big banana

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ooh baby its Springtime and im so friggin HORNY

 I know I am going to need more than my fingers tonight.

 I get up and go into the kitchen for the bananas that I purchased yesterday. I pick the biggest one in the bunch and return to the bedroom.

I just place the whole length of the banana on my pussy. Using the fingers of both hands I pull open my lips.

 The dam thing feels a bit cold but I don't care, I know how to warm it up.

 I slowly nudge the nose of the banana into my cunt and back out. I run it in and out like this for a few minutes before pushing three inches into my moist cunt. It is very nice moving it around deep inside my tight snatch

my heart is beginning to race as I slide it in an inch more. I run four inches of the banana in and out for the next few minutes luxuriating in my ability to slowly build this orgasm.
I can now squeeze down on it forcing it out again. I push in and let my pussy force it out for the next few minutes.

 I push as much in as I can and hold it there while I turn over and press my heavy breasts into the carpet

my juicy ass high up in the air.. I am starting to sweat from the exertion and I am craving more force in the thrusts

Just thinking about a cock spurting deep into me sends my legs into a wild scissoring action and I can feel deep in my hot pussy  and I'm coming grunting, sweating flushing more juice as I pop the banana out