Holiday Weigh-In!! MUST SEE! ~ BigCutie Brianna

Happy Holidays everyone!
These are the updates I always look forward to showing you guys the most, because I'm so proud of my weight and how my current gain is goinggg  :thumbsup:
Since I hit 500 a few months ago, my weights only been going up and up  ;D
I hope you're ready for my 2nd BigCuties weigh in to date! Its gonna blow you away, if you saw my first weigh-in. In the 2 months since my last weigh-In I've been doing plenty of eating, and its time to show you how much its really paid off  ;)
I really love my body, and when other women are afraid of the numbers going UP on the scale, I enjoy it. It makes me feel really accomplished. And hopefully those numbers keep going up, right? Anyways, I have so many more thoughts on my gain that you can ONLY find in this update at
Have a Happy New Year!  :D

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