Big Cutie Lyla – Tight Chair Troubles (Great Comparison!)

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The only thing better than getting fatter, is trying to stuff your new fat into small places. I have a chair that I have had since way before I started bigcuties and it used to seem like a giant's chair to me… I couldn't even fill up half of it, and then I started to gain and my in my first eating set on bigcuties you can see me in this chair and I take up a decent amount of it, but now it is incredible ;) I can barely fit in the chair now and my fat spills through the sides and my love handles spill over the top arms ;) It is beyond sexy to see how much weight I've gained and how much more of the chair I overflow since my first eating set. I have become such a gluttonous pig that I can't even fit in anything, and it is the sexiest feeling ever. Check out my latest set where I have tight chair troubles and marvel at my enormous mounds of fat ;) Enjoy!!

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