Abbie Amplebottom stuffs her massive belly with yummy cherry pie!

Abbie's hungry, and she loves dessert, so what better than to fill up on cherry pie loaded with whipped cream? This week at you get to see this big babe dive into the pie, first with a fork, and then with her fingers, slurping up the cherry juice & whipped cream greedily, licking it off her fingers & lips. You can hear her hungry stomach growls turn to gurgles and growls of contented digestion as her stomach goes to work on all that pie. The more she stuffs her belly, the more frequent those gurgles get, until it's almost constant noise as her stomach is digesting busily. Abbie can eat all the dessert she wants, cause her massive rolls and folds have never looked better! Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie