Big Cutie Lyla – Cupcakes and Curves ;)

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Whenever I feel like I need more calories for the day and I want to feel myself grow more…because it has become basically a straight up fetish for me; I think about my own growth and how much I've gained and it turns me on like crazy ;) Anyway, whenever I get that feeling then it's time to go cook myself some calories, so I bake high-calorie cookies using TONS of butter and sit and pig out in the kitchen late at night… I heard that eating tons of calories later at night helps you gain, and researchers say to avoid it, so you know what that means… I'm gonna eat at night all I want and get as big and fat and lazy as I want! ;) Watch me show off my curves in the kitchen with nothing but an apron on… well 2 aprons if you count my huge tummy! Enjoy! ;)

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