Sunday Afternoon

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Sunday Afternoon

It's a lazy sunday afternoon. The weekend has been a good one and we're just relaxing! You're watching something on TV, not really sure what it is, and honestly don't really care!

I'm too busy thinking of last night! Now THAT was a fun time, wasn't it? Admit it, you enjoyed watching me flirt with all those guys last night!

I got there before you did and I thought about waiting outside for you but I didn't really know how long you would be so went on in! It was pretty busy but I found a space at the bar! Ordered my drink and started checking out the band. All of a sudden I realized there was a few guys at the end of the bar checking me out!

It was ON like donkey kong! lol I started flirting with them from afar. I didn't even know when you walked in, but you were being sneaky, weren't you? You enjoyed watching me flirt and wanted to see exactly how far I would take it!

Were you surprised then when I got up and walked over to the group at the end of the bar? Did you realize I was just being coy as I walked by them to step outside? They sure did look me up and down, didn't they?

When I walked back in the one that looked the most shy actually said hello! I was shocked but started chatting him up a bit, why not, right? I might get lucky TWICE tonight!

That's when I did notice you sitting at the bar though, I looked over and saw you wink at me. I decided to flirt with the shy one a few minutes longer.

I sauntered your way but by then my pussy was wet and I didn't really care about the band anymore. I was ready for you to fuck me and probably would have had you right there in the parking lot! But you were ready to take me home and make that sweet, long love to me! Actually I think maybe you just wanted to make me wait a bit longer ….

Not this time though, you sit and watch that tv, I'm giving my pussy exactly what it wants right now! Oh, tv not that interesting anymore, hmm? heehee

Kisses ~ Kristine