Too-Tiny Furniture and more!

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A special fan sent me this too-tiny retro style chair, and boy was it a tight fit! The arms stretched as my huge ass filled the seat. I was sure it would break underneath my weight! 89 new photos of me stripping down and lounging in the small seat!

Also on my site- Jiggle from Below and Gaining videos!
I love this clip! POV shot of my huge belly, fat ass, and love handles right at eye level as I jiggle, belly slap, and shake in your face!

I love eating to gain…cake, donuts, milk shakes… even thinking about food turns me on! I love my belly so much, it keeps hanging lower and bigger! Every part of my body has gotten fatter. Arms, thighs, ass… I love feeling my body grow! Stepping on the scale to see a bigger number turns me on so much! I love the tight, full feeling after I've stuffed myself.
Watch this sensual gaining chat video to see me show off my plump body and tell you all about my excitement for gaining.