Alexx Star is a sticky, messy girl with a big, hungry belly!

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 This week at you get to watch Alexx Star blowing some nice sticky bubbles and getting a bit messy with her gum as she sucks in that gum and licks the stickiness off her lips and fingers. But the fun dosen't stop there. In addition to watching her work over that gum with her warm, sexy tongue, her belly is the star of the show! All that gum is making her stomach hungry for sweet treats, and it begins to produce some epic hunger growls. We've got awesome POV footage of Alexx blowing bubbles with her enormous squishy belly right in the camera while you listen to its hungry growlings and rumbling. Can you imagine being swallowed into that big fat belly and hearing it growl like a hungry lion? Lots of oral and belly fetish fun this week at SSBBWs Gone Wild. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie