Fat VS. Skinny: Difference in Appetite!

If you find it sexy hearing a fatty talk about how much she eats, this update might just be for you.
Our weights aren't the only things we have a HUGE difference in, our appetites are polar opposite also!
But I'm pretty sure you can tell
I eat so much compared to her, my portions & calories are through the roof  while Ana sticks to a small vegetarian diet.
I have to admit, i got pretty turned on when talking about all the food I eat. Weighing over 400 pounds more than her,
what's there not to get turned on about  Fat is the sexiest part of me, and if you're a guy who loves a fatty with a
hefty appetite you'll want to see this video.
Speaking of food!! its breakfast/lunch time for me now. Just woke up, so I have two meals to catch up with for the day!
Happy Noms!

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