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Big Cutie Holly ~ Skin Tight Snow Show


So now that spring is here and summer is on it’s way, I wanted to say a fond farewell to my favourite season, winter. And what better way to do that than to do a sexy, snowy set out in the snow?

I really do enjoy the winter months, wrapping up warm, drinking hot cocoa, longer nights, winter boots, but most of all I LOVE the snow, I get so excited and just want to go out and play… so come join me.

Holly <3

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BC CaitiDee in Double the Denim with guest BC Leah!

Leah and I had a blast hanging out in Vegas recently… We ate and sat by the pool and drank and danced all night! We also squeezed into some shorts and posed for you. ;) Cupcakes were had by all!

Find this update and lots more at! Be sure to visit Leah's site for exclusive solo photos of her gorgeous self at!

Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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Inflation Transformation

I am so tired of my skinny roommate, Whitney giving me a hard time for being fat. She has a bad attitude & it's high time she learned her lesson, so I am going to forward her this email, knowing that once she says the magical words "Huff, Puff Blow Me Up" 3 times she will begin to blow up & inflate like a balloon until she is huge and swollen just like me. Check out this and my MANY upcoming clips with my BBW & skinny girlfriends at!

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BigCutie Echo~ Chubby Bunny Challenge

Have you heard of the Chubby Bunny Challenge!!!You take giant marshmallows and stuff them in your mouth, and say ‘chubby bunny’ after each one…you see how many you can fit in your mouth and still say it!
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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Vallery’s Adventures in Cupcake Land

I’ve travelled down the rabbit whole and ended up in an amazing bedroom set up for a tea party with LOTS of delicious cupcakes! Seems the Mad Hatter is nowhere to be found, and I just can’t wait to crawl into bed and stuff myself silly with these adorably sugary treats! Being a curious chubby blonde girl never worked out better!

Curiouser and curiouser….

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BigCutie Brianna- The Fat Outdoors!

This day, I went on a very tiring hike at my closest state park. Went into an old cabin with small doorways
and windows, which of course I squeezed my body into a few just so you could see how huge I am.
I traipsed around, stopping every few minutes to take a breather. I was very out of breath from even the
slowest hiking. Maybe this set should be called "Out of Breath Outdoors" because damn, was this
fatty out of breath!  ;);)
The video out with this set is a cool one, you get to watch as I walk across a suspension bridge. and it shakes
quite abit under my weight!! ::)

Don't worry, I enjoyed some yummy fast food after. Chik-Fil-A to be exact, and if you've gone there,
you know each of their meals have ALOT of calories in them.

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BigCutie Veelynn – Berry Beautiful

I have a pretty strong addiction to raspberries. Like 9 times out of 10 you'll find me drinking raspberry tea, or raspberry smoothie, and let's be honest, the whipped cream just makes it astronomically delicious. So I put on a tight but beautiful set of skivvies and show off my love of those cute little berries. They are almost as juicy as my ass. (Cheesy, but I just had too lol) However, every inch of me is looking quite luscious in this update! Between spraying whipped cream in my mouth (and other places ;P) and eating raspberries sensually off my fingertips, there is plenty to feast your eyes on in this set!

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Large in Leopard

These leopard pants are 2-3 sizes too small, but a lot of stretch goes a long way. Don’t miss out on my chorus of seam popping as I try to wiggle them on past the tight waist band!

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BigCutie Kelly has A Shake a Day…

Have you ever wondered how I managed to go from a skinny little plumper when I first started modeling to right on the threshold between BBW and SSBBW? I'll let you in on a little trick of mine, super high calorie milkshakes at least twice a week on top of my day to day grazing on delicious meals and snacks! I'll even tell you my recipe on my site ;)

Fatter and Happier,

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Weighty Workout

Even though I'm very large I like to stay active. I like to go on adventures, hikes, and explore the world around me. In this video you can watch how I stay so mobile. Watch my ass bounce and jiggle as I workout in my living room. I grunt, squeal, and sweat. Could you imagine seeing a girl like me in your local gym? Do you think that you could keep from staring? Well now you don't have to. :)

<3 BoBerry
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Weighty Workout

Even though I'm very large I like to stay active. I like to go on adventures, hikes, and explore the world around me. In this video you can watch how I stay so mobile. Watch my ass bounce and jiggle as I workout in my living room. I grunt, squeal, and sweat. Could you imagine seeing a girl like me in your local gym? Do you think that you could keep from staring? Well now you don't have to. :)

<3 BoBerry
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BigCutie Stephenie :: Not-very-thin Mints

I scouted out a plate full of chocolate covered chocolate cookies! Mint and peanut butter ones...and a cup of yummy whole milk to wash it down :) Towards the end of the plate, I'm much more full than I anticipated. This fatty's eyes were bigger than her stomach, figuratively of course, and I had to let out several burps and massage my stretched gut to down the rest of the plate. But I was victorious!

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Porcelain Fox ~ Belly Games

I’m dressed in a clingy pink top, some too small underwear and some knee high white stockings. The great thing about wearing tight clothing is how it exhibits my fat’s gorgeous shape.

In the vid you’ll really see my flubber fly as I vigorously bounce it and rest it over the back of a chair. I love playing with my fat if you couldn't already tell!

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Big Cutie Clementine *Bellybration!!!!*

It's a BELLYBRATION!!! which is kind of like a celebration... but all about my belly :P This set is belly-centric and so so soft!!!! I get super comfy on my old velvet chair, and strip down for you to see me in all my glory!

My favorite part of this set is that it was taken back in November... and OHHH MY GOODNESS I have gained a ton of weight since then!!! You can tell how much smaller my tummy and thighs are and my face has become SOOOO chubby!!!!

Come join me? I'll see you soon!
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Big Cutie Margot in Fat Floats!

Hey there! I’m so excited for you to join me for one of my favorite activities! I love swimming! Actually… I really just love being in the water. Floating around, letting my fat hang out in the pool. This butt is buoyant! When I noticed the hotel I was staying at had a heated indoor pool, I couldn’t stay away. I sneakily flash my belly rolls while people work out in the “fitness center” nearby and squeeze through the tiny ladder. I had so much fun filming this!

Come take a dip at, and visit the free BC blog at!


P.S. I'm sorry about the audio isn't as good as it could be, the echo in the pool area made it a bit off. I hope you still enjoy! :)
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Asshley Simply Stunning in Pj’s or   Come join me in bed as I show off my sweet little pj's. These pj's , or more likely my huge ass and big fluffy thighs in the pj's, will have you seeing stars. Come on over to check out this set and many others. I promise my beautiful pear figure will have you over the moon!!!! or
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BigMommaKat Chair Squash or  In this set I really take control and show this tiny little slave who's boss.  I'm  mean and really lay into this little guy when he's not obedient or just can't take what I'm  dishing out. See this set with pics and 2 videos of complete domination, face sitting,  and squashing.  All my videos are now playable on iOS  & Android!!!! or
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Mistress Coco Belly Smothers

Mistress Coco has put on her tight black pleather dress and is feeling especially dominate today. And lucky for her pathetic sub, she plans to show him just how much control she has over him using her big fat belly. Watch as Mistress Coco shoves her slave's head intro her round gut, only letting him breath when she allows him to.
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Luscious Luna Takes a Ride on Bobby on the Couch

Bobby's Back!!! Bobby has missed Luna and he's reaping the rewards that huge chunk of time brings. Rewards in this case are added poundage to push him further past his limits. Luna welcome's Bobby back gently by letting him relax on the nice cushioned couch. Ha Ha that's not gonna help much!! Doesn't take long before Bobby is whining like a sissy. Come on Bobby just enjoy the massive body on top of you!!! Come inside and see Luna use her massive body to squash, smash and bounce him into surrendering. Plenty of new rolls and jiggling to feast your eyes on while Bobby suffers.  http://

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Big Cutie Summer is a Good Girl Gone Glam!

Hey everyone :) I love this update, because it implies I was once a good girl ;)  Everyone knows by now that I love being naughty! Or were you fooled?! Maybe you need to spend more time with me at and see how naughty I can get.

This sexy spread is just the beginning of the giant collection of pictures and videos. You should really check out all the different views of my giant hanging belly apron, and super wide hips and derriere!



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Gainer Raven in a string bikini at the beach!

Now that the weathers warm I'm ready to hit the beach! I'm not gonna let Officer McFit keep me from showing off my belly and my curves! I love catching people staring at me in my gold bikini as I proudly bask in the sun and play in the water.
log onto and enjoy this video and picture set :)

Dont forget every Tuesday and Saturday at 330pm is my Members only live webcam show! its free with your membership! Hang out with me chat ask questions watch me stuff and play with my belly and sooo much more :)
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