New Kitty in town….

 New to the community and looking for all types of fun....Don't be shy, just ask if you wanna know something or need to see something special. I like to do pics/vids & cam shows by myself or with my guy (bdsm is kinda our thing but love it all!)  I also love to hear comments on my content and get hot reading PM's/emails! Gimme a meow if you wanna get to know Kinky Kitty!	

Wiggles, Jiggles & Waves

 I got the opportunity to work with an amazing photographer while on vacation and after a shoot I was super hot. Summer is disappearing quickly and I will take any chance offered for a swim! I love wearing my beautiful new bikini.  I love the way my fat squishy jibbs look in it.

It is a super hot day and the water feels so nice. It cools me off as I jump in.  The water makes me feel weightless and it is so easy to jump and lift my belly in the water.  Normally lifting my gigantic belly is really hard because it weighs so much so I am fascinated with the way I can wiggle it.

We had to pull out the under water camera for this one.  That was not the only thing I pulled out.  I freed my fabulous superfats too and gave you all a full view of the amazing motion that a belly this huge can provide under the water.  The view is epic and I bounce and jiggle and wiggle making huge waves with my huge belly! It is magical and awesome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, I just love my fats!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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Big Cutie Eve in Slow Motion Magic

I was watching my all my fat jiggle in my Look At Her Butt video and I noticed that my hips flapped back and forth like wings. I slowed it down to see if that’s really how they moved and my jiggles turned to undulations. Totally mesmerizing. I knew you guys just had to see it so here’s a little bonus update for you!

*Big Cutie Bonnie-Pizza Pigout*

I was such a greedy piggy in this set, I completely gorged on a massive stuffed crust pizza from Domino's. Not only did it taste amazing
but as my belly began to become stuffed I started feeling very excited. I loved how huge the tights made my belly look and feel,
one of the sexiest things to do after stuffing is to compare the after stuffing belly in the mirror, for me that is the hottest thing I can do!

SSBBW Fatasha Eating and Lounging About!

2 Videos and 33 pictures were updated to or today!

Sub N Cupcakes Part 2
In this 10 minute video that goes with Sub N Cupcakes Part 1 i finish my gorging on my foot long sub and
cupcakes! I rub my belly and show you my huge rolly arms in this video. It is a keeper!

Pizza Piggy
In this 12 minute video i gorge on Papa John's pizza and rub my belly! I am sure you will love this one!

In this 33 picture photo set i am just lounging about modeling a pretty pink flowered lingerie set for you.
This one is definitely for the belly and thigh lovers!

Black, red and leopard!

looking hotter than ever in this very feminine yet dirty red and black leopard baby-doll nighty is the sexy picture set I just updated to  I felt so sexy and naughty while I was taking these pictures it was hard to stay focused on the camera.  Come  to and check it out for yourself.  A real treat for your eyes.

Fat in Fishnets

do these fishnets make me look fat??  I loved putting on these very sexy fishnets and prance around the room.  I want you to come over to and love this update as much as I loves posing in them. These fishnets fit me like a glove and Im sure once you see this hot sexy video you will agree that Im looking hotter and fatter than ever.

Kimmy Crush as the Green Goblin updated a video and a picture set of her looking sexy and adorable in this big green bra.  She is showing off her biggest assets like never before.  She loves showing off her big breasts for your viewing pleasure. Hurry on over to and enjoy this big hot body.

BigCutieSasha~ Piggy’s Pinhole Dress

All my skinny girlfriends have super cute dresses and I wanted one myself but never could find something to fit my enormous body just how I wanted it to. So I made this really tight and perfectly form fitting pinhole dress. You can see all my plush rolls thru the holes and if you get close enough my fat pushed out of the holes a bit! I love it so much! My body is just trying to burst out of it!

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

Alexxxis Allure Gives a Sultry Strip Tease

It’s Frisky Friday and we are celebrating with a BRAND NEW update at Diamond X Media. @alexxxisallure treats us to a sultry strip tease with a Sin City feel. Her serious curves coupled with that milk skin and red lips makes us feel pretty sinful! See the full video now at

SSBBW Nicole Full Weight Squashes Tiny Natalie Storm

You guys have been questioning whether I full weight squash...well, now I PROVE it.  I walk into a room to receive my massage and little Natalie Storm is lying on the massage table.  This is no plushy massage table, it has a very thin layer of padding on hard wood!!  So no cushion for her little body AT ALL.  Instead of allowing her to leave the room, I crush her tiny body, specifically her chest and stomach with my massive ass.  Sitting full weight.... by feet completely off the floor and sitting up straight.  I will NOT have my sadistic nature questioned!!!  I may look sweet and innocent, but I definitely have a MEAN streak!

Here's a little preview of the video...

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BBWFaceHumpers – 2 NEW Videos – 4 SEXY BBW!!! has had TWO new updates in the last week and they are some HOT ones.

The first one features Eliza Allure and Delicious facesitting, chestsitting and boob smothering our new girl toy, Natalie Storm!  They show her absolutely no mercy and it's super sexy with all of the luscious bare breasts and booties bared!

Next, Vallery Vixen and Alexxxis Allure punish tiny little Odette by smothering her with boobs, belly and booty on top of full weight squashing her!!!  So fun to torture our little friend.

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BigCutie Britt in Pamper & Play!

Oof! Hey there.  These jeans are so tight, my belly is bulging over the top unable to be contained.  Come watch as I show you just how tight these clothes have gotten on me recently! ;)

Enjoy a new member's blog with a video clip of me in my hot tub, too!


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Bigcutie Echo ~ How I Roll

The bigger I get the sexier I get. But I also have some funny struggles. Like rolling on my bed or having to rock back and forth until I can get unto my back. Come see some of my day to day struggles. ^_^

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~BigCutie MizzPuss is a Cupcake Cutie~

CUPCAKES!!!! They make me so happy! I love to hold them and smell them and eat them! Oh how delectable they are. They certainly make me one very happy fatty.I also love to smoosh them, get messy and go wild! (Which I certainly do in this set) The video accompaniment is particularly filthy! But that just makes it more fun. Bon Appétit!

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BigCutie Miley’s Gain Plan

With how much you all have seen me gain, it's not any surprise that I have outgrown most of my clothes. I fully anticipated expanding my wardrobe and did some online shopping for some new jeans! I got a size larger than I had previously worn, thinking that I might be able to grow a little into them. I end up having to bounce, jiggle and wiggle to get into my new pair of shorts..but it's nothing compared to the shorts I was wearing last summer and in one of my first sets 'Sassy Sprinkles.' I will also be talking about my journey so far, my thoughts and feelings on hitting my goal and letting you all know if this fairy tale will be coming to an end anytime soon...

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Big Cutie Margot’s First Weigh-In!

Hi everyone! I was so excited to finally replace the scale that broke during my move from NYC to Western PA! The last few months, I’ve been greedier and lazier than ever! My insatiable appetite was really starting to show as I’ve been having to size up in some of my favorite clothes - I’ve grown out of everything to my best jeans to my bathing suit top! I knew it was time to finally get on that scale and find out what exactly I weigh. I’m a little off in my estimate, and VERY pleasantly surprised! I think you’ll be as excited as I am when you see the number on that scale!

This video is up now at, AND, don't forget to check my blog... I've just added 10 photos of me trying on and showing off some new favorite clothes just for you all! (Hit up while you're at it!)

I hope you enjoy, I'm happy to have you all on this exciting journey with me, yay!

xoxo margot

Bigcutie Veelynn – Beauty in Blue

I've been treating myself lately and I recently bought this gorgeous floral bedspread and sexy lingerie set. I honestly was so stoked to do a set with both and show off some blue hues to hopefully spark some racy red hot thoughts. Hehe. I think this soft and romantic set will get you right in the heartstrings. I can only aspire to be more alluring to your eye and therefore more vexing to your heart. I think I certainly am a beauty in blue.

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BigCutie CaitiDee’s Ivory and Lace!

This dress could not possibly be any tighter. There's no stretch whatsoever. I thought I could make it work, and I soooo wanted to, for a wedding themed party next year, but I just don't know!! What do you think? ;)

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Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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Nixx got Legs! Update 424!!

I always get a ton of fans sending me emails & letters about their favorite things about me.  I would have to say the # 1 compliment I get from my fans is they love my Legs & Butt.  So this set is dedicated to all my Leg & Butt fans out there.  Cum Join MY Site TODAY!!  xoxoxoxo

Day Trippin’ w/ Big Cutie Summer

Come with me on another one of my impromptu adventures! Some days the road just calls to you and you say... what the heck! Let's squish into that car and take to the open road. Having an awesome dairy bar to stop at and a holiday barbecue to attend certainly helped get the motor running.. well, mine anyway ;)

Come for a ride with me over at & maybe you can have a cone too!


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*ITS FINALLY HERE* BigCutie Brianna~Summertime Weigh-In!!

Need I say more! I have been gaining for 2 &1/2 years and I started out around 420 pounds. My first goal was 500, which i hit August, 2013 And now I'm coming up on my 2nd major goal of 550 pounds!  :)
Come see how close I am.. (You can tell how excited I am in the still shots of this video update!!)
And we'll totally be celebrating 550 and do I hear 600?! Together in the future.  ;)

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The ONLY place to find my current weight.
Cheers to a fatter future!  ;)

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BigCutieAspen – Bubble Bath!

I love it when I get the chance to relax and just soak all my fatty rolls. Nothing better than a nice warm bath to relax in. I have to say the best feeling is when I finally sit in the tub and watch it overflow, which means my booty is getting too big for it! Just love seeing my belly stick out from the water, so much fun playing with it in the tub with all those bubbles! I enjoyed every minute of it! ;D

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Mod and Massive

I’m showing off my mod custom monokini with plenty of fat friendly cutouts. Come hang out with me poolside for a waddle and a dunk. It’s a long walk around this pool so there is plenty of time to watch every wiggle as I waddle around and struggle in and out of the pool.

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BigCutie Stephenie :: Small Hallway, Big Cutie

I love wearing this top! When I got it, it fit normally...but I think it might have shrunk a bit ;) It only covers a little more than a bra would, at this point and it absolutely refuses to attempt at covering my huge, pillowy arms. But that's okay...they enjoy being free, anyhow. And not that you can even tell that I have any on, in the preview, but my poor panties are holding on for dear life. At least I look cute, right?

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Alexxxis Allure in Self Slap

I love having my big, round ass spanked- but sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Watch my spank, slap, and jiggle my ass, tits, and huge tummy in  my newest update- Self Slap. Become a member for just $9.99 and see this and all my other sexy sets now ;)

Alexxxis Allure in Self Slap

I love having my big, round ass spanked- but sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Watch my spank, slap, and jiggle my ass, tits, and huge tummy in  my newest update- Self Slap. Become a member for just $9.99 and see this and all my other sexy sets now ;)

Alexxxis Allure in Self Slap

I love having my big, round ass spanked- but sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Watch my spank, slap, and jiggle my ass, tits, and huge tummy in  my newest update- Self Slap. Become a member for just $9.99 and see this and all my other sexy sets now ;)

Big Cutie Lyla – Measuring My Growth And Gains! ;)

Here it is guys! The moment a lot of you have probably been waiting for... updated measurements on my gain... and the results are quite stunning ;) I have definitely been a naughty piggy and plan on continuing to be one. Check out how big this ssbbw has gotten with all of my latest measurements, HD video, and sexy nearly nude pics showing off my journey and my gain :) Compare this to my older measurement sets (I believe there are at least 3 of them) and I am almost positive your eyes (and maybe some other parts ;) ) will not believe the difference. I know that it gets me turned on thinking about how much I've gained and nothing gets me going more than bigger numbers, more fat, and bigger rolls ;) You do not want to miss this goddess' most recent update! Enjoy!

Check out this fat gaining, fat-filled update:

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

Big Cutie Vallery ~ Cheesecake Chubbies

I recently went on a wine tasting tour with my two best BBW friends, Phoenixxx and Alexxxis, in beautiful Southern California. We were treated to a limo bus ride from a fan (how lucky are we?!), and he wanted to make sure we had an amazing time. While looking through the fully stocked coolers, we discovered he had loaded up on several yummy treats, a cheesecake platter included. We stopped off and enjoyed the cheesecake and the view of the vineyards, stuffing each other’s faces and rubbing our bellies to make sure all those calories worked into are our growing tummies! We had such a blast and I’m so glad we got it all caught on camera!

Won’t you come help us enjoy ourselves?

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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Tubby in Tiny Clothes!*

I found some teeny tiny clothes once again and am struggling breathlessly into them, while I grab and jiggle my squidgy body and talk about my past skinny days and how sexy I find my ever expanding body! I find all my extra flab so much more sexy nowadays and hope you do too!
(BTW the stripes outfit was my favourite because it made me look like a big fat zebra!!!!) :D


BigCutie Ellie and BigCutie BoBerry are "Mesh Friends"

This Summer I had the pleasure of being able to hang out with the beautiful BoBerry and we had so very much fun on our girls nite in. The two of us cuddled up on the couch to catch up on life and how much has changed for us in the past year. 

Somehow we got on the topic of our bodies and how much we love them so, we had to pull out the camera for some fat chat and body comparisons.  We both carry our fats in very different ways.  My belly hangs so low and is full and heavy. Her fats are more spread out in all the places and I think she has the most perfect  body ever!!! 

Come on over and get a sneak peek inside our evening where anything goes.  So many fat grabs and laughs!!! It was a night to never forget!!  I had no clue how much she loved my huge jiggly belly!! I almost died laughing when she grabbed the belly and blew some giant raspberries on it!!! There is nothing like that feeling! I miss her so much! I love that cutie!
Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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