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Big Cutie Summer is McStuffed!

Big Cutie Summer is McStuffed!

Seems I must be in foodee mode lately, sharing my nomming adventures, hehehe. Join me over at and enjoy a double double with me! Also check out how giant my belly is!

You can see in the preview one of the best parts! (or so I would guess with the requests I get, lol) I

display my hanging belly apron on the table. I bet if you were there, you'd want to gobble it up!


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Sasha~ Halter Top Heaven

It’s so hard to find cute bathing suit tops that fit around my fat body! Thankfully I found this super cute halter top that makes my massive boobs looks amazing! I felt like giving you a little show of how sexy I look in it before I take it for a dip in the water this summer! Hope you enjoy the view.

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

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Big Cutie Leah in Chair Compares

I love staying in hotels! It's always so interesting to see the different furniture and how my massive body is accommodated by each piece, and this time is no exception! I love the contrast between the way my big dimpled bootie and wide hips fit in the tiny armed desk chair and how they are actually slightly more narrow than the nice big comfortable armchair. I hope you enjoy seeing it too!
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Miss GG and Lexi Are Back Sqaushes & Smothers

Miss GG and Lexi Are Back Sqaushes & Smothers

The supersized sissters are back with nearly 1100 lbs of epic squashing power. In this first video they start out with flattening Matt on the sofa. They start out slow and work their way up to drops. At one point you have GG trying to bounce Lexi up as she drops onto Matt. In the end, before heading off to make some sandwiches, they do a quick weigh in for you to prove that they're true to their word about their squashing power. or
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BigCutieBrianna- Sultry in Sunlight

On my back porch as the sun was setting, anyone could have walked by.
Luckily no one did, but if they had, they would have gotten an eye full  ;);)

The setting sun, makes my cellulite just pop in these pictures! You can see every indent and every ripple,
and crease on my huge body. And for the video with this update, I do some belly plopping, dropping and jiggling
on the ledge to my porch. Don't miss this set, its a great one! (:

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Big Cutie Clementine – Beach Babe WITH COMPARES!!!

I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS SET WITH YOU GUYS!!!! What could make me so excited about a photo set??? Well... there's the beach, short shorts, a gorgeous day, white t-shirt getting super soaked in an outdoor shower and COMPARES!!!! So what is your favorite part? Do you love seeing my soft squishy belly hanging over my shorts? Or Watching me get naked on the beach? Or do you love how the super cold water made my t-shirt see through???

I hope you all enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Come join me!!!
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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Fat in Focus

I’ve been noticing lately that my curvy body is becoming bigger, rounder and softer and I am so excited to share all my extra rolls with you. Watch as I put my fat in focus, making my most fattest, jiggliest parts the center of attention to show you just how much my added pounds mean to me and my body.


PS- Did you know that I post a video blog every Friday just for my members? By being a member to my site you not only have access to over 100 sexy sets, but tons of awesome video blog updates too! Now you get EVEN more sexy fatty fun on my site!

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Decked Out Diva

Dressing for a night on the town, but my one-shoulder dress seems a little tight. I guess my belly wants to play peek-a-boo with you! Want to give me a hand stuffing my belly back into the spandex folds of this dress?

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Rubie Bombshell "Scale Bustin"

NEW UPDATE!!!!! You all know that I'm Rubie Bombshell and this is my current update! The set is called Scale busting and is 38 photos and 2 videos. You can join my site at There you will find thousands of photos and over 25 videos for your viewing pleasure for the low cost of $16 USD a month. Hurry on over and sign up today.
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BigCutie Veelynn – Tempting Teal

I recently found this bra I lost, and hardly recognized it. It was one of my favorite bra’s at the time. I thought why not showcase it in a set for you guys? It certainly is a bit tighter than I remember, haha but just as elegant and beautiful. I’ve always loved the color teal, and if I don’t say so myself, it really compliments my smooth milky skin and uncontainable curves. I pose playfully on the bed, hoping you’ll come to join me, and experience just how wonderful a lady in teal can be ;)

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Porcelain Fox ~ Piggy Gets A Weigh In!

I’m sure many Feedees will, like me, feel an affinity with the pig. Eating lots and being lazy it’s not surprising that I sometimes feel like a happy, well-fed porker. Pigs are awesome and cute so I’m proud to share a little similarity with them.

How much does this pig way? You can find out in this weeks video. Where I show off my new fan-donated scale, with a 750lb capacity, and this piggy’s current weight.

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Scale Crush and My Biggest Weigh-In Yet!

In case you haven't heard, I'm celebrating my own personal Crush Month on c4s, and I've been sitting on things all over town.  In this very special video, I knew I couldn't let Crush Month go by without crushing a scale! This one was a sturdy little metal guy that was rated to 300 pounds, but it didn't last long under me. And since I can't get near a scale without wanting to know how much I weigh at any given time, I brought my big 700 pound capacity scale in to see where I was. I think you can tell by that bottom right photo that I was SHOCKED. I'm fatter than ever and sooooo close to 600 now. I think even a big meal could put me over! I can't wait for that weigh-in.

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Fat Oiled Ass Jiggling In Teal Slingshot Bikini Video

Fat Oiled Ass Jiggling In Teal Slingshot Bikini


Order your very own custom prepaid video made to your specifications by emailing me at

I ordered this teal metallic slingshot bikini awhile ago and finally wore it to shoot this oiled ass video. It was pearfect. I;m going to start oiling my ass up for more videos. Something about a oiled up wobbly bubble ass makes your dick rock hard. I know you will imagine sliding your stuff dick between my big bubbly cheeks & fucking my ass cleavage. Mmmmm.

Download this exclusive video and watch my fat juicy 60 inch oiled up ass shake, jiggle & wobble in your face. You'll bust a nut over and over watching it. A must have for my whooty/pawg ass worship minions.

Includes: slingshot bikini, oil, jiggling, messy, wam, wet and messy, wet & messy, sploshing, oiled ass, bbw, big butt, whooty, pawg, ass spreading, ass shaking, ass clapping, clenching ass cheeks, muscle control, ass bouncing, deep ass crack,  cellulite, fat,  kissing and flirting with  the camera,wide hips, pov, solo female, white booty, pear shape, bottom heavy, curves, curvy, white ankle socks & so much more!


Order your very own custom prepaid video made to your specifications by emailing me at

Disclaimer: All of my videos are strictly fantasy/solo.

Vote for me daily (1 vote per person per day please) in the Clips4Sale Booty Shake contest:

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BigCutie Stephenie :: MVF Most Valuable Fatty

I'm the real MVF! I can dribble my belly like no one's business and I never travel...because my ass doesn't fit in airplane seats.
Sure, I can't have both feet off of the ground, unless I'm sitting...but you're still going to pick me for your team, aren't you?

Take a look at all of my previous sets, as well as my new updates at:

And don’t forget to check out the BigCuties blog!:

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The Fattest Mermaid –

Spending time in the water is my absolute favorite part of summer! I've been spending lots of time at the beach and the pool showing off all of my sexy curves in my bikini and loving all the attention I'm getting! I have a ton of bikinis, but this one is my favorite. Check out my latest update at to see just how fat and cute I am in my new bikini.
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*BigCutie MizzPuss & Morticia in Unfair Clothing Share !

The teeny tiny Morticia and her mega fatty gal pal MizzPuss are heading out to a party. So humongous MizzPuss enlists the help of her skinny friend to help her pick out an outfit and before you know it they are trying each other’s clothes on. Seeing super small Morticia drown in clothes that are at least 10 times too big for her is so adorable. But seeing MizzPuss literally bust of Morticia’s clothing is ridiculously hot. If you like size comparison, this is the set for you.

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*BigCutie Jae is Fit n’ Fat*

I just love exploring the area that I live in
and what better way to do that than with skin tight leggings and
letting my double belly "breathe" as I climb -- or rather jiggle
over branches and rocks.

This update is ONLY available @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM!

<3 Jae

P.S. Member's only blog is updated!

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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Fatter by the Funnel*

In my previous funnel feeding video I drank 1 pint of cream and 6 chocolate yogurts, but in this new update I consume 2 pints of cream and 6 yogurts (I would have bought more but they were all sold out!)
This time I got even messier as the liquid dripped down my chin, neck and breasts! Lol it just came out so fast I didn't have time to swallow it all haha ;)
Funneling for me is so erotic as I feel myself becoming so stuffed I can barely breathe, yet the funnel gives me little choice but to swallow, allowing the sugary liquid to stuff my belly more and more. I would gain so much more weight if I did this regularly :D
I am looking forward to when I do it once again, perhaps next time with my weight gain shake!

Bonnie x0x0
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Peanut Butter Plumper – Big Cutie Summer

Peanut Butter Plumper - Big Cutie Summer

It's no secret I love my sweets. It's also no secret I am very particular about certain things. Well let me tell you about the peanut butter ice cream from a regional chain gas station (of all places!). It is beyond my desire for peanut butter... it's is magnificently delicious. Better yet, you should head over to Watch me eat the ice cream and see me in my too small outfit over at


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Roku Adult: The Adult Channel Store for Roku

Want to see more SSBBW and BBW MeatyAss on the big screen?  We just launched a #CROWDFUNDING campaign at #INDIEGOGO for our second Roku channel, "Roku Adult"

Roku Adult allows you to discreetly buy or rent Adult Movies, with parental controls in Standard or High Definition.  It will work the same as Apple TV where any SSBBW or BBW with tons videos can create a 45 minute compilation of their best clips and have it streamed to customers around the world.  No downloads!  There's a huge market of cordcutters who have canceled their bloated cable subscriptions and opted for streaming devices like Roku that has Netflix and everything else they want. is the only Fetish site that has responded to this growing market of new customers with our 1st Roku channel 


New models are jumping in the game everyday which makes competing a bit tough.  We, not wanting to be just another Clip Site by offering more of the same, have branched into streaming TV where their are already 60,000,000 million households with one or more streaming devices like Roku.  So the pie has not only gotten bigger, its a whole new pie!

Check out the campaign link where we have 50% OFF Clips On Demand TV subscriptions   And the best payout splits for Clips Stores

Fat Chicks Rule,

The Clips On Demand Team
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Tubby Tub

Check out this awesome bathtub, it’s so huge! I haven’t been able to fit in a tub for quite some time, so it was great to find this giant bath in my hotel room! I hope you enjoy this set, it turned out to be one of my all-time favorites. I love the way my hips fit so perfectly in this soaking tub! There really isn’t any room for company in there, but it might still be fun to try! ;)

<3 BoBerry
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Kimmy Crush Bed Tease or  I'm a growing ssbbw and I love showing you how much bigger my hanging belly and  huge thighs are getting! See me posing on the bed topless giving you a view from every dimple of cellulite and  roll of fat from every angle!  What a lovely view it is when I roll over and show you how my huge belly rolls with the movement. There is nothing to not love about this video. or
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