dildo attachment on her impact wrench. Join Jade as she teases and please herself in this ultra sexy set only at

Sasha~ Candy Consumer

I am a savory fan when it comes to food for sure but I have a wicked sweet tooth and when the cravings call I answer! I roamed the candy aisle for my favorites bites to nosh on! A little sweet, some sour and of course chocolate!! I can't get enough of anything made by Reese's! Peanut butter and chocolate combined to fill my fat belly is all I want!

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

Bigcutie Veelynn – Body Show &amp; Tell

It occurred to me that I had never done a body tour on my site before so I thought it was a great opportunity to do a little show and tell with different bits and pieces of my body. Being fat, my body has lots of little quarks and unique pieces. I walk you through head to toe; showing you how my body has changed as I've gotten heavier, where the fat goes first and how its changed my figure. Of course I'd never forget to add in a bit of sensual belly play at the end for you.

I hope you enjoy a more detailed look at the way I see my body.

Peace Out Boy Scouts,

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BigCutie Ellie &quot;Purple Plumper&quot;

I love getting all dressed up and going out for the day and I just love wearing purple.  It can be quite the struggle to get ready for the day when you are this  plump. No matter how hard I try my huge belly does not like to be covered up and loves peaking out the bottom of my dresses.

I like these grey teggings but man are they a struggle to get into! I shimmie and shake my way into them though, man I am fat. I love the way my belly flops and jiggles when I try to squeeze it into little things like these little pink panties.  I think they are a bit small.  What do you think???

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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BigCutie Belle 54LL in MAXimum Stretch!

Not only is Belle's bra stretched to its limits in this update, but this busty babe thought she'd try some exercises, and see if her flexibility was what it used to be, come on over and see for yourself!

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*BigCutie Aspen is a Fat Cheetah!*

Do you know how sexy a blazer could make a woman feel? It’s even sexier when you’re close to popping the button on it! Cheetah print makes you feel even sexier, makes me feel like a big, fierce, juicy babe! Felt so sexy during this shoot! Slowly getting even sexier, waiting to set my belly pop that button of mine  ;)

* This set was one of the first i shot! Please compare to the Student Body set to see how much i've grown in the past few months  *

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