Big Cutie Lyla – Weight Update, SSBBW! ;)

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It is the day that you have all been waiting for, and a monumental step in my amazing gaining journey! As you know, when I started bigcuties I was around 270 pounds, and a great deal less than that when I first started experimented with gaining and then started gaining full-out (details are in my blog) It has been quite a while since I have weighed myself and I am sure you are all very curious how much of a fat piggy I've been and just how much I have let myself go… and go!!! ;) It turns me on just thinking about it, and not only that, but as I gain more it is a cycle of gaining and laziness, because I get fatter and want to move less and do less and, in turn, GET FATTER!

I always love seeing that I have stretchmarks even on my cankles; I am quite the indulgent fatty, and my greedy tummy accepts all donations for those who want to see me gain even more ;) Find out all the sexy details, recent pics, and exactly how much I weigh now on my newest member's blog post, Enjoy! :)

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