Big Cutie Lyla – Big Balcony Babe ;)

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Imagine a "sexy" model who is about 100-110 pounds showing off in public for fun of teasing everyone who walks by, then imagine an added 300 pounds to that figure and this truly becomes a picture of sexyness ;) I am a gluttonous queen who loves to gain and gain, and show off my curves, stretchmarks, and fat-packed jiggly body to anyone wanting a look at a real woman ;) I've always loved the idea of being so much fatter than what most of society finds attractive; I'm always wanting to acquire more fat and rolls to show off my laziness and love for food and gaining ;) Check me out in this latest set without amazing sunlight pictures reflecting off my stretchmarks and cellulite in this latest breathtaking update. P.S. I know you wanna jiggle those fat thighs of mine, hehe! Enjoy :)

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