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Lil ms eats a lot takes a steamy shower!

ome see my body in all its glory this week as I shower just for you, see me glisten with soap suds and water ;) I don't hold back as I scrub every inch of my fat body in these 53 photos and one hot video only at

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Food Catch Up Fat Chat with Vallery and RavenTripleX

Wanna know what Vallery and Raven have been eating lately? Listen to these two gainers talk about what their recent indulgences have been as well as what they stuffed themselves with over the holidays. You'll know exactly what these two fatties have been doing to put on all their extra pounds.

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Bed Bouncing Fatty Christal is enjoying herself as she bounces on the bed. See how her double rolled belly rolls and jiggles with every movement. Her big hanging tits flop up and down with each bounce. You’ll love her big meaty arms and the all-around view that shows every inch of her soft curves.   Now iOS  &  Android compatible so you can enjoy your favorite big fat chics wherever you go!!

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Asshley in red high heels or  Looking devilishly sexy in my barely there red and black lace panty set. See all my voluptuous curves while I pose for you. I’m showing off my huge ass and super thick thighs dimpled with cellulite. You’ll love that my panties just don’t cover my big creamy ass at all as I bend over the sofa. All my videos are now iOS and Android compatible!!!! That means you can see my over 19,000 pictures and videos anywhere you go!!!! or

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Kat Squashes Herman for 16 minutes – Does he pass out? or Today I updated with a set of me squashing Herman on the sofa frame. I drop my massive body down on him with nothing to cushion him and sit until he struggles for breath and almost passes out. Just when he’s had enough I begin to bounce my 600lb frame on him.  Herman really struggles during this 16 minute video of my ass brutally assaulting his face.   All my videos are now playable on iOS  & Android!!!! or

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Kimmy Crush – Handling Buisness or  What’s my favorite thing to do after working hard?  Stripping down for you of course!!! This week after handling business I sit back and strip down to my bra and panties. See me rubbing and jiggling my massive all natural tits and my huge hanging belly.  This update contains pictures & 2 videos!!! My site is now iOS and Android compatible which means you can get your Kimmy fix no matter where you are!!! or

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Nixx "Orange You Glad I used a Banana! Update 449

Nixx says "Orange you GLAD I used a Banana!!"!!  Wearing nothing but my apron and heels I decided to make myself a smoothie, but those bananas looked too tempting!  Cum Join My Site Today and watch as I teach you how to properly use a banana for all of its health benefits!!  xoxoxoxo

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BigCuties Bonanza–Luli Update!!

Luli is ready for the winter weather!! She's all decked out in her sweater, socks and hat, and she's ready for some cuddling and couch surfing! We love how playful this chunky cutie is, she's always ready for a fun time!

See this set, and many other models, over at

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Vallery and RavenTripleX Weigh in at the Doctors

It's the start of 2015 and Raven and Vallery want to get the most accurate weigh in they can to know their starting point for the year. Who has a more accurate sale then the doctor's office? Join Raven and Vallery as they each weigh separately and then together on the high capacity scale.
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~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Lazy Girl

Sometimes all I want to do is just lay in bed, watch TV, and snack away as I happily stuff my face and spend a day eating and relaxing like a princess. ^_^

New "Lazy Girl" eating photo set with 87 photos, and a 5 minute video up only at!

And don't forget to check out the new clips added to the Plump Princess Clips4Sale store:

Courtney <3

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*BigCutie Jae is a Porky Patriot!*

Being that I live in New England now...
I gotta show my love for the Pats!
"Deflate-gate" was a thing of the past...
INFLATE-gate is what's up!

Come join me for the BIG game only @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM!

<3 Jae

P.S. The member's only blog is updated as well!

Follow me on Twitter | @BIGCUTIEJAE
See more BigCuties | BIGCUTIES.COM/BLOG

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Meet ME- Big Cutie Clementine!

My site at Clementine.BigCuties.Com has opened and I'm so excited to get to know all of you!!!
In my first set you'll get to see my bubbly personality and get a good peak at my fat physique while I lounge at home.
There will be plenty more where this came from and I'm excited to share all of it with you!!!
Make sure  you check out for all the Big Cuties news and updates!

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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Way, Weigh Better*

Finally a set I know you have all been waiting for!
Can you believe how much fatter I am now in comparison to when i first joined BC at  a tiny 190lbs?!
It's incredible how much I have grown!
I am like a great, big, fat rose that needs constant feeding in order to grow much bigger and more beautiful!
Perhaps I will do another weigh in set, in a few months and hopefully be even bigger than I am now! :D

Bonnie x0x0x
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StarStruckFox – Lusty in lace

Hey there! Hope your day goes fabulous  ;)

I have a brand new update over at that I think you'll really love..if you love fat girls in sexy lace outfits that is  :-*  I've had 3 new photo sets and 1 older photo set added recently so there's SO much for you to look at. Content includes two weekly updates as well as archive sets, blog additions and webcam shows <3 Star  ;D

Rather have your choice of 788 clips and sales? or
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BigCutie Britt brings you Up-To-Weight!

 Hey you!  Let's talk about the fact that I have been modeling for five years and there has been some serious changes that my body has grown through during that time.  The way my body has shifted, changed, and evolved over the years is quite intriguing to me.  And I love watching as it continues to grow and shift in the future! ;)  Immobility? That topic just may come up... take a peek.
 + a new blog post on my member's-exclusive blog!


Don't forget to check out the blog! Free, super sexy content that keeps you up-to-weight! ;)
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Sexy Delicious Outdoor Pictures &amp; Daytime Facesitting Odette’s Tiny Face Video

See me with my Deliciousness outdoors in my tight pink spandex get nice and naked...and feel like reading a Magazine and use little Odette's face to sit on as I read Odette's Fetish Article In Hustler Magazine Oct 2014 that I was featured in :) Time for some day time facesitting !! See sexy pictures and smashing videos at

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BigCutie Veelynn Invites You!

Hey guys! If you haven't checked out my site recently there has been some great content going up, and I have some great stuff on deck! I've recently done an awesome group set with Beccabae & Sasha, I did my very first weigh in video which had quite interesting results, as well as an awesome compare of my very first set!

My blog also has some great content like webcam photos, updates about my life, and much more! I just posted a mini set of photos of me eating at one of my favorite restaurants! So I am inviting you to come check out my site and hopefully you will love what you see!

February is going to be a great month of updates, I hope to see you there!

Much loves,

My Site:
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Vallery and RavenTripleX Are Belly Buddies!

Vallery and Raven seem to store all their extra pounds in their big round bellies. And the two fatties love each other's bellies as much as they love their very own. Watch as they sensually rub, kiss and caress each other's bellies, making sure to pay special attention to their ever deepening belly buttons with some fingering and licking.

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Grand Opening: 100% POV Action

Ever wondered what it would be like to be with your favorite BBW? Now's your chance to get squashed,play with your favorite belly & have your every desire fulfilled at the NEW! All of our photos and videos are shot in POV, from tight angles, so you can genuinely experience every inch, curve and pound our sexy BBWs & SSBBWs have to offer!!!

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New Hire Nixx!! Update 448!!

New Hire Nixx!!  So I went for this interview the other day.  I thought it was a little weird that the guy had me doing the interview at his house, but I figured he must have his reasons.  As soon as we sat down and I started going over my experience I saw he was staring at my chest.  Before I knew it he was sizing up every part of me.  I couldn't help myself and I had to do some Dick-tation right there on the spot.  And you guessed it..I was hired immediately!!!  Cum Join My Site Today!! xoxoxoxo
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BigCutie CaitiDee ~ Totally Tight!

These screenshots don't do justice to the struggle that is putting on tights as a fatty. For that, you'll have to see the 12+ minute video yourself. But I still do love how fluffy and adorable I look in this preview. :)

Find this update and lots more at!

Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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