BigCuties Bonanza–Daisy Update!

We've got another fun Daisy update for you over at Bonanza!! She's got a long day planned, and is bringing you along! Help her jiggle into these jeans, and watch her try to stuff her fat butt down this little kiddie slide!

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BigCuties Bonanza–Daisy Update!

We've got another fun Daisy update for you over at Bonanza!! She's got a long day planned, and is bringing you along! Help her jiggle into these jeans, and watch her try to stuff her fat butt down this little kiddie slide!

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Big Cutie Eve in Morning Light

Ever wonder what it’s like to wake up next to me with the morning light streaming all over my big fat body? Wanna know how much space I take up in a queen sized bed? Want the added bonus of a video that gets VERY up close and personal with my massive booty? Then you should come have a look.

BigCutie Britt’s Maxi-mum Capacity!

Hey ;) Since you know how much I love tight dresses that emphasize my curves, I decided to jiggle into this ultra-tight and see-through maxi dress.  With my curves exposing themselves in every which way, I feel as though I have reached maximum capacity... in this dress anyway.  ;)
 + a new blog post to enjoy!! :)


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Alexxxis Allure gets a New Toy

Alexxxis just got her very first Hitachi and can't wait to try it out! In a tight white tshirt and hot pink heels, she teases and fucks her plump, wet pussy until she comes hard all over her new toy and the floor. Enjoy this tasty morsel and tons of other videos and photo sets in full HD for just $9.99 at

Big Cutie Margot’s Cookie Cravings!

Hi loves! I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate chip cookies. I had the day off, so I decided to let myself indulge in some gooey, warm, freshly baked cookies. Even though I am an excellent eater, I’m not the best at cooking or baking hehe, so I need your encouragement!

Come hang out with me in my short shorts while I try my best at baking some instant cookies! They weren’t perfect, but they were still yummy! I loved eating a big stack of them, gooey and warm fresh from the oven, washed down with cool delicious milk. The best part of eating cookies and milk is the belly rub that comes after, hehe.

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Tube Top Tubby w/Big Cutie Summer

Tube Top Tubby w/Big Cutie Summer

Oof, what a weekend. I was partying it up big time with my bff. So glad I have today to recover. It's actually the end of the day for most people, but I spent all day just lounging in bed falling in and out of sleep while suckling a giant bottle of water in hopes of hydration being the therapy I needed, hah! Eventually though I had to get up and act human. My belly was growling and so it was time for the fooding to begin. I ate so much last night though, that I'm sure I won't need much to be satisfied... maybe just a couple sandwiches, hehe.


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Big Cutie Lyla – Big Burrito Binge! ;)

If you guys haven't been able to tell already... I love to eat, and I love to overstuff myself to the extreme. It is how I have gotten as fat, huge, and flabby as I am today ;) So I decided to get myself a MEGA breakfast burrito and devour it in a video showing off my most recent gains (which you can definitely tell I've packed on some more rolls and pounds). I may get slightly turned on too as the food is devoured and makes its way into my huge belly... I just can't help it and I don't know if I can ever stop stuffing myself or gaining. I feel so naughty! Get in on all the action in the full 8+ minute HD video. I know you guys will all enjoy, and throw some encouragement my way, I love it ;)

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Lyla :)

Toni Tails Fantasy "Witchy Woman"

NEW UPDATE!!!!!!! Woo hoo "Witchy-Woman" see how high she flies. Woo-hoo "Witchy Woman" she's got the moon in her eyes (done in my best singing voice). But you won't care about that when you see the stunning Toni Tails Fantasy in her newest set of 52 photos. Come see this and all her sets at

New GAINER on the scene1

Hey there! Im Raven,
im new to the site! so i figured i introduce myself and say a few words about me :)

Im a Model on cam/photos and videos! im one of the newest Diamond X Dolls for DiamondXMedia!
im also a Gainer im working on packing on the pounds to get a fluffy tum and getting a plump rump :) Im 26 years old and i currently reside is sunny southern California!
Anywho, ive got my website launching very soon soo ill be posting updates and pictures and what not.. So look out for all that!
You can see lots of great stuff and other updates on my twitter @RavenTripleX

BigCutie Stephenie :: Fattiversary

I can't believe I've already been back for a year! Celebrating by digging my chubby fingers into a fluffy, pink cake was one of the best ideas I've had in a long while. I'll admit I was somewhat apprehensive about eating with my hands...but once I grabbed a couple fistfuls I realized how very efficient it is. I may have gotten a little carried away because by the time I was done, my hair, boobs and belly were coveredddd in crumbs. Not to mention the frosting all over my fingers...but that was pretty easy to remedy ;) Happy Fattiversary to me!

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*BigCutie Jae in Too Tiny Furniture*

You all should know by now, my body is not too kind to furniture.
This dining room set is no exception.
I hardly can fit on one chair comfortably to enjoy a large meal....
...might as well use two!

Is it too tiny furniture or just my HUGE ass?

This update is ONLY available @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM!

<3 Jae

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Gaining My Stripes!

So many growing and gaining curves and they’re all accentuated in black and white chubby chevrons and hefty horizontal hues. Join me for some tiny dress stretching and squeezing while I finish off with a belly and body lotion massage.

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Sasha~ Growing Girl

I found my old corset I wore in a set when I first started modeling for BigCuties and what else would I do but take comparison photos! First of all I barely got into this sucker. I had to open up the back so much more, pull, tug and jiggle around just to get it "on". Well as you can see in some of the pictures I have long since grown out of it. I hope you love the side by sides to show you just how my nicely my body has filled out. Enjoy :)

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

BigCutie Miley: Supersized Souvenir

If you saw my last update, you will remember my story about going into the pastry shop and showing everyone just how greedy one girl can be.  I wanted a way to remember how great of a trip I had but didn't want to buy normal souvenirs like the rest of my friends. I wanted to put a little Miley twist on it. The only way to properly show your appreciation for such a great vacation is to leave with a few extra pounds, that will be proudly shown off forever! So this update is all about showing me in my gluttonous glory, eating all those dense and decadent pastries and parading a proud stuffed belly :)

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Eliza Allure Teaches Vallery to Trample

Goddess Eliza has a pathetic sub that loves to have her trample all over his weak pathetic body, and she can't wait to show Vallery how much he loves to be crushed by big fat girls. These two sexy BBWs own him by jumping, butt dropping, crushing, and trampling him in heels. This sub is going to be sorry he agreed to be underneath these two massive beauties. See the rest of this session at

~BigCutie MizzPuss in The Jeans Jiggle~

I FOUND JEANS THAT FIT ME! (well kinda fit me – They are ridiculously super tight) One thing that the super mega mc fats struggle with is finding jeans that fit. I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in years. At least 120KGS/265 pounds ago. They are the biggest size pants I could find. A size 48 Long. Even though they have stretch in them, I still completely struggle to get them on, they are so tight I can barely breathe. But damn it, I just look so sexy in them, so pop over to my site and watch me struggle and do the jeans jiggle trying to squish all my fats in them. xXx

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Big Cutie Leah is a Bedtime Beauty

I am such a lazy fatty! My favorite time of day, after meal times of course, is bedtime. I love getting to wear cute pjs (or nothing at all) and stretching out, rubbing all of my fat, listening to soft music, and sleeping. And my bed is so comfy thanks to all the pillows and the fluffy comforter that I have such a difficult time leaving it each morning. The only thing that could make bedtime even better is if you were here to cuddle with me!

xoxo Leah

Duchess Before and After Stay with Vallery WEIGH IN

Duchess has come to stay with Vallery for a few days, and Vallery has some BIG food plans for the two of them. So Vallery decides to weigh Duchess when she first gets to Vallery's house to see what her starting point is. Then 3 days later, Vallery and Duchess are back to discuss all their amazing eats and splurges, and Duchess weighs again to see if Vallery;s influence has made an impact on Duchess' weight. Did Duchess gain? And if so, how much do you think she did?

Multiple Updates..Pie Eating Fatty.Lounging Around etc. or is updated with 40 pictures and a video of me on the stairs.
unfortunately i don't have many stairs at my house but i went up and down a few times. Lots of struggle
going on!! I was lounging around on my couch watching t.v and was feeling fat and sexy so this photo set
was born :) I have on sexy black panties and my Superwoman Shirt wih white socks! If you guys have any
photo/video requests at all feel more than welcome to send them to my email at

I also Updated my Clips4sale store with a new video today Called Pie Eating FATTY!
Do you like to see a fat girl getting even fatter by stuffing her fat face with decadent desserts?
Well this is the clip for you! I am sitting up on the bed filling my face with fried pies and pop.
This is a really sexy video !!

You can find my Clips4sale store here :

Thanks you guys and i hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving!!

Lots of jumping up and down

Crystal thinks she is not big enough to be a squasher but in this newest update at she really make a huge effort to make this man feel punished and beg for mercy.  Come over to www.bigfatchics and watch as she bounce, jumps, falls and really does him the only way she can with lots of fun and pressure. 

Brutal FACESITTING VIDEO just updated a video and some photos of me really bouncing on this little guys face.  You will love the way my body ripples as I climb up on his face and chest and listen to him beg for mercy.  So if you love to see a big woman in control and a little man totally at my mercy them you must come over to and enjoy this HD Video.  You will not be able to catch your breath....

Leopard with extra spots… or dimples?? just updated some very sexy pictures of me in this colorful leopard set.  I know if you're not careful you may mistake one of my sexy dimples for a big cat spot.  I loved wearing this outfit and posing for you so you can compare my big wide ass to my tiny waist and then my big tits.  This set really shows off my dimension with dots.

come see me at..

Nixx is Dark &amp; Sexy!! Update 437!!

Surprisingly this isn't a Halloween set! lol I just thought it would be a nice little dark, eerie set, but with a twist of Sexy too!!  Be sure to Cum Join My Site TODAY to see what all I have in store for you!! xoxoxoxo

Oiled Up Ass Shake with Becki Butterfly and Kinky Kendal

Becki Butterfly and Kinky Kendal are known for their epic asses, and when they met for the first time, they couldn't wait to oil up each other's rumps. These thick hotties shake their shiny bubble butts just to tease you. This video offers front and above views as well as slow motion, to see every single ripple of their fat asses.

Sweet &amp; Sassy in Frills &amp; Bows or www.  updated with a retro set of me looking sweet and sassy in my frills and bows.  The sweet only gets sweeter as I sit my big luscious ass  on a tiny chair that barely holds me and shake it just for you.  I save the best for last when I give you just a tease  and pull my panties down showing you all of my sweet ass. 

Jenni Bombshell &quot;Let’s get Physical&quot;

NEW UPDATE!!!!!!! Let's get physical, physical. I want to get physical, let's get into physical. Let me hear your body talk. (All sang in my bet Olivia Newton-John voice). Jenni Bombshell is getting physical in her new set of 52 photos and 1 video. Check out all of her sets at

Introducing Scottish Belly Girl, Little-Miss-Eat-A-Lot

Join sexy newcomer, red-headed minx, Little-Miss-Eat-A-Lot this week in hot photos & video as she measures her thick round belly, chubby arms, legs & so much more. Join Little-Miss-Eat-A-Lot and all of our sexy BBW & SSBBW pin-ups from around the globe in one FAT members area, bursting at the seams with sexiness... ONLY at!


As you can see my tits are so huge! I love to show them off in a sexy bra.. I also love to explore different fetishes :) you can check out the preview here but if you'd like to join so you can see a photo of the toys I currently have at my disposal and see my feet, fishnets, whips and paddles as I show them off. Visit me at -- Like pearls? I even play with those on my tits.

Vallery Hands Feeds Gainer RavenTripleX

Raven just loves Vallery's belly and wants hers to be just as big. So lucky for her, Vallery is showing her how she keeps her curvy figure and the key to her weight gain, yummy Hostess snack cakes! She hand feeds Raven while rubbing her belly to make sure every calorie works it's way to Raven's growing tummy.

Big Cutie Marilyn-Body Suit Babe :)

You may have seen BigCutie Miley wearing this body suit in our set together, but in this one I thought I would give it a shot. It's actually quite snug and I have already ripped a hole in it. It definitely makes me feel like a fat babe. I think I sense a future comparison in this when I get some more pounds on these hips ;)

Cupcakes and Kisses,
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BigCutie Brianna- Bigger &amp; Better In Blue!

"Who can resist a girl who's belly goes all the way to her knees when sitting
down?" said Brianna as she pondered her next meal.

Anyways, a lovely fan bought me this cute little blue lingerie, in hopes I would soon outgrow it.
That was a year ago, and I finally got to using it in a set. And it was ALOT tighter
than I remember. With how my gaining has been going, just a few more pounds
to go and I expect his wishes will come true. - and may all your sexy SSBBW dreams
come true with me in this outfit too

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First Time Fat Play

Nadia volunteered to give me a much needed massage. I was really looking forward to a nice relaxing rub down, but she ended up a little distracted. She had never touched a body as fat as mine and she was fascinated by how it felt, looked and moved. My massage ended up being more of a jiggle session than a relaxing treat. I wasn’t complaining though, it was so fun to have my body explored by someone who had never experienced anything like it before. I felt so beautifully fat!
<3 BoBerry
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Carmella Bombshell: BOOTY SHORTS!!!!!!

Hello my Darlings!!! <3

Carmella Bombshell in my hot new set "BOOTY SHORTS!!!!!!!" Would you like to see how far my booty shorts up north?! Join today as a NEW/RECURRING member! See you in the wild.... MUAH !!!! ^_^


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Vallery and RavenTripleX Body Compare and Weigh In

Adorable gainer RavenTripleX has joined Vallery to compare their body size and growing bellies. Raven just loves Vallery"s big belly and can't wait until her's gets just as big. Each take turns weighing themselves to see how much more Raven has to go to get to Vallery's size. Then they decide to weight together, and Raven hops onto Vallery's back to weigh together as one person. Vallery then decides to put Raven into her arms and tries weigh the two of them together to see if they way more that way.