Big Cutie Lyla – All About Lyla! ;)

Hey all you guys! ;) So I first want to say that gaining truly is a passion of mine and every pound I gain makes me feel so sexy and amazing, I know that its just about all I can talk about when I find myself feeling turned on. But, another thing I've found that makes me quite the amazing, cute, and sexy attraction is my extreme nerdyness! I love all sorts of anime shows, am a nerd working towards my anthropology bachelors degree, and love star trek, doctor who and all that amazing nerdy goodness ;) So if you really want an in depth look at my sexy personality to go along with this sexy tubby growing tummy then check out this latest's all about me!! I love feeling confident about my growing enormous ssbbw body and my guilty nerd pleasures, and love to share them with all you guys :)

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Lyla :)