Big Cutie Vallery ~ Cookie Cravings

Ever hear of root beer float cookies? Me either, until I saw them on the shelf at my local store. At first I was a little hesitant as I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the idea of a root beer float flavored cookie. But I figured I’d give them a try, grabbed the mix and frosting and headed back to my kitchen to whip up a batch. Join me for a super sexy and interestingly sweet set that you are for sure to love, root beer flavor lover or not.

Did I mention I love to bake in my bra and panties?

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This weeks video blog:

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Bulging beauty Rose lets it all hang out at Redhot Phatgirlz

Rose does her nails & shows off her curves in this sexy set at . We just love Rose's ample thighs and soft, squishy double belly. Plenty of shots in this set for the ass men and big boob lovers too, and you even get shots with Rose's soft, wrinkled soles as she paints her toenails. Don't miss the 7.5 min video in our members area. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

BigCutie Aspen is SQUASHING!

 didn’t notice how big I am until after seeing the photos to compare! I love that little me could still cover so much on a man. Couldn’t tell you how much I enjoy being on top, feeling so powerful as my belly crushes him while he struggles to breathe! Think you can handle all this cutie on while she’s on top?

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What a view! Shawna Blu’s massive cellulite covered ass and bulging rolls

Don't miss megapear Shawna Blu's latest set at where she rocks her newest bikini for summer. This is a don't miss set for ass lovers, with lots of amazing POV angles of her enormous cellulite covered ass and giant hips. So join today and don't miss a single fat filled update! From pear shaped beauties to college cuties, we put the fat in your fantasies. Kisses, REDhottie

**Big Cutie Bonnie-Stuck & Swollen Butterball**

Remember my 'stuck under the table' set from last year? ;)
I wanted to wait months for me to get fatter before re-attempting this set in the hope that I will get even more stuck and become unable to release myself because of my fat rolls! I wanted to struggle like a dirty old bug, wiggling and wobbling!
I think you all will be very pleased and excited by the outcome of this sexy new set!

Bonnie x0x0x

Crystal loves her fried chicken.

there is nothing hotter than a super fat girl stuffing her face with some yummy fried chicken @  In this newest update of VIDEO and pictures, Crystal squeezes her big fat ass into this tiny office chair while she gorges herself on fried chicken.  So if you love to see a big woman eat while trying to stay comfortable in a chair that is WAY too small, come to and ENJOY

Love potion 100" updated a hot new photo set of  that sweet sexy ass as the center of the Universe. My fat dimply ass is so hot in these photos you will think you have been put under my spell.  My 100 inches of sweet love potion will surely put you in the mood for love.  So if you love to focus on a big fat ass, then come to to a little taste of some sweet medicine


New pear shaped domme Livy LaRue reddens Pagan’s lily white ass with a spanking!

Livy Larue loves being in control at . That's ok with Pagan Goddess, who has a submissive side, and loves some discipline and a good spanking. Pagan had been such a good girl lately that Livy decided to give her a good spanking as a reward. Great set with 2 mega curvy ssbbws, and an awesome 12.5 minute mini movie where you get to watch Livy dole out some pain and pleasure with her crop, and her hand. For the best in fat fetish content, SSBBWs Gone Wild is the place to be. We've got everything from eating, stuffing, and belly fetish, to girl on girl, bbw domination, facesitting, and more. So if you want to see the biggest, baddest girls around, you'll find them here. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

Hot Hot pink… updated

Just added for you is a retro update to for you to come on over and enjoy.  I love how dam HOT I look in HOT pink.  I think my boobs have gotten a lot bigger since these pictures were taken. So come on over to and compare these retro tits to the huge current one.  You will love the change.

Gargantuan Giantess Update:!

EGAD! It's an attack of the 50 Ft. Devilyn this week in an insane new photoset and HUGELY entertaining Giantess Video that is sure to leave you feeling like you've experienced a force of nature! These  tiny little weak men don't stand a  chance against Devilyn's huge feet, belly, hands or appetite, EXCLUSIVELY at!

Rose paints her toenails…just look at those chubby bbw feet

We've posted part 2 of Rose's Ravishing in Red gallery this week at . You get to watch curvy, big hipped Rose paint her toenails as she gets ready to go out. Lots of chubby foot pics for bbw foot lovers, and also plenty of great POV angles of Rose's big, soft, double belly and amazing tits. So join today and get the entire set & video, plus see all our other bbws & ssbbws under one roof. It's your bbw dreams come true. Kisses, REDhottie

Sasha~ Supersize Sweetness

I felt so sexy with just the right amount of tight clothes on while playing in bed. A see-thru top and matching panties.... surely a hit in the sexy department, right? ;) Giving you a full view of my plump alabaster skin as my top belly noticeably grows larger. All in all, I'd say that it sums up as some definitely supersized sweetness! :)

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

New pear shaped domme at SSBBWs Gone Wild loves discipline!

Meet Livy LaRue this week at . This pear shaped beauty is a dominant girl, and it just so happens that when she met Pagan Goddess, and learned what a good girl Pagan had been lately, she decided to give her a reward in the form of a sound spanking. But that's ok, Pagan dosen't mind a little pain, and loves to be spanked, so she was eager to please the mistress and be disciplined herself. Livy reddens Pagan's lily white ass in a 12 minute mini movie, first with a crop, and then with her hand. Check out all the fat fetish fun with the biggest, bawdiest girls on the net when you join. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

Big Cutie Margot is a glutton for punishment

Now that we’re better acquainted, I wanted to share one of my biggest fantasies with you. I want you to imagine that you’re on the other end of these photos. Here’s the situation: We’re getting ready to go to a party at our friend’s house, and we’ve offered to bring dessert and drinks. Your mistake was leaving me alone with the cupcakes we bought to bring with us, and while you’re out, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try one of them. MMM, but they’re so good… one taste of the frosting and I’m hooked. Before I know it, I’m halfway through the cupcakes! Eek! I better quit while I’m ahead, and anyway, I’m feeling pretty full… but then you come in and see me. Upset and frustrated with how greedy I’ve become, you order me to take off my clothes. It’s time for an inspection. Yes, I’m getting to be quite the little pig… maybe if I wasn’t such a fatty, you’d be able to keep snacks in our house for more than a day! Greedy fat girls need to know the consequences of their actions, so you tie up my hands and force me to eat the rest of the cupcakes that are left with just my mouth! If I want to get untied, I have to finish them - no matter how much my belly hurts.

What will happen when I’m untied? I certainly don’t learn from my mistakes…check out this update only at - and don't forget to visit the free bigcuties blog:

Extreme pear Shawna Blu’s massive ass swallows up this chair!

Shawna Blu bought a new bikini recently, so she just had to model it for all her fans at . Her massive figure looks amazing poured into it, and we've got lots of amazing POV shots of her gigantic ass and huge, cellulite covered thighs in this set. It's a must see for all the pear and big butt lovers, so join now and see Shawna and all her flabulous friends at Redhot Phatgirlz. With dozens of fat, beautiful models of every shape and size, weekly updates, and 11 years of content archives, it's the place to be for quality bbw adult entertainment. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

~MizzPuss is your Saucy Secretary~

I'm a big fat saucy sexy secretary and I'm damn good at my job. I often end up doing overtime to keep the boss happy. But sometimes....... I take a sneaky little break to have some noms from my secret snack draw and check out my top secret BBW modelling page. I can't resist! Oh the thrill of it all. I wonder what the boss will do when he finds out my secret identity! What would you do if you were my boss?

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~✝♡♔PLUMP PRINCESS♔♡✝~ Courtney’s Craving and Burger Binge!

I had spent all afternoon lounging around naked in the sun, and my greedy little mind kept drifting off to develop this profound craving for fast food that I eventually, could resist no longer. With a hungry belly and a giant smile on my face, I sit my big, soft ass down on my couch as I begin to devour a plate of burgers, one-by-one...

Perfectly naked beneath a clinging blue maxi-dress, my hips spread out wide on either side of me ~ I am a soft, indulgent feedee Queen. Listen - you can hear my happy moans of pleasure as I stuff myself full of delicious, terribly indulgent fast-food, whilst I jiggle and play with my ever-growing belly beneath my dress...

Slowly, I lift my dress to reveal big, luscious legs hidden underneath. Happily while I stuff my Princess-face and sigh from getting ever-more full, I slap, jiggle, shake and play with my legs, belly, and everything else that I can touch...

Eating, stuffing, touching, playing, moaning...I don't stop until I am full and happily aching ~

New 13 MINUTE HD eating/stuffing video up at!

KISS! <3

Ms Macabre looks amazing with her huge tits, and soft, double belly

Just another pic of Ms Macabre at where she's rockin' her bulging curves and huge tits. This was a hot set, so join and don't miss this busty brunette's debut. And don't forget, you always get access to all of our bulging beauties and curvy cuties when you join, along with 11 years of archived weekly updates. There's so much to see, you'll know why Redhot Phatgirlz is the place to make your fattest fantasies come true. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie


Hey guys!! This was up on my site a few days ago, but I couldn't miss sharing it with you! Let me tell you how much I absolutely adore these panties!! It looks like they are trying to cage my booty, but as we know, NOTHING can contain this ass!! This is one of my favorite videos I've done in a long time. As you know, I really like to dance, and dancing in these panties felt amazing! I think you aren't even going to believe how my ass moves when I dance! In my opinion, the pictures are just a bonus to this awesome video.


<3 Demi

Must see video @:

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Lydia Manahan facehumps and smothers Herman in that fat, juicy booty!

Great facehumping set posted at featuring Lydia Manahan. Lydia puts Herman to good use asm she sits on his face so he can get a good look at her frilly new panties. Soon Lydia is grinding away, her fat ass and pussy smothering his face, unmindful of his gasps for air and grunts and groans beneath her full weight. after all, a girl's gotta have her fun too, and Hemran's face makes a great toy! Join today and don't miss the 15 minute mini movie too. SSBWs Gone Wild... it's your fat fetish playground! Kisses and licks, REDhottie

Vallery teaches Phoenixxx to Facesit!

Now that Phoenixxx is becoming a more predominant web model, Vallery thinks it's time for her to learn how to facesit. Luckily, Vallery has brought her a willing seat for her to teach Phoenixxx how to sit her fat ass and pussy on. Vallery shows Phoenixxx different positions and how to smother their tiny seat underneath her jiggly ass. Phoenixxx gets the hang of it, and really seems to enjoy slamming her ass and pussy all over his face. Who's ready to be her next?

BigCutie Eliie &quot;Plenty of Pie&quot; *Video Update

After my sister spent all that time baking I could barely contain myself while taking pictures with this pie. For this video update, I was so happy to finally be able to dig in! Oh my goodness was that a perfect pie!  It's tender flaky crust and sweet filling melted in my mouth and I could not stop filling my gigantic greedy belly with bite after bite.

No wonder my belly has grown. So many amazing things come out of my families kitchen! This tasty treat of a video is a follow up to last weeks "Sweetie Pie" set and it is full of pie stuffing fun!  I can't wait for you to enjoy this yummy calorie filled pie with me!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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