BigCutie CALLIE: Ripe & Juicy

They say there are three main body types for women; pear, hourglass and apple. Now these 3 shapes are fairly easy to see in smaller women, but fat women like me have a tendency to embody a bit of all three! The way I understand it, hourglass means a definite narrower waist with shoulders and hips that line up. When looking at me from a head on view I definitely have a narrower waist that leads into bulging hips! But then again, my ass and thighs are much broader then my seemingly subtle breast, so does that make me a pear? But then what about my not so subtly belly?! Compared to the rest of me by belly is definitely the star, which would make me an apple. Don't you think? I guess I just have the best of all worlds! either way, I am ripe for the pickin' !

To Perfect Days and Loving Ways,

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