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BigCutie Britt is a MultitASSker!

Hey! ;) I really know how to multitASSk. I mean, I can lay down, eat, AND rub my belly all at the same time.  That's a hard day's work right there for a big girl like myself! ;) Start March off right and come play!
 + a new member's blog entry with recent naughty selfies!


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Porcelain Fox ~ Casual Cutie

Here is me dressed in some casual wear. This outfit really shows off my curves (or should I say big bulging mounds of fat?) Wouldn’t it be great to see more fatties dressed like this in the street?

I love relaxing and what better way to chill than beers and nachos? I always crave big portions and I tend to add extras to make it fit for a gainer!

(video out tuesday)

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Mystic Rose – Big Ass, Little Stool or  I just love to show off  how enormous my ass is!!!  This week I show you my full round hips and my very thick thighs have this fabric stretched as far as it will go without tearing.  See me  sitting on a very tiny stool just to show you how large my ass is. I'm surprised the poor little thing didn't break.  My site is now iOS and Android compatible!!!! or

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Kimmy Crush – Sofa Squashing or  Can he get enough?  I don't think he will ever get enough of my fat ass on his face.  I love the noise he makes when I come down on him. His grunts and groans make me want to bounce harder.  Come see me squash my friend under my 500lb ass.  My site is now iOS and Android compatible which means you can see my over 3000 pics and 45 videos no matter where you are!!! or

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Rainy Day Romp

It’s been windy and rainy all day, but finally there is a little sun for me to go romp and play on this semi secluded hillside up in the Hollywood Hills. Join me for a windy climb up a steep and narrow rocky staircase cut into the hillside? It’s quite a struggle as I try to balance my chubby body and not be blown over by the wind!

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Big Cutie Leah’s Burger Binge

I love cheeseburgers and consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur since I have spent quite some time sampling Five Guys, Smashburger, Fuddruckers, and more, and I have to say the best burger I've ever had is my good old So Cal In n Out. Nothing beats an animal style cheeseburger, animal fries, and a Neapolitan shake! Come to and watch me devour my favorite burger meal and rub my big stuffed belly.
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*BigCutie Jae is Burpin’ in Blue*

For me, burping is a sure sign of being super stuffed and full...
but it's also fun to fill up on fizzy, bubbly blueberry pop!
I had so much fun downing this delicious drink and letting out some massive belches as I relaxed
and rubbed my double belly. Hehe!

This update is ONLY available @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM!

<3 Jae

P.S. The member's only blog is updated! I need your Qs!

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BigCutie Kelly is a Voyeur Vixen!

Wouldn't you love to be the lucky guy who stood staring at me from the hotel parking lot as I shot this set? How would you react to seeing all my rolls and cellulite straining the limits of my lace nightie? Would you pull your phone out and start recording as my big soft belly spilled over my painted on lace panties and my butt swallowed them up in the back? I'd love that because I'll let you in on a little secret, aside from feederism my other favorite kink is voyeurism. So I'd love it if you gawked at and recorded my big pillowy body without knowing you're there.

Come take a peep at

Be sure to drop me a line with any feedback and suggestions at - I'd love to hear from you! :)

And keep an eye on all the beautiful BigCuties on our blog

Fatter and Happier,
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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Hippo In The Shower*

This is a long overdue set of me prancing practically naked like a fat, sexy hippo in the shower.  The hottest thing for me (other than the shower!) was knowing how small my massive body made the bath appear, but I assure you it's not a borrowers bath!
I'm just really that fat! ;)
I soap my fat arse and belly, allowing the hot steamy water to glide over all my delicious rolls as I giggle, wiggle and jiggle everything for both yours and my own enjoyment!

Bonnie x0x
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Eliza Allure and friends join Gainer Raven in the shower!

Gainer Raven is enjoying a nice relaxing shower when Eliza and some of her other fatty friends decide to mess with her! Eliza knows that Raven is working on her gaining and want to show her a little encouragement 'Frienemy" style with some good ol fashioned hazing! the girls shake and and jiggle all of Raven Growing body parts and squish her against the wall! They tell her she hasnt gotten enough rolls to wash or belly to clean thats shes only wasting water with her small body and that she needs to get bigger before wasting time taking long hot showers! she should be spent her spare time eating and gaining weight!

log onto RAVENTRIPLEX.COM and watch this sexy clip of Raven, Eliza and their fatty friends in this Shower hazing clip!

Dont forget to join me every Tuesday at 330pm (ca time) for my live stuffing show! Its free for all members!
Not a member yet? its never too late to join memberships start off at $9.99 with over 500+ pictures, 20+ videos and every previous live stuffing show for you to enjoy whats not to love!
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Vallery and RavenTripleX Jiggle Each Other’s Belly!

Raven loves Vallery's big belly so much, she wants to see what it would be like if her belly was the size of hers. So Raven stands behind Vallery and lifts, drops and jiggles her massive gut to see how heavy and soft it is. Vallery is curious to see what kind of progress Raven has made, so the two switch spots and Vallery gives Raven's growing belly a good squeeze and grab and can't believe how much bigger it has gotten!
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Blog Update: BigCutie Kelly in the Big Beautiful Game

I just updated my members' blog with a flashback clip I used to have on my clips4sale. In honor of the World Cup last summer I squeezed myself into an Italy kit and chugged around a public park. I also took some cute photos with the video but never really had a place to put them until I got my BigCuties blog. Now, exclusively on my blog you can see a couple of pics and the full clip where I attempt to play soccer for the first time since putting on 100 lbs.

Check out all my blog entries at

And keep an eye on the BigCuties blog to see all of us cute fat girls :)

Fatter and happier,

Kelly <3
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~BigCutie MizzPuss is a HAPPY FATTY~

Today I have just been lounging around, relaxing, listening to music and enjoying my belly. I just love the way it’s so constricted in these pants. The way they fill up at the front and I get the cutest muffin top. How I have to lift it up to close my wobbly thighs. It makes me happy. So happy that when the ‘happy’ song came on the radio, I had to immediately get up and dance. And oh my! You should see this ass in those pants when I start dancing! It looks damn good! Even if I do say so myself :)

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ I Dream of Donuts

I just LOVE donuts! And when I found this awesome donut sweatshirt, I just knew I had to have it. But one cannot wear a donut sweatshirt without being surrounded in donuts right? Lucky for me, I had a feeder send me 2 dozen donuts for me to stuff my belly with and I couldn’t have been happier being engulfed in all that fried sugary goodness! Join me in my bed full of donuts for this deliciously tasty set!

Dreaming of Donuts,

PS- Did you know that I post a video blog every Friday just for my members? By being a member to my site you not only have access to over 100 sexy sets, but tons of awesome video blog updates too! Now you get EVEN more sexy fatty fun on my site!

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FAT Chat: F.A.Q.’s

Time for another fat chat! In this video I answer a bunch of the most frequently asked questions submitted to me by fans. Have you ever wondered if I've broken furniture? Or if I get noticed in public? I talk all about that and more in this video. Check it out. :)

P.S. This is a video update, but I also took a few pictures too, please enjoy!

<3 BoBerry
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FAT Chat: F.A.Q.’s

Time for another fat chat! In this video I answer a bunch of the most frequently asked questions submitted to me by fans. Have you ever wondered if I've broken furniture? Or if I get noticed in public? I talk all about that and more in this video. Check it out. :)

P.S. This is a video update, but I also took a few pictures too, please enjoy!

<3 BoBerry
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My Weigh! Shocking new Weigh-in!

To be very honest, I wasn't expecting to see much result from the scale this time. Gaining is so much work once you get to my (huge) size, and it wasn't so long ago that I weighed. I was hoping for a pound or two. But I did much better than that, and 600 is VERY close! Come see for yourself! This update and about 200 pounds of progress and photos over 160 sets are available only on my site!

And keep track of all of the BC girls at!
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Sasha &amp; BeccaBae~ Foodee On The Loose!

The Fat Foodie is on the loose! I grabbed all I could to stuff myself silly with only to be caught by the chubbiest cop in the game, Beccabae! As part of my punishment for stealing all of these delicious treats she forces me to eat them! But what kind of fatty would she be if she didn’t take a bit for herself as well!

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

Be sure to check out Beccabae's site to see even more goodies from this set at :)

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BigCuties Bonanza-SuperMishe Update!!

We are so excited to have another update for you from SuperMishe!! This pillowy blonde beauty is back and getting ready to cuddle up in bed with a movie, she was wondering if you'd like to join her, there's juuuust enough room left for you!

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BigCutie Miley: Topless Tease!

I'm sure its no surprise now how much I love to tease, especially because it's so easy to be a little playful when you are as doe-eyed as me! People always comment on how nice and innocent I look but you know better than that. I got an amazing lace shirt to go out in and I'm more than daring enough to wear it without a camisole underneath. I'm tired of people calling me a thick girl just because of how big my hips and thighs are, tonight I want them to know that I'm a proud fatty. Waistband under back rolls and all :p How could you resist showing off how fat you've gotten this spoiled brat?

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