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BigCutie Stephenie :: Simply Steph

I do love getting dolled up with hair and makeup and cute clothes...but most of the time I'm sitting around in something comfy. In this case, boy shorts and a thin t-shirt. Getting up and actually getting dressed just seemed like a lot of calorie burning that I wasn't ready to commit to.

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Big Cutie Summer is Sitting Pretty

Well... Who wouldn't need a break from all of that waddling last update?! Don't worry though, even

though I sit on my tushy a lot, I also make sure to get up and give it a shake ;) Shimmy on over to and see me Sitting Pretty!


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BigCutie Britt is Heading Back to Gainsville!

Hello! It has been YEARS since I have measured my body! Years!  It was time.  I truly could not believe the changes over the past years.  Especially to my fat booty...! Come find out why weighing myself wasn't even necessary in this updated measuring set! My body has certainly shifted over the years, that's for sure... hehe ;)
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Big Cutie Holly in Stuffed to the Max

Hey all :)

One of my favourite restaurants has started doing oversized versions of some of my favourite cakes, and when I saw this delicious looking éclair, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

So come watch as I stuff this creamy, chocolaty treat into my already full belly. Will I be able to finish it all? Come find out ;) x

Holly <3


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Big Cutie Trysta~ Massive in a Mini

This dress fit just a few short months ago, but now it might be just a little too small! Either way, I love how it hugs all my rounded curves. What do you think?

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BigCutie Veelynn – Squeezed in a Subaru

If you've been following my blog you'll know I got a car of my own, and while I do fit in it, I was curious to see just how squished I could get in my little car. The answer is very! My belly even envelopes part of the steering wheel. I cant wait to go cruising around this summer in my cut off jeans and the windows down. I love listening to music and driving around town.
So come see me try and squish all of my glorious curves in this too tight and tiny car situation. :)

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Big Cutie Eve in Delicious Decadance

I threw a cupcake party for some friends recently. Being the consummate hostess I had to make sure the cupcakes were actually tasty before I served them. Of course, it wouldn’t be real quality control unless I sampled a bunch of different flavors, right? Come see which one was my favorite.
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BigCutie Kelly gets Steamy! in the Hot Tub

I recently got to take a mini-vacation to a cute little mountain resort I've been visiting for years. One of my favorite things to do when I'm here is lounge in the hot tub as the snow falls. This time I'm doing that lounging in my newest, skimpiest bikini that's sure to heat things up. Why don't you come take a dip with me at ;)

Fatter and Happier,

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Jack in the Box Breakfast Stuffing

The breakfast stuffings continue and this time it’s Jack in the Box. I’ve ordered up a couple bags full of food and I’m so excited to dig in! Come join me for my next fast food breakfast adventure in this delicious new video update as I stuff my fat belly just for you!

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BigCutie Miley’s Burger Binge!

When I saw there was a new burger joint that had opened up in town, I was inspired to give it a proper welcome! I ordered a meal as greedy and indulgent as me ready to give my review. I could really tell just how much I've been growing and how much I'm fattening up because even though the last few bites made me feel like I was meant to burst, I felt insatiable. When you are a growing girl, it's important to push your limits and this update highlights gluttony at it's finest.

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Christal Rides face in sexy black leggings  I just can't get enough of the face sitting and squashing! I love to feel him struggling for breath between my big thick thighs. I think my ass looks so sexy in this set with my black tights and boots. His head between my legs and my ass bouncing as I ride his face looks pretty good too! Come on over to and check out this sexy set!

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Kimmy Crush Punishes Bad Boy or   Come see what happens when I've had enough of your smart mouth! I teach my traveling companion a lesson he won't soon forget about getting on my nerves. See me trick him into thinking I'm going to give him a face sitting treat and then switch to butt drops and chest bouncing. I love the moan and groan and the straining of the poor little sofa springs as I punish him under my big fat ass! or

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Big Cutie Marilyn- Exercise… not so much ;)

Hey there! So in this set, I tried my standard workout that I'm used to but haven't tried since I gained a little more weight. As you'll see, I completely fail at any physical activity (unless eating delicious snacks is a physical activity? hehe). So join me as I showcase exactly that in this video update. I tried to get more interesting angles and as you can see, I definitely could not last a long. It looks like it's a good time to give up on this exercise business, haha!! :)

Cupcakes and Kisses,

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BigMommaKat &amp; The Candy Theif or  After a long day I love to treat myself! In this set you can see me relaxing and enjoying some of my favorite chocolate treats. My big soft belly is a great place to keep my candy but it's not safe from candy the candy thief! Come see this set and see who stole the fat girls candy! or
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Porcelain Fox ~ Princess Porcelain

In the photos you will see me being cute and excited about the video I was about to do. Because this weeks video is a 25 minute feast. A delicious selection of yummy foods I like to eat. I truly stuff to my limit so you won’t want to miss out !!!!

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BigCutie Brianna- Fat Jeans: Now &amp; Then

In this update, I compare my boyfriends jeans, my high school jeans and my jeans that i currently wear. There's such a huge size difference between them all. I've really just gotten so huge since high school, and I love showing you the results. I try on my current jeans, and i *try* to slip on my boyfriends jeans and can't even pull them up past my knees.
This is a very sexy video, and really showcases my growth and how fat I truly am!

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BigCutieBrianna: Tight Doorway.. Revisited!

Watch me squeeze and struggle my way through the tiniest doorway in my house. :) It's a mighty tight squeeze!
I love squeezing into small spaces, it reminds me of how huge I've gotten ;)

My first doorway squeeze set was a hit with my site members, so don't miss this one!

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Big Cutie Summer, Waddling Weigh In

Big Cutie Summer, Waddling Weigh In

I believe the title says it all, lol. A lot of people ask me for current weight. It had been a little while since I

"hopped" onto the scale. Come over to and see where the number


Oh yeah, I added some extra waddling in for another request. Hope you all enjoy the extra effort I took

for some waddling after the weigh in. It was super wiggly!


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Fat By The Foot

I haven’t done a measurements set in a while, so I thought it was time for an update. I’ve definitely grown larger lately, but which parts of my body have had the biggest change? The most interesting part of this set is how different my measurements are when I’m sitting vs. standing, especially my waist and my hips. Major Difference... and it’s amazing! Join me in discovering my most currents stats. :)

<3 BoBerry
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Sasha~ Skin Tight &amp; Bright

Feeling like a sexy fat babe in this bright pink ultra tight vinyl piece. I love how the fabric feels and hugs against my curves, pulling them in as my body tries to burst free from it’s grips. Everything is tightly held in place on top while my bulging belly hangs free fully exposed to be caressed and touched.

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

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***BigCutie MizzPuss in ASS of mass destruction!***

Nothing pisses me off more than Fat shaming! And when my little brother decides he wants to tease me about being a huge fat ass, I get his favourite remote control car and I show him just how much of huge lard ass I am! I get the ultimate revenge and use my mega fats to totally crush his favourite collectible. Maybe he'll think twice about teasing me in future!

P.S. This is a video update, but I did manage to get some bonus photos too. Please enjoy!

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Big Cutie Margot in Au Natural!

Hi guys! I wanted to do a special set for you where I’m “all natural”. In just a tank top and thong, I spread out in bed, comfy on a rainy day! What makes it even better is that my ass is looking fatter than ever :P I even keep my face natural and make-up free for you so it’s like we get to wake up and spend the day together. So come cuddle and wake up with me… you might find it hard to get out of bed! ;)

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BigCutie Britt is a Mega Mesh Babe!

Hey there! I just love wearing tight one pieces that merge my fat into one big, giant ball!  In this mesh suit, you get quite the peekaboo at nearly every inch of my body.  I feel so sexy when I wear this outfit, come see what I'm talking about ... ;)
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Comparison Set! Public Peekaboo 2!

My original Public Peekaboo is one of my favorite sets ever. I love baring my fat belly and massive legs by slyly pulling up the hem of a dress, and doing it with the chance of being caught by unsuspecting strangers makes it even more thrilling. I'm quite a bit fatter now, too, so I felt even more daring out there. Come by and check out how I've grown (with those 12 sets of side-by-side compares) and watch me bare my belly and thighs out in the sun!

This and over 165 more photo sets and videos spanning 7 years and nearly 200 pounds can be seen exclusively at!

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Big Cutie Clementine *Lakeside Cutie*

Nothing's better than a day by the lake with your favorite fat babe! I put on my tightest,  whitest jeans, and my cutest button up for you and we make our way out to the lake! My jeans show off my big booty and my chunky thighs beautifully as I make my way down to the water and the clothes start to come off!

Come join me! I'll see you soon!
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