Devilyn St James Shuts This Mouthy Plumper Up With 400 Punishing Pounds!

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We've got a great girl on girl squashing and facesitting set posted on this week. Snow has been a mouthy little sub, and Devilyn St James is tired of her mouth. So she decides to show her just what a big fat ass can do. She plops her full weight right down on the smaller girl, bouncing and wiggling around til she groans in pain and struggles to escape. But Snow isn't going anywhere until Devilyn is finished with her. When she complains too loudly, Devilyn decides to shut her up with a faceful of fat ass and pussy. It's hard to complain when you're buried beneath mountains of fat! Snow is smothered and crushed beneath Devilyn's massive weight til she's choking and gasping for air and you get to see it all in a 13 minute mini movie when you join. Kisses and licks, REDhottie