when my girlfriend called

When my Bestie Girl Calls!!!!

ok this is 100% true boys!!

I was at home preparing for a fun shoot in my bra and panties ....Hubbys got the camera ready ..We start! Click !click! click!


My phone goes off !!! Its my bestest Girl wondering what I am up to today and wanting to chit chat

well............. we talk for a few and I look over to a very displeased hubby holding the camera with a WTF look on his face!!

I mouth to him who it is and hes smiling a very big smile and continues snapping pics

the sound of her voice whisperingin my ear as hubby photographs me is a major turn on

I picture here there sitting ... Watching... coaxing me on

her voice on the phone has my temperature boiling

I've wanted her for a loooooong time and she has no idea just how bad

click click click goes the camera as I listen to her on the phone

Im totally drenched half way thru the conversation and had to slip out of my silver satin panties

Hubby was very surprised by just how turned on I was....The more we talked the hotter I became

my body quivering as I hung on every word from her

My nipples aching to feel her hot lips caress them

my mouth begs for her to feed me something hot and sweet

OMG !!!! I need  her here with me

mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm

Im wet just thinking about it

ooooooh if she only knew how bad she drives me wild

Needless to say when i finally hung up the phone i ordered hubby to put down the camera and finish me off

I closed my eyes as he ..............

well..... thats a diffrent update



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