Asha Cherry fills up her bulging belly with fattening treats while you watch

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We've got a great Valentine's set up on this week for all the eating and weight gain fans. We've got a new model, Asha Cherry who just loves to stuff her belly with goodies. You get to watch her stuff herself with a big plate of frosted cookies, and a heaping bowl of strawberries with lots of whipped cream. This set has lots of POV eating shots of Asha licking up the cream off the strawberries, and her luscious big tits, and stuffing cookies in her mouth. And, it's got a 14 minute mini movie where you get to watch her consume her fattening snack, and hear the contented rumblings and gurglings of her stomach as it digests all those calories. I think that's a treat for all BBW fans. Kisses and licks, REDhottie